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{pre brik measurements}

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It’s that time again folks!  Kaia Fit Woodland BRIK round #2 for 2017 has arrived.  Actually, it arrived 2 weeks ago.  This post is a little late.  The last two weeks (and more)….let’s just say, I’ve been a really shitty Kaia girl.  Attendance wise.  But, I think….I got my mojo back. Fingers crossed!  

Kaia Kondition Kamp BRIK (May 1st – June 10th)

Welcome to Spring training Kondition Kamp.  This isn’t your typical kiddie camp: We’re training your mind & body to be disciplined!  We will lead you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  This is the session to embrace challenges, find your strong and have a BLAST with your fellow Kampers!

Sounds like a massive ass kicking session to me!  Just what I need!  Just when I need it!

It’s never too late to get your shit together!!!  My current motto!

Which is why I’m ready to finally share my pre BRIK measurements.

I swear this holds me accountable.  I’ve been sharing these measurements since the very beginning……

Pre BRIK (January 2016) {weekend notes} // Post BRIK (February 2016) {before + after}

Pre BRIK (August 2016) {friday 5} // Post BRIK (October 2016) {BRIK results}

Pre BRIK (January 2017) {four}  // Post BRIK (February 2017) {brik results}

With lots and lots of CORE sessions in between…… {kaia fit core}

Which brings us to Pre BRIK (May 2017) …….


May 2017

Weight: 147.6

Body Fat: 23.1%

BMI: 22.4

Waist: 31.75 inches

Since February, I’ve been able to maintain, for the most part.  There is a 1.4 lb increase and a little extra around the waistline.  For the first time, I didn’t beat myself up.  It’s okay!  I clearly have the knowledge and tools to kick ass through Kondition Kamp.  And that’s what I plan to do.  This aint my first rodeo 🙂

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My last BRIK (February 2017) results…..

You can read more about it here {brik results}.

This is me pre Kaia VS. February 2017!



My goals:  GO TO CLASS!!!  That’s it!

See you at gym Kaia girls ♥

xoxo stacyb

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