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{floral + herb smudge stick diy}

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You know about the smudge sticks, yes?  You know the bundles of dried sage that hippies like to burn?  It’s not just for hippies anymore.  Or maybe I’m becoming a hippie?  Who knows, but I’m all about it.

So what if we made our own with herbs + flowers?  They are so damn pretty, even if you don’t burn them and displayed just for looks.  Although, you should totally burn them (that’s the hippie in me coming out).  


I’m going to break down the whole smudging thing right now…..

Why smudge?

Sage is traditionally burned in Native American ceremonially rituals.  The smoke from the burning smudges stick is said to cleanse of bad feelings + negative thoughts + bad spirits + negative energy.  I know I’m totally loosing you, but whether or not this is true, is up for debate.  I’m a believer!  And who doesn’t want to want to rid of all the negative shit?

When to smudge?

  • when you move into a new space
  • begin a new job
  • when you’re feeling angry + upset or negative
  • anytime you feel a conflict in your life
  • a struggling relationship
  • significant life event: marriage + birth + death + sickness


Are you down with it?

If you’re thinking, WTFE xoxostacyb, then look at the next image…..

It’s pretty AF, huh?  Are you feelin it now?


I personally think these bundles would make for a beautiful gift for hostesses + housewarming + showers…you name it.

You’re going to die when you see how incredibly simple these floral + herb smudge sticks are to make on your own.


Supplies Needed:

  • bundle of dried white sage (I found this at World Market) Amazon has it for cheap
  • spray roses ($3.99/bunch at Trader Joe’s)
  • rosemary (from my yard)
  • lavender (from my yard)
  • embroidery floss (50 cents at JoAnn’s)
  • scissors




  1. Carefully break up the bundle of dried sage leaves.
  2. Clip roses leaving a 2 inch stem
  3. Bundle together herbs + flowers using the sage leaves as the outside wrapper
  4. Use the embroidery floss to bind tightly the roses + herbs + sage leaves wrapping many times in a criss cross pattern.
  5. There is no wrong or right way, just do what you think looks pretty



How to use:

Light the top of the smudge stick, then blow out the flame.  Let the smoke disperse through your space.  You can walk (or dance! HA!) around the room with the smudge stick in hand to spread good vibes everywhere.


Now, I’m about to get real hippie on you…..

When I selected the herbs + flowers, I actually read a guide to choose what I wanted.  So fucking over the top, I get it.  But here’s why I selected each item for this smudge stick:

White sage: used to purify + protect objects, places + people

Rose: used in love + luck + grief + healing

Rosemary: used as a powerful cleansing + purifying purposes in love + healing + mental rituals.  Stimulates memory + clarification.

Lavender: used in love + healing rituals to attract + protect relationships.  Promotes sleep + peacefulness.


Excuse me while I smudge the shit outta everything.  My house.  My people.  Maybe even my car.  Who knows.  But, I will for sure be saving one to display on my coffee table 🙂


xoxo stacyb



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  1. Like this “hippie” girl! You do you, lady, we will always support you!

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