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{friday 5}


It’s finally Friday
I’m free again
I got my motor running for a wild weekend
It’s finally Friday
I’m out of control
Forget the workin’ blues
And let the good times roll

You’re gonna have that song stuck in your head all day too.¬† You’re welcome ūüôā¬† Hope you all had a groovy week!¬† This week I hosted a ros√© tasting + OC Housewives premier night.¬† Can’t wait to share all the deets!¬† Bay completed Algebra Academy today.¬† We planned out the upcoming Omega Nu calendar.¬† Website hopefully coming soon!¬† I started BBG and frickin love it.¬† Watched Mama Mia with my favorite ladies.¬† It was a very productive week, I might add!

And today we’re off to Ukiah today for another fun weekend.


Let’s chat about 5 things on my mind…….


ONE – Mama Mia // Here we go again!¬† My DM’s blew up asking how the movie was last night.¬† So, So good!¬† So good, that Bay couldn’t sit in her seat.¬† She’s very into musicals at the moment!¬† But, this one especially.¬† Bay + my Mom have been watching the first Mama Mia on repeat and pretty much know¬† My Mom was a little disappointing that Meryl Streep wasn’t a main character.¬† Not to spoil it, but she was literally in the last 5 minutes of the movie and that’s it.¬† Other than that, no complaints!¬† And the big screen at the State Theater is wow!¬† It was my first time watching a movie on the big screen.¬† It was so comfy I was worried I’d fall asleep…HA!¬† It has happened before!



TWO – Anniversary Sale // Anyone else beyond sick of hearing about the #nsale?¬† This is normally right up my alley, but I’m legit so over hearing about it.¬† Today it opens to the public so be prepared for Nordstrom overload.¬† Not to mention, I’ve been waiting very patiently for my #nsale items to arrive.¬† Still NOTHING!¬† I placed my order Thursday, July 12th…the day the pre-sale stared.¬† As of today, my items show they will arrive by July 24th!¬† Ridiculous.¬† I read that since the PRIME sale + Nordy’s both took place at the same time, UPS is on major overload.¬† Like Christmas in July status.¬† So, if you too haven’t received your order yet, I’m right there with ya!



THREE – BBG // Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines!¬† Have you heard of it?¬† So many instagramers are always chatting about how ah-mazing it is.¬† So I saw a “sponsored” ad

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{may in review}


In case you missed it, let’s review what went down in May…..

23 blog posts.

Some of my highest viewing stats, thanks to the Patron sale at Nugget + my Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Something else that caught my attention, I had views from 44 other countries.¬† Forty four!¬† Crazy, right?¬† I’m really not even sure how that happens.



Here’s a little re-cap on what we chatted about in May:


{currently craving // may} should I do this again for June?

Bay requests this {crunchy iceberg salad bowls} weekly

According to stats this was my highest viewed post for May {gift guide: mother’s day}

{friday 5}¬†this post came in second…all because that Patron sale at Nugget lol.

{weekend notes} a weekend full of Spring Show

The prettiest summer salad I ever did meet {strawberry + beet salad}

{kaia BRIK goals} meeting my goals, but missed two classes in the last 6 weeks (not bad, not bad)

{april in review} and 2 cute Target dresses

{friday 5} homemade pickled onions + a madewell top I love

Another good one¬†{weekend notes}¬†¬†Mother’s Day + Lucky In Kentucky + my strawberry + baby daisy naked cake

Taco Tuesday¬†{sheet pan shrimp fajitas}¬†with a side of guac…yummm

This¬†{floral top + random thoughts}¬†is another one that’s been on maj repeat + it’s currently marked down to $17!!

Getting a little hippie-dippie with these {floral + herb smudge stick diy}

Now I want to go home and clean my fridge again after looking at this¬†{friday 5}¬†And I’m happy to report….Bay + I are still doing our Friday morning Starbucks dates too¬†‚ô•

{weekend notes}¬†celebrating GG + pool dates + hiking…that was a damn good weekend

So, {do you kimono} now?

Bay Bakes {oatmeal peanut butter cookies}

Only 2 1/2 days of school left, do you have your¬†{teacher gift}¬†ready?¬† Loved getting tagged in everyone’s pics that duplicated this fun gift idea.

Still obsessed with this crop top from {friday 5}

Anyone made these {mexican burgers} yet?

Spending the weekend checking out Cory’s old stomping grounds on¬†{weekend notes}

Currently want to tie dye everything after making these {tie dye napkin diy}

Have you added any of these {food finds} to your TJ’s list


What a month!

Once again, BIG thank you to you for clicking on this website and reading.  Thank you for sending me pictures of the cute tops you order from the blog.  Tagging me in your pictures on insta stories.  Texting me for that recipe.  Tips on how to make the naked cake.  You guys really do make my day ♥


And in other news, the dress of my dreams arrived last night.  Remember the one I told you about yesterday on {weekend notes}?



I bought this dress for an event.¬† Otherwise, I would have no place to wear it.¬† Ha!¬† I’m not a big get super dressed up type.

It’s like a gown.¬† Never, I have ever owned a dress like this.¬† The quality is top-notch.¬† It’s elegant.¬† Classic.¬† The color is so vibrant.¬† Super faltering silhouette…almost like it was tailored.¬† The ruffle details are perfectly placed.¬† And it has pockets!¬† Basically the ultimate summer statement dress.¬† Exactly what I was looking for.

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{floral top + random thoughts}


Top // Denim // Slides // Earrings 


Happy Hump Day!¬† AKA, drink a bottle of wine day to celebrate we’re 1/2 way there day!¬† Ha!¬† You guys, we had our challenge this morning at Kaia.¬† You can read more about it here: {kaia brik goals}¬† Running is so not my jam, but damn I feel good (and hangry) when it’s done.¬† If you could have only heard all the voices in my head.¬† “Fake and injury and walk” or “Don’t walk, you’ll never be able to get back up to speed” or “wonder if anyone would notice if I ran to my car and went home?”¬† That’s the shit I had to deal with, not once, but three separate times this morning.¬† In good news, I shaved off over 1 minute from week #1 and I didn’t die!¬† Ha!

Now I’m, about to get real long winded….I apologize in advance for my random thoughts today……

So I started to write a post on this outfit the other day.  I have the tendency to listen/half-ass watch Instagram stories in the background.  So bad, I know.  Anyway, I was listening to a blogger do an unboxing.  Which, for the record, I think is tacky AF.

I guess I shouldn’t say tacky, because I’ll probably do one next week to stay relevant…lol.¬†But, I watch them every.single.time.¬† Why?¬† Do your kids watch the weird ass grown adults on YouTube that unbox American Girl Dolls and toys?¬† Just fucking weird.

Anyway, she made the comment that ALL her packages were in their home office…to keep them out-of-the-way or something like that.¬† What really got my attention, was she hadn’t opened a single package in TWO whole weeks?¬† That’s 14 fucking days!¬† WTF?¬† Maybe that’s what happens when you get to be a BIG DEAL?¬† IDK!

I’m not gonna lie…That’s not how I roll over here.¬† Most of my online shopping carts at J.Crew + Nordstrom + Target + Madewell are maxed out with hundreds of dollars of clothes.¬† Technically, I’m not going to buy 90% of them.¬† But, I like to keep them safe.¬† Right where I can see them and stalk them.¬† Then they go out of stock and I kick myself for not pulling the trigger.¬† Or I decide they aren’t all that cute anymore after looking at them for so damn long.¬† Then every once in a while, that shit goes on sale and I hit “place order”.

In my head, I already have the outfit planned.¬† Where I’ll be wearing it.¬† Who will be there.¬† Ha.¬† I’m just keeping it really real.¬† But, that’s not where it ends.¬† I then proceed to track my orders like a psycho.¬† I can pretty much tell you where each of them are in the US at any given time…lol.¬† Maybe not any given time, but I have an idea.¬† I get notification emails and shit.¬† I’m waiting very impatiently.¬† Like, I wanted that J.Crew top 2 days ago.

Then when I finally get that “Delivered” email….it kills me to not hop in my car and go grab it off my front porch.¬† Open it up within seconds.¬† Half the time I completely destroy the box trying to get to the goods.¬† Then I try it on instantly.¬† I gotta make sure it’s as good as I’d hoped and dreamed about…Ha!

So, when these bloggers talk about storing their orders/packages for TWO whole weeks, I just don’t get it.¬† They clearly don’t love their online purchases as much as I do, right?¬† Ha!

End of rant!

Without further ado, here is one of the many outfits I stalked + waited for ūüôā

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{kaia BRIK goals}




So, Kaia Fit Woodland BRIK began.¬† We’re right smack dab in week #2.¬† It’s been hardcore.¬† But, I love it!

I’ve gotten questions about when I’ll be sharing my pre-BRIK weight/measurements.¬† Well, I’m not!¬† I didn’t even do weight/measurements, to be honest.¬† No numbers.¬† No photos.¬† Not happening.

Here’s the scoop……

I generally consider myself to have a pretty healthy view of body image.¬† At 36, I have definitely spent years with my fair share of sad thoughts and imperfect expectations.¬† But for the most part, I feel like I’ve overcome insecurities + learning to be more and more confident.¬† Until the other day……

I let the scale ruin my day.¬† Sure it wasn’t what I wanted to see.¬† But the saddest part of it all is that I let that number (I mean numbersssss) define my day.

And that’s not ok!

So I’m doing BRIK a little different this time around.

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{friday 5}

Image-1 (1)

Fucking Friday!¬† Excuse my French, but I’m clearly really happy about it!¬† What a week.¬† Tomorrow is Kentucky Derby + Cinco de Mayo….Trying to figure out a fun way to celebrate the both of them in one day. Hmmm!¬† ¬†Patron is definitely on the menu either way…Ha!

Before you let loose and start celebrating, let’s quickly chat about 5 things first, K?……



ONE – Patron // RUNNNNN, don’t walk to Nugget.¬† Today!¬† Or tomorrow, if they don’t run out of ta-kill-ya.¬† Patron (little bottles) are on sale for about 1/2 off.¬† Making them $15/bottle!¬† You won’t EVER find it that cheap again.¬† Trust me.¬† I’m a loyal Patron Silver gal.¬† I pulled up to Nugget at about 5:55 am to grab my two bottle limit.¬† And what to my surprise to find my homegirl Jessie parked right in front of me…lol.¬† We were legit the very first peeps to enter the store.¬† Picture the commercial where the chicks are standing at the slider doors chanting, Open, Open, Open!¬† We beelined for the pinche patron.¬† Took a quick pic and headed out.¬† Everyone else was ordering coffee and breakfast.¬† Not us.¬† Nope!¬† Just tequila.¬† Two bottles each…lol.¬† Now I’m ready for some Skinny, Skinny Margs!

I should have added this to my Mother’s Day Gift Guide!¬† BTW,¬† Thank you for the great response on the gift guide.¬† I truly rack my brain to come up with fun new things that I think every Mama would enjoy!

IMG_4690Image-1 (1)




TWO – Spring Show // What these girls have been looking forward to since January.¬† All their hard work is about to pay off!¬† Bay had a tough year with Rodeo (her pig).¬† Damn pig just wouldn’t gain like we planned/hoped/wanted.¬† But do you see that smile?¬† That’s the smile of a girl who’s pig made weight!¬† 226 lbs to be exact.¬† Of course we’d hoped for a 275 pounder, but that definitely wasn’t in the cards this year.¬† The minimum is 200, so that is the smile of a girl who gets to show + sell her pig!¬† After stressing the last month or so, that she may not be able to.¬† And at the end of that day, that’s all that really matters!¬† Proud of you Bay¬†‚ô•




THREEKaia BRIK // You guys, I survived week #1, barely.¬† It was touch and go Wednesday…lol.¬† The challenge/fit test this time around is straight up brutal.¬† It goes something like this: Jump rope (the devil).¬† Squat thrust.¬† Run (the biggest devil). Reverse lunge.¬† Run (again).¬† Push-ups.¬† Run (a-fucking-gain).¬† KB swings.¬† Followed by an ab workout.¬† I die.¬† Not really, but I hardly made it out alive.¬† My body hurts so good.¬† And in other news, I haven’t miss a class in 3 whole weeks.¬† This is a pretty big deal for me.

I’ve received a few messages asking when I’ll be posting my Pre-BRIK weight/measurements.¬† Post will be coming next week, but it’s going to be a little different that before.¬† I’m in the switching shit up kinda mood lately.¬† So, I’m also doing BRIK (personally) a bit different this time around.¬† Stay tuned!




FOUR – Back Patio // I read that if you move your outdoor table right off the main door, you’re likely to use it more.¬† I really like the sound of that.¬† So, this week I did some re-arranging.¬† And it’s true.¬† The backyard or patio, in my case, is much more inviting.¬† This week alone, I’ve spent more time in the back than I have since we moved here in September.¬† I planted a bunch of succulents + plants¬†too.¬† Once we get our potted herb garden all done, then I’ll share more on our small space.¬† In the meantime, I highly recommend re-locating your outdoor table visible from your main back door.¬† It’s entirely too nice out to not go and enjoy it more!

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{kaia brik results}


Getting healthy….again!

I feel like a fucking broken record!¬† Don’t I say this every January right before BRIK?

Yes, I do.  And unfortunately I have proof.  LOL!

In the last month or so, I‚Äôve collected¬†some¬†new¬†followers, so I thought I‚Äôd do a little run down of my Kaia Fit history……


It all started about 2 years ago.  2016!

Pre BRIK (January 2016) {weekend notes} // Post BRIK (February 2016) {before + after}

Pre BRIK (August 2016) {friday 5} // Post BRIK (October 2016) {BRIK results}

Pre BRIK (January 2017) {four}  // Post BRIK (February 2017) {brik results}

Pre BRIK (May 2017) {pre brik measurements} // Post BRIK (June 2017) {kaia brik measurements}

With lots and lots of CORE sessions in between…… {kaia fit core}


Ok, now we’re to BRIK 2018

After a couple of months off, Melika said “you’re doing it!”

Which I can’t thank her enough for.¬† I needed that push.¬† BIG TIME!


I read this a while ago and it stuck!¬† So I saved to remind me……

Image-1 (1)


Here is my January (beginning of BRIK post)

{dear self,}


That brings us to BRIK results.  Remember last {friday 5} when I was happy AF?  This piece of paper below contributed immensely to that good ass mood.

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{dear self,}

Image-1 (2).png

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet……

Tuesday, January 2nd marked the 1st day of Kaia Fit Woodland BRIK!

I didn’t want to do it!¬† I’ve been MIA since September-ish.¬† That’s a LONG time!

Melika made me…lol!¬† Honestly I love her for it.¬† She always knows when I need it the most.¬† Thank you Melika, for pushing me (actually shoving) Ha!

You can read all about my Kaia journey by clicking below….

Kaia Fit blog posts

You know what comes with the beginning of every BRIK….the dreaded measurements.

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{weekend notes}


Happy Monday!


Intentions for the week:

  • Stick to sugar-free diet (did great till the ice cream museum…lol)
  • Set a pretty “everyday” table
  • Search for cute summer clothes for Bay #hawaii¬†jealous of her new wardrobe
  • Figure out a way to get out of Jury Duty!!¬†No Jury Duty for this girl…WhoopWhoop!
  • Just say NO to chardonnay¬†Haven’t had a glass since 1/6 #recordbreaking
  • Flowers/eucalyptus for the house¬†TJ’s has gorgeous hydrangeas
  • Work on thank you notes¬†First round went out and finishing the rest today
  • Log food in My Fitness Pal daily¬†I even lost some lbs ūüôā
  • Purchase a steamer with gift cards.¬† No more ironing.¬† EVER!
  • Go see The Post¬†(Hopefully this weekend)
  • Share slower cooker butternut squash soup recipe…so good
  • Plan a fun day in SF¬†‚ô•


Highlights from the weekend…..


Birthday dinner + sake bombs at Jinju with these chicks.  Thanks for spoiling me rotten homegirls!!!



Family Dinner //

Two of my favorite things…..

Baby on my hip + patron in my hand!!!¬† Happy girl right here!!¬† Even did a little dance to prove it ūüôā


I requested a taco salad bar and I’d say my Mom straight up killed it!

Well done Mom, well done!



Impromptu mani’s with my Mom.

Totally diggin this almost nonexistent color.¬† ¬†And I didn’t even look to see what it was called.¬† Dammit!



Presents //

Chard + shoes.  What more could a girl ask for?

Happy AF!



Vinyl //

This Crosley record player was one of my favorite Christmas gifts.¬† It’s a gift that keeps giving.

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{friday 5}

Happy Friday, friends!¬† The first Friday of the new year.¬† Today I turn 36 years young.¬† Ha!¬† Although, I woke up feeling old AF.¬† I’ve spent the majority of this week equally parts overwhelmed and motivated.¬† I’m all for fresh starts and kicking the year off on a high note, but it can be a little overwhelming at times too.¬† I’ve got goals.¬† BIG ideas.¬† Too many to process.¬† Hope you all have a great Friday and even better weekend!


I’ve got 5 things on my mind……


ONE – 36 // Oh Fuck I’m turning 36!!¬† BIG thank you for all the phones calls + text messages + emails + FB shout outs + dinner dates.¬† Everyone keeps asking me what my big plans are….NOTHING!¬† Dinner with friends + family.¬† Relaxing.¬† Meal prep for the week.¬† Little online shopping.¬† Shoot, I may even take my happy ass into Nordstrom?!?!¬† Who knows.


TWO – 2018 Resolutions Printable // The topic of the week…..RESOLUTIONS!¬† Love them or hate them?¬† Really don’t like the word resolution.¬† Let’s call them goals.¬† Or intentions.¬† Doesn’t that sound better?¬† I think so too.¬† I’m working on mine as I type.¬† More on that next week.¬† But, how fun + cute is this 2018 “Goals” printable?

I will be adding my word of the year.  Love that idea!


Image-1 (1)


THREEKaia Fit BRIK // Today I completed week #1 of BRIK.  Iron Girl BRIK!

It is 2018 and the start of a new year & new you! Each year,
we wipe the slate clean of past mistakes, mishaps or failures
and look ahead with a strong heart and mind that is clear
and uncluttered. Welcome to IRON GIRL BRIK.

Never a truer word been spoken!

You guys, I have NEVER been this sore.¬† In my life.¬† Every single body part is crying.¬† Happy tears!¬† I’m so incredibly happy to be back with the 5am ers.

I have so many goals + plans for the next 5 weeks.¬† Don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you all about them!¬† Ha!


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{weekend notes}


Good morning!¬† How was your weekend?¬† We packed in so much in the last two days, but managed to find a good balance of fun + relaxing!¬† Don’t you love it when that happens.¬† Just enough downtime to feel refreshed Monday morning.

Intentions for the Week:

  • Meet or beat 15k steps per day¬†(killed it!!!)
  • Slang poinsettia’s¬†(still selling, let me know if you want one)
  • Order Christmas cards¬†(done, check)
  • Log ALL food into My Fitness Pal – failed…only logged 3 days and gave up
  • Go through Bay’s closet/sale clothes (everything is too small…AGAIN) – 1/2 done
  • Run 3x this week (who am I?)
  • Write a post on Monster Rice Krispy Treats from my insta stories
  • Make spider pizzas for Bay’s lunch – will be sharing tomorrow ūüôā
  • Come up with a Blog Giveaway.¬† Any ideas?


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Here’s some of the highlights from the weekend……


Plainfield Harvest Gala //

Friday night I attended my 7th and final Plainfield Harvest Gala.¬† Since I joined PTA Bay’s kinder year, I’ve been involved with this fundraiser.¬† Jenny + I brought it back to life and it’s crazy to see what it is now.¬† This was also the first year I was able to sit with my table, enjoy dinner and not work the whole event.¬† It was nice!¬† Hands up to Andrea for making shit happen!


My last year folding those goddamn programs too…lol!


Fun night.  Love supporting our Plainfield Elementary ♥



Running Group //

Toni + I got up bright and early for our Saturday morning run!¬† It was a good one.¬† We chat the entire time, so it makes it go by quick.¬† We’re gradually adding distance and I’m still in awww over the fact that I’m enjoying this shit.

We’ve even decided to meet for a 3rd run this week.¬† Who am I?¬† LOL!



Christmas Card Photo’s //

Even Link made it in a couple snaps.¬† Moments before we had our picture taken, I finally decided on outfits for us to wear.¬† I couldn’t for the life of my decide.¬† In my head I really wanted us in dresses.¬† That’s just not us though.¬† We’re jeans and a cute top kind of girls, so that’s what we went with.



Monster Rice Krispy Treats //

When you’re in charge of Kid dessert.¬† You google that shit and find the cutest Monster Rice Krispy Treats and make them.¬† I’ll share exactly how we made these in a separate post this week.¬† Super easy.¬† Bay and I whipped them up together in about 10 minute.¬† I have Monster Brownies that we’ll be sharing too!¬† Stay tuned!



Shopping //

We did a little damage at the one, the only…..


Bay had birthday giftcards that were burning a hole in her pocket.¬† So really, really wanted a cake decorating turn table.¬† I think that’s what they’re called?¬† Anyway, she found one.¬† Happiest girl in the world.¬† I got some really, really cute boots.¬† But, we’ll chat more about them later this week.



50th Anniversary + Cam //

My homegirl Nikki hooked it up with tickets to see Cam at the airport.  You know the blonde curly-haired chick that sings Burning House.  It was in celebration of the Sacramento International Airports 50th Anniversary.


Such a fun event.  Food.  WINE + beer.  Games.  Drawings.  Even birthday cake.


And the concert!!


My girl!


Pumpkin Patch //

The Hostert girls came to town.  Naturally we got the whole gang together ♥


And this picture makes my heart happy.¬† The other thing that comes to mind……

We are out fucking numbered!



Cow Train was a hit!  That thing jams!

I think all the kids got lost in the Milo Maze.


Pumpkin Patch Fun….check!


Then Melika overfed us with her man dip and I was ready for bed!!  Thanks for hosting all out crazy kids Melika!  I think we need to start a go fund me to repair her house.

I even got to hang with the big girls on the car ride home.



Bake Sale //

Bay + Ruby finally had the bake sale they’ve been asking for since summer.

They did change it up a but though.

These girls decided to donate all the money made on their tasty treats to the Napa/Santa Rosa Fire Relief.  God, I love them!!


BIG thank you to all the visitors + friends that stopped by to hang out and buy treats.


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