{peanut butter + brown butter rice krispie treats}

Let’s do a little Bay update.  It’s been a while….

A couple of weeks ago, Bay decided to switch to English horse riding lessons.  After riding western since she was 4 years old.  Bitter sweet.  I loved watching her ride at the Junior Rodeo roping + pole bending.  But, she’s convinced that English is what she’s passionate about.  I think all those years of watching The Saddle Club got to her 🙂

Bay worked her first horse show last weekend at Stallion Station.  She still cannot stop talking about it.  Bay will be riding in the next horse show and I’m pretty sure she’s daydreaming about it right this very second.  Her love for horses is one of my favorite things.  As she’s grown, it’s never faded once.  After the show, her riding trainer gave her + Ruby (Bay’s bestie) a horse necklace, which she hasn’t taken off.  Even to sleep.

We talk about middle school daily.  All the things that will change.  What friends will be at the school.  What kind of backpack do middle schoolers rock?  Can I take zero period?  All the electives.  Leadership!  All the lunch options.  It’s mind-blowing for an 11-year-old girl.  I remember middle school being a huge change with EVERYTHING.  Nervous + crazy excited for my girl to experience it all.

Bay is wearing rubber bands on her braces.  Is that how you say it?  She’s to wear them for 22 hours a day.  Basically only taking them off at meals and teeth brushing.  They are kinda tucked in the back so you really can’t see them.  Which makes me forget she has them.  Until she digs her fingers in her mouth to pop them off at each meal…lol.  Then lay them on her plate.  Makes me wanna gag.  But, I’m so proud of the fact, I don’t EVER have to remind her about them.  She’s never forgotten them.  Man, she’s becoming so responsible.

Last month I convinced Bay to chop her hair off with me.  That sounds funny.  We didn’t chop our hair off..lol.  Allison, our hair queen, chopped our hair off.  I promised that I wouldn’t bother her to cut her hair, other than a trim here and there, till summertime.  DEAL!  It’s so dang cute, except Bay instantly looks so much older with shoulder length hair.

Bay gave up YouTube for lent.  This is a BIG deal for a tween, let me tell you.  She’s been doing great!  No slip ups yet, but it’s only been 1 week.  Me, on the other hand, I’ve been terrible.  Getting better little by little.  The F bomb struggle is real!

She’s still such a mama’s girl and I absolutely LOVE that.  I really hope she stays this way forever!!!

And last, Bay is still whipping up sweet creations all.the.time.



So, today, I’m going to share a new one.  Peanut butter + brown butter rice krispie treats.

Say that 5 times fast…lol!

Bay found this while searching the internet for something to satisfy her sweet tooth with ingredients we had on hand.  This recipe is from Joy The Baker.

Which is one of my personal baking idols.  Her creativity in the kitchen is crazy inspiring.

These rice krispie treats have been recreated 3 times in our house.  THREE TIMES!!

So, so good!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{valentine’s day #ootd + bay’s cookie recipe}

Image-1 (3)

I had too!  Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  I hope you started your day off with some kind of sweet heart-shaped treat.  I had and egg and avocado..lol.  Totally didn’t plan a V-day breakfast for Bay.  To be honest it slipped my mind.  Who am I?  I stuck a couple Eggo waffles in the toaster.  Used a heart cookie cutter.  Whipped cream + sprinkles + a cherry on top (Bay doesn’t do cherries BTW).  She loved it anyway!  I did have a super cute lunch with heart pepperoni planned, but Lent screwed up that idea.  So we went with heart quesadillas instead.

Speaking of lent…..

What are you guys giving up?

Bay + I are still undecided.  Decisions, decisions!

Bay suggested coffee…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!  She’s so funny!


But you know what I did plan, wayyy in advance for Valentine’s Day?  Our #ootd’s

You gotta have a cute outfit for the Holiday, right?


Bay couldn’t believe I was in pink and she was not.  First time for everything.

When I saw this cute Tee on Crewcuts, I knew it was happening.


My V-day #ootd //


Top // Denim // Slides // Bracelet

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{weekend notes}



Hi guys!  How was your weekend?  Can you tell how Bay feels about the weekend?  ♥  I loved every second of it.  Everyday just flowed so well and it was super relaxing and perfect.  I need to plan or hope for more weekends like the last.  Bay did lots of baking.  I did lots of meal prep.  Shopping.  Pizza.  Date night at the movies.  And made some time to catch up with some gal pals.


Intentions for the week:

  • plan a cute valentine’s day bento box lunch for Bay
  • balance my check book (it’s been 2 weeks..fml)
  • find a floor lamp for the living room #dungeon (Picked this up from Target) 
  • celebrate Mardi Gras by making a king cake #oldaf  – (Bay got the baby)
  • wheel + deal with Dish for a lower monthly payment (it works!)
  • enjoy our low-key (no plans) week(such a nice change) 
  • workout mon-fri(Did it WHOOP WHOOP)
  • cleanup my email in boxes
  • create a sweet potato burrito bowl with leftover chicken(delish)

Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes} 


Highlights from the weekend……


Friday was National Pizza Day, remember?  So how did I celebrate, you ask?  Just in case you were curious….

Masullo is Sac.

Pizza is kinda my thang!  And these is one thing I know well and that’s good pizza.




If you ever find yourself hungry in the Land Park area, do yourself a favor and go to Masullo!


Sleeping in till 8:01 am

Best idea I had all weekend.



Admiring Bay’s pretty Madewell heart earrings ♥



Changed up the coffee table situation



Pig duty

Rodeo #510 + Clover #511


This quote caught my eye


A trip to the cute shop, Papers and Pencils and Pens!  Oh my

Bay loves stationary.  So she was in pure heaven.


Bay was pretty pumped for her washi tape + eraser purchase.



Worked on a new frittata recipe for the blog.  You guys, this one is so good!  Bay, who doesn’t really do eggs even gave it a thumbs up!  That’s a big deal!



Have I ever told you that I’m basically the queen of sheet pan nachos?  1/2 with re fried beans (for bay) 1/2 with black beans + tomatoes (for me)



Sunday dinner request:

Twice baked potatoes



Movie date night

The 15:17 to Paris

The true story, directed by Clint Eastwood.  Casting actual heroes to play themselves.  Not just any heroes, these are local, Sacramento heroes.  Pretty cool!

The movie, just okay.  Not sure what I was expecting, but I didn’t love it.

Watch the trailer here: The 15:17 to Paris (movie trailer)


Valentine’s day gift

I’m going to share this next week.  Just a fun DIY.


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{weekend notes}

Image-1 (2).png


I know today is Monday and you assume it’s going to suck, but just smile, because according to statistics, it should actually be a really nice day!



Intentions for the week:

  • finish valentinesBay’s turned out so cute.  Did you catch it here
  • sit outsideSaturday morning was so beautiful, until the wind picked up
  • make a pretty pink pasta
  • ride bikes
  • decide on a new indoor plantBelieve it or not, Dixon Walmart had by far the best selection out of the 5 stores I went to.
  • cook + photograph turkey taco spaghetti squash bowlsComing tomorrow!
  • get a new phone…pretty sure mine is possessed – now a cracked screen too…FML!
  • end of BRIK weight/measurementsWriting a post for next week. 
  • followed by baksin robbins for mocha almond fudge:)Bay ate mine 😦


Last weeks intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……

WTF?  6 more weeks?  Say it aint so!



Friday, Bay and I had a mom + daughter date night.  Which started off with pedi’s ♥

Suns out, toes out!


One of the ladies busted out a stack of photos from Christmas Eve.  I die!



Successfully embarrassed Bay at Costco + Target in my pedi flip-flops.

Then successfully messed up the polish on my big toe right after #karma


Bento boxes will forever be her fave.  And kid chop sticks.


Jinju was bomb.com!



Saturday morning jade rolling + coffee!  More on the jade rolling…stay tuned!


Bay requested butter + bacon toast.  This is her go-to weekday breakfast she makes herself.


Why did I wait so long to get new bath towels?  Thank you Costco!


Catching up on housewives.  PeeeKayyy + Dorit drive me crazy!!


Sunshine + car washes.

Oh and pink slides.  I’ve been waiting patiently to pull these pretties out of the closet.


Shout out to Sparkles Carwash!


Davis Farmers market was crawling with romenesco.  So I had to grab some to try!

Romenesco is in the cauliflower family.  Prepare the same way too.  I roasted it with olive oil + salt + pepper.  Loved it!


Impromptu lunch date are the best!

Love these sweet girls!  They have so much in common it makes me smile.

Pen pals.  Both raise pigs for 4-H.  Kind.  Love bacon burgers.


The whole lunch crew!



Bailey’s’ confession I blasted on FB:

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{cookie dough cheesecake bars}


Missing my girl like CRAZY!!!  Bay gets home this weekend and I cannot wait to wrap my arms around her and squeeze her tight!!

A week is a lonngggg time.

And I bet she’s grown an inch too.

So today I’m sharing a post that she helped me out with.  Or I helped her out with?  Really she just baked another killer dessert and said I could post it.  Ha!

Bay is the baker in the house.  She calls me the cook.  But, I’m down with that.  Baking isn’t my specialty.  Bay on the other hand, LOVES it.  She’s also a math wiz and the exact measurements are her thing.  I’m more of a dump it in and think, yep….that looks about right.

I think her baking obsession started with the fact she has a massive sweet tooth 🙂  And my baking skills were lacking.

This is Bay back in 2014 with her heart-shaped chocolates peanut butter blossoms.

Look how little she is.  OMG, now I miss her even more….tears!



The only way I can get Bay on the blog these days is by picking up all the ingredients for a baking recipe she’s found or made up.  When she told me about this one, I was like, Yesss!  Done!


She’s grown just a little, huh?!?!


Ok, I’m done.  Back to the recipe…..

It’s easy.  It’s semi-homemade.  It will get your sweet tooth fix.

Just how Bay likes it.

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{weekend notes}

Image-1 (1).png

G♥♥d Morning!  I woke up ready to kill it this week.  That doesn’t always happen, so I’m fully embracing it.  What a whirlwind of a weekend.  So many highlights.  So many good times.  So many sugar highs.  Hope you had a good one too.

Let’s start with the intentions…….

Intentions for the week:

  • Get my camera repaired.  Any suggestions where to go?  Locally?
  • Figure out how to add the recipe print option to the blogComing soon!!!
  • Squeeze my girl extra tight – ♥
  • Figure out WTF is wrong with our Netflix
  • Don’t hit “place order” a single time this week. #onlineshoppingproblems – (Epic FAIL!)
  • Make a turkey bolognese.  Over zoodles 🙂
  • Drop off donation pile
  • Lunch date with girlfriends
  • Finish/send last thank you cards
  • Call for online price adjustments!  Always do this friends! – I got back over $50!!


Last weeks intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend…..


Friday nights are for pizza //



Unless you are dieting.

I had a bite…not even going to lie.  I mean, look at it.  How do you say NO to that?

You don’t!

Taking pictures of them

taking pictures of their heart hands ♥


We hopped on Yolo Pedicab for a ride up and down Main Street.

If you have a chance, do it.  I believe they are out mainly on the weekends.  Busy weekends.  I messaged them via instagram and they called me right back.  Great customer service.


Country music cruisin’




Saturdayzzz //

When you wake up at 4am….

you watch movies and make a candlelit breakfast.  Obvi.


Home Again is such a cute movie.

Reese Witherspoon, a single mother of 2 girls living allows three young guys to move into her guest house.  She falls for one of the studs.  Her girls totally dig them.  Then she kicks them out.

That’s just a quick run though, but worth watching when you’re in the mood for a cute, easy movie.


Homemade bagels.  They turned out so good.  I even sent one to my official recipe taster (aka my Mom) for her input.  I little tweak and I will be sharing this week!  Stay tuned for this super easy recipe.


Breakfast for two!

Yogurt parfait


Cinnamon Rolls

Homemade bagels

With a side of chocolate milk in wine glasses.


Diggin in


Bay said it felt like she was on a date 🙂


Glee re-runs + french braids




DOCO: Downtown Commons.  Formerly known as Sacramento Downtown Plaza.  I had to google that shit.  DOCO just doesn’t sound right to me, but whatev’s.



The DOCO security robot is different.  Also had to google WTF it is…lol.  The girls dug it.


Punch Bowl Social //

We went to see what all the hype was about.

Food + bar + bowling + arcade + everything in between…..

Features Include: 8 bowling lanes, VR, 2 bocce courts, shuffleboard, 80’s arcade, billiards, giant scrablle, 2 karaoke rooms, bonzini, foosball, photo booth






Old Man Cans


As recommended, we made reservations for a table.  We actually didn’t even need reservations, but I can see where you would on a busy night.  We did find a table + arcade to hang at while we waited for a bowling lane.

All and all, I’d say this place has potential of being a fun spot to hang.  I was unsure how it all happens, so I think next time we’ll dive in and check everything out.

Their menu looks good….different, but good.

Other than the adult milkshakes (who orders that shit?) their drinks were good too.



Museum of Ice Cream //

I scream,

You scream,

We all scream for Ice Cream.

Santa brought Bay two tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream.  She opted for “experiences” over toys + other gifts this year.  I love it.  She loves it too.  Christmas morning she isn’t flooded with packages, which I wasn’t sure she’d be into.  Once she saw that Santa left Museum of Ice Cream tickets and I got her Safari West tickets…she was all about it.  We checked out Safari West just a couple of days after Christmas.  It was unbelievably cool and deserves it’s very own post…hopefully next week.

Ok, back to the Museum of Ice Cream……

Car selfies


Sooo cool


As we entered our tour guide offered pictures of everyone.  I dig it.


Pink everything.  Bay blended in perfectly 🙂


I was expecting a flood of peeps.  Crowding.

Not at all.

You’re in a group of 15 people.  Together you come up with a ridiculous team name.

Sprinkle-licous Bubblegum Buddies

Once you pass the second room, after the Ice Cream Vault,

You’re free to go at your own pace.

I’d say there are about 8 rooms.  This is considered a walking forward museum.  Meaning, you can’t backtrack.  Once you leave a room, you cannot return.  So peeps definitely take their time.

Bay and I were done in about 1 hr. 15 min.  from start to finish.  And we never felt rushed.

Why you look so pissed Bay?


Bay got so many complements on her hot pink fur….

Girls’ faux-fur coat


Let’s be real….

This place is 90% about the gram’

10% about the ice cream



This place is what Ice Cream dreams are made of.


Mary’s Dinner serves Spinkle Pool ice cream.  Cake batter with sprinkles of fizzy cotton candy.

Bay asked for seconds.


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{christmas sweets + treats}


What’s the best way to spread Christmas cheers?  Other than singing loud for all to hear?  Homemade sweets + treats!

Who doesn’t love a delicious festive treat delivery?  For example: Jessie left a big ol’ plate of cookies on our front porch and we literally fought over them…lol.   #truestory

I know that time is tight, trust me!! And we’ve all got shit to do and place to be.  So, I’m sharing 2 semi-homemade sweets + treats that you can easily whip up.  Even your kids can help!  That’s how easy they are.

Not to mention, inexpensive too!

These are perfect for kids + neighbors + classroom + friends.  They will love you forever.  Promise!

You could even make a batch of Christmas Tree Brownies to set out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

He told me he digs brownies + red wine!  Just FYI!

Run to the store.  Grab a couple of boxes of your favorite cake + brownie mix.  Get the Christmas music playing and you are all set to bake.


Brownie Christmas Trees 

A simple box of brownies becomes extra special with the addition of green frosting + sprinkles.  This is a really good one to get the kiddos to help with.  Bay made these all on her own.  I love that she can follow a recipe and decorate.  And enjoy every second of it.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • box of brownies (9×13)
  • ingredients listed on the brownie box
  • triangle cookie cutter
  • parchment paper
  • green decorating icing
  • red + green sprinkles
  • lollipop stick (optional)



Tip: don’t even attempt to find a triangle cookie cutter.  It’s impossible.  Amazon Prime that shit.  I was very lucky that my homegirl at Every Baking Moment let me borrow her personal triangle cutter, after searching high and low for 3 days.  Or you can always grab a Christmas Tree cookie cutter, you can find those EVERYWHERE this time of year. 


Here’s what you’ll do:

Line 9×13 baking dish with parchment paper.  Allowing parchment to drape over the sides of the dish.

Prepare brownies as directed + allow to cool.

Pull parchment paper to release the whole sheet of brownies and set on a cutting board.

Get as many triangle cuts as possible.

Make zig-zag design with green squeeze icing.

Quickly top with sprinkles.

Insert lollipop stick in the bottom of the tree.



Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Cupcakes with snowy frosting.  These are a big hit with the 8 and under crowd.  I’ve seen a few adults kill them too.  Ha!  Just remind peeps that those trees are NOT edible.  That could really hurt.  #tmi


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