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{friday 5}


You guys, today is a great day.  Not only because it’s FRIDAY!  I mean, yes, that’s great!!  But, guess what national day it is?  National PIZZA Day!  And I did my final BRIK weigh-in this morning.  So, you best believe this ol girl will be partaking in the national day!  I’m thinking Masullo’s ♥

Ok, in other great news – my co-worker that I’ve been covering for is BACK!  Thank you sweet baby Jesus.  After 3 crazy ass weeks, my life as it once was, is officially BACK!  I’ve been MIA, scatter-brained, tired and busy.  Not a good combo, let me tell you!

So, let’s re-cap.  I lost weight.  F yes!  It’s Friday!  Double hell yeah!  National Pizza Day!!  And I’m not stressed the F out.  Today is going to be a damn good day!

Believe it or not, I still have a few more things on my mind……


ONE – Breakfast // I have a new favorite breakfast. It’s just too good not to share.  Spiralized sweet potato.  Arugula.  Egg.  Topped with a little tap-your-uncle (tapatio) + 2 slices of avocado.  Pure heaven!


When I do my weekly meal prep….hard boil eggs.  Wash/chop/prep veggies.  Make dressings/dips.  Bay’s morning muffins.  I spiralize a sweet potato.  Throw it in a container and grab a handful each morning.

It’s such a great combo.  The arugula gets a little crunchy and the sweet potato makes is so fulling and delish.


Ohhh, and a new kitchen gadget that I’ve been cooking my eggs in.  The Misto.  It’s an olive oil sprayer.  You fill it with your fave olive oil.  Give it a pump and coat your pan or veggies.  Straight up game changer.




TWO – Bralette // If you’re an off the shoulder gal, but not the strapless bra kinda gal….this is SOOO for you.  A pretty crochet strap popping out is totally acceptable.  And I actually prefer it.  This is the Free People Adella.  She comes in 6 color options.  Which was the hardest part of buying this bralette.  Not only is beautiful, but super comfy too.  I can’t wait to rock this under tank tops this summer!


Intimately FP Adella Longline Bralette


THREE – CD’s // Are CD’s going extinct?  I heard in the news that Target will no longer be selling CD’s.  WTF?  Am I the ONLY person that still buys CD’s?  There’s just something about having the music in hand.  And playing it in my car.  On repeat.  Over and over again.  Weird?  I thought this was totally normal till I heard they just don’t sale anymore.  So crazy.  This week I bought The Greatest Showman soundtrack for Bay.  And I can’t help but think, Bay wont have a big ass CD collection when she’s my age.



FOUR – Zit Zapper // Bay + I have put this pimple potion to the ultimate test.  Between my stressful 3 weeks and my pre-teen, you will likely see us walking around before bed with pink dots all over our faces….HA!  Fucking MAGIC!!!  Wish I would have know about this stuff long ago!!!  Get some.  Unless you’re one of those chicks that don’t ever get blemishes.  Bitch 🙂

Here’s the scoop:

What it is: Just one drop of this world-famous Drying Lotion on a surface pimple or whitehead will heal and dry a zit virtually overnight.

Who it’s for: Suitable for all skin types.

What it does: Mario Badescu’s best-selling, concentrated formulation of calamine, salicylic acid and quick-acting acne-zapping ingredients should be part of everyone’s clear-skin arsenal.

How to use: At night after cleansing, toning and moisturizing, apply a dab of lotion directly on the whitehead using a cotton swab. Do not rub in. Let it dry and rinse off in the morning. Do not shake the bottle, and apply only the pink sediment on the skin.





FIVE – Links I ♥

Too many hands + legs

Did you see who’s joining Big Little Lies?

Need to find and In-N-Out that’s hiring

Pretty postage stamps

Love this landing strip idea

Yoplait yogurt teams up with Girl Scouts

One of my classmates has a new local business: El Rey Chili Company

Maria’s February Taco Tuesday lineup looks good

Going to give Alton Brown’s better bacon tip a try this weekend

Bay is gonna be all about this Nugget Secret Special

These earrings are on the wish-list

And this denim jacket too


Have a good one.  And eat some pizza today, K!

xoxo stacyb



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