{marbled pumpkin diy}


I’m a big fan of no carve pumpkins.  Until, the day before Halloween.  We all know once they are carved…they are dead in a day or so.  Full of bugs.  Stinky.  But I’m still all about making them pretty + festive for Halloween.

Bay’s 4-H club hosts a no carve pumpkin contest every October meeting.  All the pumpkins are then donated to a rest home to be enjoyed.  LOVE this so much.

We had to get to work a little early and get a pumpkin decorated for next week.


These nail polish marbled pumpkins caught my eye.  They were all over social media this week.  I’m sure you saw all the different methods.

Clicked on the link.

I have ALL the materials needed.


Making them.  Like, TODAY!

Holiday Whore in full effect over here!



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{friday 5}

We’re doing the HAPPY FRIDAY dance today!!  Wishing you all a really rad Friday!  Now bring on the weekend!


5 things on my mind…..


ONE – Back at it // Is it just me, or did every kid activity started up this week?  Bay started Horseback riding lessons + Volleyball + 4-H…THIS WEEK!  She even snuck in some tennis with the neighbor.  I love watching her do what she loves.  But, damn, I earned my wine this week.  Ever feel like you are your kids uber driver?  Except they leave all their shit + wrapers behind and don’t leave a tip?  I did sign her up for all these activities, so I can’t complain too much.  Cheers to the Septmeber craziness!


TWO – Chop Salad // You know those days where meal prep just aint gonna happen?  But, you don’t want a shit lunch with 5 bazillion calories?  I got ya covered.  Buy a bag of chop salad.  The southwest is my fave.  Open a can of black beans.  Slice an avocado.  Grab some leftover protein from your fridge.  Chicken, ground turkey, quinoa…anything will work.  Divide between two bowls.  You can toss the dressing (I didn’t, lazy AF) and use a homemade or healthier.  Or divide the packet into two ziplocks.  And you’ve got lunch for 2 days!



Zero prep.  Or maybe, like, 5 minutes tops!

And you use up the leftovers in the fridge

Chop salads come in so many combs.  I plan to try a new one next week.  If it’s a hit, then I’ll be sure to share it with my peeps!




THREE – Table talk // Are you guys stick of reading about my table yet?  Me either 🙂

To make it a little fall-ish.  Probably as fall-ish as this table will get.  I added these super cute velvet pumpkins from the $1 bin at Target!  Go now!!  At a $1 a pop, these things will disappear in no time at all!



Velvet Pumpkins

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{table talk}

No more living room floor picnics at our house!  Finally!  Ha.  If you follow along on Instagram stories, then you saw all our fancy floor sitting dinners we had.
Remember back in August when we had our first (and last) garage sale?  I sold my dinning room table.  My Mom was stressed the fuck out.  She was beside herself that I would sale something that I didn’t have a replacement for.  A piece of furniture that was completely in good condition.
She clearly has NO faith in me!
Just kidding, she was being a Mom.  I sold the table + chairs for almost the same price I bought it for back in 2002.  Yes, I said 2002.  The table was one of the first pieces of furniture I ever purchased as an adult.  It came from McMahan’s.  Remember that place?  Where InShape Fitness is now.  Crazy, right?  And chances are, I even financed that $100 table.  They were BIG on financing everything…lol.
Anyway, I just felt like it was time to part ways.
I was ready for a change.  My motto with the dreaded move….
“Sell it”
“Toss it”
A week later, as I was deleting all the 837 daily J.Crew, Madewell, Nordstrom, GAP, American Eagle, Pottery Barn emails, I came across…..
World Market 50% off dinning room furniture.
I gathered my Explorer Rewards + promo codes and pulled the trigger.  With a $320 savings (off the original price) I’d say it was meant to be.
Even my Mom agrees!
I love a good deal.
And pretty shit!
Unfortunately I have to make a trip to Napa to pick up the bench.  Darn it!  I hate the wine country….said no one ever!
Using even more promo codes, I was able to score the bench for $102!
Still not set on chairs.  Stay tuned!
Honest – I had NO idea how incredibly happy this table would make me.  Not just that it’s a table.  But, our new house is begging to feel like a home.  And a dinning room table is kind of a big deal!
You can shop or check out my table setting below!!!  Message me or comment if you have any questions at all.  I’m honest AF!

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{weekend notes}


Happy Monday friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.


Intentions for the week:

  • donate more shit (again)
  • try oil pulling (Sarah and I tried…for maybe 15 seconds, does that count?)
  • organize my closet
  • write + send thank you notes (almost done)
  • plan backpacking trip
  • find the perfect white shower curtain
  • make room to park my car in the garage (this is going to be tricky) – Tried NOT going to happen 😦
  • have mom + dad over for dinner
  • resist over booking the weekend
  • change address on all my 1,837 online/personal accounts
  • make Ina Garten’s Lemon Chicken Breasts
  • play tennis with Bay
  • pick 2 new Whole 30 compliant recipes to try out

(I was able to cross off a couple of things already)  Whoop Whoop!

What’s on you’re list in intentions for the week?


And now, highlights from the weekend………



It’s finally beginning to feel like home.

I’ve got a table for my coffee!  Topped with white tulips, which make me smile every single time I walk in the living room!


And this table runner can only mean ONE thing……


I found a dinning room table!  No more living room floor picnics!

I sold my old dinning room table at our garage sale.  Probably sold it for what I paid for it too.  Considering I bought it back in 2001ish.  Swear!  It was time for something different.

I had NO idea how happy this table would make me.  I had a little extra pep in my step once I got it all put together and decorated.

I busted out the linen napkins.  Gold flatware.  Gold rimmed glasses.  Wicker chargers.

I’ll share more details later this week.  I got lots of Instagram messages wanting to see more pics!  Hold on tight.


Oh, and we have the cutest morning guests at this house now 🙂 Claire just loves the babies.



Not to be mistaken by the one on TV.  I only watch the one at Pioneer High.  The one where I can watch my nephew do what he loves!

Goooo Joe!!!


Bay spotted her friend Lauren too.  The MOST adorable cheerleader I’ve ever seen.  Except for the fact she looks like a teenager.




We celebrated cousin Danny’s 40th at Blue Note with the family ♥


Boom cheers with GG!

Drank wine with Mom + watched Snatched!


Bay + Ruby made gigantic milkshakes and danced

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A couple of things happened this week…..

  1. I got some new blog followers.  Not a shit ton, but a few.  THANK YOU!
  2. I also got all Martha Fucking Stewart last night after a few glasses of wine.


And I’m so crazy thankful for all my loyal readers + friends + family that continued to support this little space that I love so dearly.  So today I’m doing a fun little giveaway.

Who wants to add one of these herb gardens to their kitchen window SILL (ha, for those of you that follow my instagram stories) BIG shout out to my Mom for the corrections this morning.

I white washed these terra-cotta pots and it was instant love.  I needed something not so terra cotta-y for my kitchen and this worked out just as I had hoped.  I hope you love it too!



It’s easy peeps

Here’s what you do……

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{friday 5}

FullSizeRender (16).jpg

fridAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!  I can’t begin to tell you how ready I am for the weekend.  You know it’s been a crazy week when you’ve been craving the weekend since…..Tuesday!  Haha!  Since love is in the air, I’m dedicating this Friday 5 to all things Valentine’s Day ♥


ONE – Galentine’s //  We all know that the true loves of our lives are our girlfriends.  The ones that stick around for the good, the bad and the ugly.  Always down to drink gallons of wine and binge watch housewives when you need them!  This year, don’t forget to celebrate your squad with a super sweet Galentine!  Even if it’s just a piece of snail mail.  Either way, they will for sure feel the L-O-V-E!

I have a couple ideas up my sleeve!

Two of my favorite things.  Essie polish + dark chocolate covered almonds ♥


Click below and download a sheet of the tags to attach to your fave Essie shade!

I love that we are friends (free printable)

The TomKat Studios has so many other cute V-day ideas here!




TWO – Heart shaped treats // Make any sweet treat into a heart and it’s sure to taste better.  At least, that’s my theory:)  Here are some easy baking ideas/decorating ideas to impress your kiddos or significant other next Tuesday!  I’m totally trying the sweetheart cinnamon rolls for Bay’s breakfast.


Chocolate Dipped Heart Rice Krispies Treats



Chocolate Covered Pretzels






Sweetheart Cinnamon Rolls



Sugar Cookie Cake



Peanut Butter Blossoms (Valentine’s Day Style)





THREE – Lip Mask // Have you seen all the rage about the lip masks?  I swear I’ve seen these all over Insta-stories the last couple of weeks.  I just so happened to be in Sephora last weekend and saw them on an end cap.  For $3, why not?  Right?  I tried it this morning and here are my tip:

  • don’t make a cup of coffee right before (you can’t drink, duh..lol)
  • do the lip mask when you can lay down/sit down for 15 minutes (vacuuming isn’t a good idea)
  • read the directions (you don’t wash it off afterwards)

So, here’s my review.  It’s like the sheet masks for your face…a little weird.  Once you get past the liquid + texture, it’s not bad.  They are over-sized.  Bay said I looked like a freak…lol.  My lips feel super moisturized, even after washing then afterwards.  The directions say to massage excess into lips/skin.  I hoped in the shower…Ha.  Considering the price (three bucks a pop), I’d totally do it again.

Sephora Rose – Moisturizing & Softening


How to use:

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{friday 5}



I treasure the month of December!  It encompasses so many things I love ♥

Extra time with family & friends+ baking (lots of baking) + cozy nights + the best movies (aka Home Alone) + happy hour outings + so many festive events all around town + the lights, I just love all the lights!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


ONE – George Strait //  Guess who’s going Strait (back) to Vegas?  So fucking pumped, I can’t even explain!!  My Mom bought tickets when they came out on pre-sale Saturday morning.  My Mom is the SHIT!  I can’t wait for another Vegas weekend with my Mom + Sis…the last one was one I’ll never forget.  At least the parts that I remember…lol.  You know that saying, “The nights I won’t remember with the people I’ll never forget.”  Kinda like that. Haha!  I’ve got Strait Out Of The Box on repeat non-stop.  Only 238 days, but who’s counting 🙂

You can read more about our Strait to Vegas trip last September here {weekend notes}.

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

And you better beleive I will be visiting the 24-Hour Taco Bell Casino in Vegas too!!   Taco Bell has a special plance in my heart.  Similar the the special place in my heart for George Strait 🙂




TWO – Christmas table setting // I’m not 100% it will stay this way, but it’s ok for now.  Still obsessed with eucalyptus.  I have it all over the house.  This tablecloth is just a large piece of melatic gold dot burlap that I scored at JoAnn’s.  The mini tree came from Target a few years ago.  These are the scented pine cones from Joann’s.   The still smell like cinnamon and I love it.  The same old candles I use each time.  I got the glass holders at Ikea.  They are considered wine glasses, but that’s bullshit because it can old hold a sip.  The plates + gold flatware are both from World Market.  I’ve been only hand washing the flatware and I’m happy to report they are still in perfect condition!!  I always grab these buffet napkins.  You can’t beat a 6-pack for $9.  I wrapped them with twine + cinnamon stick + christmas tree clippings.

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