{sweater weather}


It’s officially sweater weather in California!!!  I’ve put one on every day this week and loving every second of it!

I grabbed this cute pink leopard print cardi last week.  Remember when I tried on the dress that Instagram Story Polls said “NO”?  Ha.  Clearly, I can’t let it go.  Not yet!  Maybe tomorrow 🙂

Do you follow Target Does It Again on Instagram?  If not, you really should.  Unless you don’t like Target.  Or super cute stuff from Target.  And if you fall under either of those categories, then we can’t be friends.

The reason I tell you, FOLLOW Target Does It Again….

They always post pics of the New Arrivals.  Sometimes before they’ve even hit the internet.  Then you drop what you’re doing.  Hop in your car.  Drive straight to Target to find the super cute shit they posted.

That my friends is how I found this cardigan.


$29.99 by Mossimo Cardigan


Not to mention, they always look so damn cute in everything they post.

It’s currently only available in-store (not online yet).  Target Davis had a shit ton of them.  I  haven’t been to the Woodland store yet, but chances are they’ve got them too.


The rest of the ootd:

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{#ootd sale}

Suppper sale!  Everything!  From the top, to the denim to the slides.  Each item is marked down.  I was originally going to share an egg recipe, but fuck that.  This is a little more important in my book!

The egg recipe will come next week for those of you that could give two shits about this outfit 🙂



Ok, let’s talk #ootd

The Top!

Silk + Peplum + Red!

Have I mentioned that I’m on a major red kick at the moment?  I was cleaning my closet this week and pulled out 3 (new..oops) red tops.

I wore this top in Vegas last weekend with denim shorts.  I’ve tried it with white jeans + white short and loved it equally.

Today, I’m wearing it with my new denim because I love them so much I couldn’t wait to rip the tags off and slide them on.

Best part…..

Originally $78.  Marked down $39.99.  Use code: YAYSALE for an additional 50% off.

Making this top $19.99!

That’s a steal!

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{nordy’s shopping cart}


Today is the day!  Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially started TODAY!  What’s in your shopping cart?

It’s always so stressful.  If you don’t pull the trigger ASAP, it will be SOLD OUT in a hot one.  Thank god I have the Nordstrom debit, so I am eligible for the early access now through July 20th.  July 21st if opens up to everyone and if it goes as it did last year….all the good shit was GONE!!  Nothing, Nada will be left.

It’s easy to get a case of the I want it all.  OR the, it’s on sale so I have to buy it.  I’m a pretty realistic shopper.  I look for the things that I will really wear.  The things that I would pay full price for.  The things that are good quality for a great price.  I don’t just buy shit because it’s on sale.  Well, maybe sometimes…..Ha!

I’m looking for closet staples and I hate to say it already…..

Back-to-school clothes.  Did you know that school starts in 39 days?  I googled it, trust me!

Anyway, I have carefully shopped the sale and have my shopping cart loaded up with goodies.

Wanna take a peak?




I’ve been on the hunt for a great leather jacket.  My current leather is from Target and after 3 winters, it’s ready to be replaced.  This one is $64.90.  Great price, but I still wasn’t sure…until Lisa, my homegirl/blogger idol from Lunchpails & Lipstick rocked it in her Nordy’s sale post today!  Now I HAVE to have it.  Check it out here!  So cute, right?

Life Changer Moto Jacket BLANKNYC



You’re looking at a huge Vince Camuto fan right here.  And these are so good.  $99.90!  All the LikeToKnowIt chicks are writing RAVE reviews about these booties.

Slim slits at the tulip-shaped topline elevate a chic bootie lofted by a tapered stacked heel.

Put them in your cart!!!

Francia Bootie VINCE CAMUTO




Ahhhh!  I’ve had my eye on the Madewell high-top Vans, but these.  These are everything!  Although, I’ve been obsessing for a while and everyone I know thinks they are hideous.  Even better, if you ask me!!  Ha!


Sk8-Hi Slim Sneaker VANS




Always wanted to try a pair of the TOPSHOP Jamie jeans.  At $45.90, I’m ready to commit!

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{pink pom-pom sweatshirt}


This year, the color of spring is PINK!  Yes ladies, pink is officially chic.  Ha!!  When I think pink, the first thing that comes to mind is Barbie doll pink.  Nooo!  Not just any pink.  I’m talking dusty rose.  Pastel pink.  Pale pink.


This perfect pink seriously the easiest color to style.  It goes with anything and everything you already own.  Trust me!  Every online clothing site I shop has pink featured all over their website.  Black + Pink…yesss!  White + pink…always safe.  Denim + pink…forever.  How about green + pink?  I vote yes!  Pink + stripes.  Pink + Navy…I could go on and on……


Here are some of my pink picks….

Pink Bomber Jacket // Linen Lace V-neck Tank //  Strappy Ankle Tie Sandal // Pink Stripe Tie-Front Shirt // Spaghetti-Strap Bodysuit // Off the Shoulder Tee

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{4 spring closet staples}



It’s not only Thursday, there is SUNSHINE people!

Hello Sunshine, please feel free to stay a while.

Guess what else?  I’m legit wearing sandals today.  Swear.  And short sleeves.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a little chilly!  But, sometimes you just gotta say fuck it, right?!?!

In honor of this spring-like weather, I’m sharing 4 spring clothing staples that will be on repeat!  Casual + cute + comfy!

Here’s my  #ootd #wiw!



#1 Kimono


Xhilaration – Printed Maxi Kimono Jacket Petal Pink ($27.99) This NEW arrival hit Target last week….and so did I!  It’s a cross between a Kimono + a duster.  I kinda want to rock it as a swimsuit cover-up too.  Super versatile.  Size down…I bought the xs/s and it fits perfect.

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

#2 Basic Tee

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