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{tie dye napkin diy}

DIY tie dyed napkins are the perfect way to salvage stained linens or just to make something groovy for the table!


Outdoor table (similar)  // Chargers // Melamine Polka Dot Dinner Plate // Napkins 


Outdoor table (similar)  // Chargers // Melamine Polka Dot Dinner Plate // Napkins 


Summer is here!  Not officially, we’ve technically got about 20 more days.  But, it sure feels like summer here in Northern California.  To kick-off the summer, Bay + I decided to spruce up the back patio a bit.  We planted lots of new succulents + flowers.  Still working on our herb garden plans.  Moved some of our larger pieces around.  I believe the easiest way to transform a space is to rearrange what you currently have.  Then make a Target run 🙂  Obvi!

I recently read that if you place your patio furniture directly adjacent to the exterior doors, you’ll find yourself using it so much more.  And I have to say, we’ve used our outdoor table so much more.

Then I took it to a whole new level and decided a set table is so much more inviting.  Ha!  It’s just how I roll.

Last week alone, I found myself sipping my coffee.  (wine too).  Doing my daily insta scrolls.  Enjoying dinner.  And soaking up the sunshine in this space.  I love it!


Outdoor table (similar)  // Chargers // Melamine Polka Dot Dinner Plate // Napkins 


So, remember I mentioned using the shit you have first.  Then making a Target run?  That’s exactly what I did here.

I love linen napkins.  If you’ve been over for brunch or dinner, you know that I ALWAYS use the real thing.  Currently I own probably close to 60  My favorite are the Buffet Napkins from World Market.  You can’t beat the price….6 napkins for $10.  I’m also a sucker for white.  Which means spaghetti sauce stains.  I bleach them every.single.time, but eventually there is a stain or two.  So instead of throwing them away, I decided to come up with a way to re-purpose them.  Mind you, these napkins are 100% clean, promise.

I stumbled on a blue Tie Dye kit at Walmart a few weeks ago and it hit me right then and there what I’d do with it.  Tie dye napkins.

Talk about crazy nostalgia.  I remember summers riding our bikes to Harris Park with Sarah + Sheena and tie dying shirts with their Parks and Rec group.  So fun.

Here’s a super easy DIY……

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • tie dye kit
  • napkins
  • hair ties
  • foil pan (just a cheapy one from the dollar store)
  • plastic bags

You can find Tulip Tie Dye kits at Joann’s + Walmart + Michaels + Amazon.


Here’s what you do:

Open up the tie dye kit.  It includes the squeeze bottle with the tie dye powder already in it.  A set of gloves and rubber bands.  I grabbed a package of these cheapy hearties and tossed the rubber bands the kit came with.

Wet napkins.  Twist tightly to remove excess water.

Twisting the top of the napkin, slide 2 rubber bands.  Wrapped them as tightly as possible.  Repeat down the napkin.  This is what you’ll end up with.

ANY pattern will work.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.


MAKE SURE YOU USE THE GLOVES!  Tie dye stains skin.

Place the gloves on and add water to the neck of the squeeze bottle.  Place the cap on and shake till the powder is dissolved.

Stick napkins in a foil pan and begin squeezing tie dye all over the napkins.

Make sure to flip the napkins around to get all sides.

I chose to leave some spaces without coloring.  This is what I ended up with.


Wrap each napkin in a separate plastic bag.  I used old Target bags.  Then place in a cool + dry spot overnight/24 hours.  The longer you let them set, the deeper the color.

Run napkins under cool water until the water is clear.

Cut off rubber bands and reveal your design.  This is the best part.

Toss napkins in the washing machine.  Wash + Dry.


Totally in love with the outcome!   And currently want to tie dye everything in sight…ha!


Outdoor table (similar)  // Chargers // Melamine Polka Dot Dinner Plate // Napkins 


I have a couple more pieces that I’m dying to add to our back patio…..

Stainless Steel Speckled Tumblers  // Berry Baskets // Centennial Rolling Cooler


We’re ready to welcome Summer nights on our back patio.  Hoping to have it all completed and ready to share soon!

Happy hump day peeps!


xoxo stacyb

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