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{dear self,}

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I’m going to keep this one short and sweet……

Tuesday, January 2nd marked the 1st day of Kaia Fit Woodland BRIK!

I didn’t want to do it!  I’ve been MIA since September-ish.  That’s a LONG time!

Melika made me…lol!  Honestly I love her for it.  She always knows when I need it the most.  Thank you Melika, for pushing me (actually shoving) Ha!

You can read all about my Kaia journey by clicking below….

Kaia Fit blog posts

You know what comes with the beginning of every BRIK….the dreaded measurements.

January 2018

Weight: 160.1

Body Fat: 26.7%

BMI: 24.3

Waist: 33 inches

(No photos this time.  I was too busy crying…lol.  Only kidding)

Nothing makes you want to kick ass more than writing/typing those numbers.


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xoxo stacyb



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