{mini pumpkin pies}


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Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day!!  At least according to my homegirl Martha Stewart.  I’ve seen some conflicting dates.  Some claim December 25th is the official day.  In my book, what Queen Martha say, goes!

Obviously I will be sharing my favorite, simple pumpkin pie recipe with you today!!

Mini Pumpkin Pies



Doesn’t everything mini taste better?

Not only are these pies adorable, they are also the perfect individual portion.  Not that I would ever over indulge or anything.  Ha!  I’ve been known to kill two of these in a sitting.

They are GOOD #justsaying


(styled by Andrea)

We served these mini pies at my sisters baby shower over the weekend.  Andrea gets styling cred.  The whole display was more that I could pull off.


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{funfetti crumble}

Whether it’s your birthday or not, this Funfetti Crumble is loaded with sprinkles and perfect for any celebration.  Or any day, let’s be real.


Have we chatted about funfetti before?  I’m sure we must have?  It’s essentially white cake, but filled with fun colored sprinkles.  Kids love sprinkles.  Shit, I love sprinkles.  Who doesn’t love sprinkles?  My sister’s wedding cake was funfetti.  Swear!  We kinda like it…a lot!

Who didn’t grow up in funfetti cake with rainbow chip icing?

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{friday 5}


H A P P Y!

F R I D A Y!

Ok, just for fun.  Complete this sentence:

Everyone who knows me, knows I love_________?

Our weekend is full.  SO much to do…so little time.  I’m actually in the middle of writing a blog post for next week about making the most of the weekend.  How to get the most accomplised and still be able to enjoy the two shortest, fastest days of the week.  Untill then, let’s chat about what’s on my mind…….


ONE – Yard Sale // Come buy our shit tomorrow!!

If you’ve text, messaged, emailed or commented on item…I apologize I’m not responding.  I should have waited to post the picture tomorrow.  I didn’t realize how overwhelming that was going to be.  I got over 30 FB messages and I just gave up.

Everything will be available tomorrow!


Bay was in charge of making signs and they turned out perfect ♥

Saturday, August 12th – ONE DAY ONLY

8am – till I’m over it!

Mount Whitney Drive (cross street – Ashley Ave)

Bailey + Ruby are also having a bake sale….Cookies + Cupcake + Rice Krispy Treats + Lemonade + Bottled Water!!

  • Ladder Shelf
  • Storage with baskets
  • Dinning room table
  • Armoire
  • Twin day bed + mattress (never used, just for looks…lol)
  • Elliptical
  • Computer Desk
  • Coffee Table
  • Cute AF clothes
  • Lots of other shit




TWO – Happy Birthday Toni Toni Tone // A little early.  We celebrated one of the homies last night at Thai Pepper.  Drinks, Dinner, more drinks.  As always, such a great time.

Let’s talk about Thai Pepper for a minute.  Don’t be fooled by the ambiance.  Or the fact that the place is always empty.  Because the food is legit!  I’d call it a little hidden gem right in our little town.  I tried (actually 3 of us ordered the same thing)

#8 Mango Curry under House Specialty.

Shrimp, fresh mango, broccoli, carrots and bell pepper in a sweet creamy peanut red curry sauce and coconut milk.

You guys, I wish you could have been there so see it.  Smell it.  Taste it.  So fucking bomb.  Everything about it.  Everyone loved their good.    Go try this place out.  Let’s spread the word!



THREE – When your homegirl leaves you this on your front porch.  Attached with the sweetest message.  Thank you Melika 🙂  Total day maker!!!

Goal weight:

Sexy AF

I fucking LOVE it ♥

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

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{gluten-free fudgy brownies}


Good morning!!  I was crazy productive yesterday.  Even crossed off a few of my Intentions I set for the week.  It totally works.  Write that shit down.  Cross that shit off.  It feels so good.

Let’s chat about this….when is the last time you took EVERYTHING out of your refrigerator and wiped everything down, threw away outdated condiments, organized drawers?  Gratifying AF!  Who knew such a task could make me that happy?  I vow to do this monthly.  I opened the fridge about 28 times last night to admire it.  Swear!  Haha!

Another Intention I was able to mark off….Gluten-Free Brownies.  Kinda!  Bailey the baker actually did this for me!

Against her will.  She said, “I don’t do that gluten-free stuff.”  I promised her they would turn out and she’d dig them.  I totally lied.  I was a little skeptical too.  I was really counting on Martha to pull through on this one.  I read the 569 reviews on this recipe.   Well, maybe just like 5 of the 569.  Let’s be real.  It sounded like a slam dunk.  I only made a couple of slight modifications.  Oh and by the way, I’m certainly not on a gluten-free diet or anything.  I just like to try out recipes that peeps swear by.

No flour.  Just cornstarch?  Then I read the ingredients.  Not funky items I’d have to make a special grocery store run for?  Let’s do this!!

They are totally fudgy.  Perfectly chocolaty!  So chewy.  Full of tasty toasty walnuts.  Yummm!  I swear, you will NOT believe these are a gluten-free dessert!

I was so damn impressed, I drove to my parents house at 10pm to have my Mom try them.  Well, and to do another load of laundry.  Washer is coming Friday….can I get a WHOOP WHOOP!

She LOVED them too!  Told ya!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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{homemade magic shell}



When you try to have a convo with a 10-year-old about Magic Shell, to find out she has NO idea what you’re talking about.  Say whhhattt?  #old


It’s only the worlds greatest ice cream topping

Magic Shell is a dessert product produced by Smucker’s. It is a syrup that quickly hardens into a crispy shell when poured onto a cold surface, which is the origin of the product’s name. The syrup is primarily designed for use on ice cream.

Clearly I had to make shit happen.  I planned to just buy the regular old Smuckers squeeze bottle and let Bay experience the magic.  Then I thought, hmmm.  Google it.  Raise your hand if google is your boo?!?!  What did we ever do without it?  Life must have been so inconvenient.

Anyway…..a few different recipes popped up, some with corn syrup.  Which I DIDN’T have.  Most said it’s a perfect ratio of chocolate chips + coconut oil.  Which I DID have on hand.

We literally whipped up this chocolate magic within 1 minute.  Swear!  Bay was so impressed, that I have to share so you can pass it on to your kiddos too.

Or shit, make it for yourself and hide it from the kids.  That’s what I did with the leftovers (shhhh)!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{gg’s crumb coffee cake}


Life is short….eat cake for breakfast!  And I’ve got the quintessential breakfast cake for you…..

This is a classic!  Mainly, since it’s one of GG’s recipes.  Which I treasure ♥

It’s also a recipe I almost forgot about.  Until we planned the menu for our family Memorial Day Casini Ranch camping trip.  I’m working on a big ol post all about Casini Ranch…coming soon!

The reason I remembered this recipe….it’s something my Mom makes every camping trip.  Clearly someone had to step up to the plate and bring the tradition along.

Guess who volunteered?  Bay 🙂

Any reason she can find to pull out her kitchen aid and bake!!


Trust me, this is not just a camping recipe.  Since Bay made it Memorial Day weekend….we’ve made 2 more batches since.  A slice of GG’s Crumb Coffee Cake with a warm cup of coffee in the morning…..pure heaven!  Bay swears it goes great with her chocolate milk too 🙂

Make it for a weekend breakfast and let me know what you’re peeps think!!!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{bay’s chocolate poke cake}


You guys, I’m going to share Bay’s new creation.  This is a REALLY good one too.  You’ve heard of poke cakes before, right?  True to its name, it’s a cake you poke holes in after baking.  The holes are then filled with a liquid filling, like pureed fruit + chocolate cream or how about pudding?  This method infuses extra flavor into every bite, while also keeping the cake very moist.  A good cake, is a moist cake.  Who’s with me?

Last night was GG’s 92nd birthday!  92 years old.  Crazy!

Anyway, GG has mad LOVE for chocolate.  Anything chocolate, really.  And you’ll never guess who was in charge of dessert?  Bailey, duhhh!

Bay knew it had to be chocolate.  But she also wanted to make another batch of her homemade whip cream for the frosting.  I love the way she thinks.

Think chocolate cake infused with sweetened condensed milk, with a layer of fudge.  Then topped with whip cream.  Sounds pretty good, huh?   Told ya!

Best part – this is a semi homemade cake.  It’s a box of cake mix jazzed up!


Take a look at that fudge ozzing out under the whiped cream frosting.  OMG!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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