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{weekend notes}

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Hey there friends.  How was your weekend?  I cannot even tell you how relaxing and crazy chill my weekend was.  I did everything I had hoped + planned to do.  Like sleeping in (till 7am, but hey I’ll take it) Lounging on the couch with a cup of coffee.  Watched all my shows that have been piling up on the DVR.  Coffee + pool dates.  Planted flowers.  I was even able to sneak in a workout, which I never have time for on the weekends. Woke up ready for anything + everything this week is going to throw at me..HA!


Intentions for the week:

  • Decide on a new skincare + buy that shit(went with Tula…will report back) 
  • Trip to the library for new reads(Bay got 8 books.  Wonder if she’ll even open one)
  • Mani + pedi night with Bay – trying to do the new no polish trend?
  • Get 15,000 steps per day(straight up KILLED it)
  • Work on 2 new recipes(made two new zucchini recipes + cookies…stay tuned)
  • Clean up the back patio…AGAIN!(so much work and my patio is tiny lol)
  • Give my plants extra love + miracle grow(they already look wayyy better)
  • Lay off the La Croix(haven’t had one.  Yet!)
  • Apply hair mask(found a L’Oreal mask that I dig)
  • Prep for cooking + serving at 4th & Hope(making chicken tortilla casserole) 
  • Visit the Mezger Family Zinnia Patch(decorating the tables at 4th & Hope)
  • Check out J.Crew Factory new arrivals (so many good ones.  Try on sesh this week)


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}

*did you know I update each weeks Intentions?


Highlights from the weekend……

Pit stop at TJ’s for some new kitchen table stems.  I cannot for the life of me remember what these were called, but I know they were $3.99.  That’s what really matters


Watching my nephew Joe play ball


While making this sweet thing giggle from the stands


It’s hard to tell, but Daniel + Cory made friends.  Daniel normally cries every time Cory talks to him.  By the end of the night he was trying to get Cory’s attention ♥


I finally got my eyebrows done.  You guys, we have a Benefit Brow Bar right here in Woodland at Ulta.  Marina does wonder!  Call Ulta and made an appointment.  She’s magic!


River rat


Thanks for the fun afternoon Silva’s!

Cory getting his baby fix…lol.  How cute is sweet Kody?!?  And this photo makes me laugh.  They have the exact same expression.


Cards against humanity is still pretty fun + comical.


Birthday selfies!  Happy Birthday Mathew!


Would it be bad if I stored one of my cute instagram-able mugs at Cory’s house?  Ha!


Sunday morning coffee + shopping.

Finally found the romper I’ve had my eye on.  It’s been out of stock FOREVER.  And I found it in my size.  Score!  Now I have my fingers crossed it fits!  IMG_0772.JPG

Making the switch for Laura Mercier back to Estee Lauder.  I used to use the double wear years ago.  Lately I’ve been reading rave reviews.  Gotta see if it’s legit again.


Added to the Fall wish list.  Remember that time I messaged Rachel Hollis about her sweet boots and she sent me the link?  Yep, these are them.  I die!


Morgan’s Mill coffee date + catch up sesh with my homegirl Nikki.  I ordered a black coffee and now I feel like I want to go back every single morning.  So good.  Oh and the avocado toast on GF bread….BOMB!  Go get you some!


Followed by a 3 hour pool date with my Mamma!

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Caprese with tomatoes from my Mom’s garden.  I had all the leftovers for lunch.  And I might make more tonight.


Then Cory came over and made dinner!  I gotta say, it was a damn good day!

Smashed parmesan potatoes + steak + caprese + artichokes.


And last but not least, a quote for the day…….



Kick Monday’s ass, okay?!?!


xoxo stacyb

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