{arugula salad}

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What goes better with a big green salad than a big glass of chardonnay?  Nothing!!  It’s called balance.

Until about 2 weeks ago, I had NEVER purchased arugula before.  I’ve had it at restaurants and friends houses, but never used it at home.  To be completely honest, I grabbed it on accident during one of my speed grocery shopping trips.  I was originally really pissed when I realized it wasn’t my normal mixed greens.

But, I don’t waste food.  I will find a way to incorporate it into meals.  Especially fresh produce.  You can’t waste good food like that.

Since, I’ve added it to my morning eggs + every salad combo imaginable + on sandwiches.  Verdict: Love it!

Here’s an arugula combo that was heavenly.  I’m not a big fruit person, but even I was way into this one.  I will be serving this next time I host a brunch or dinner.  It’s a keeper!


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{$12 grocery store arrangement}

$12 grocery store flowers.  Swear.  That’s it!  What do you think?

Keep scrolling to see how easy this truly is to do!

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February 1st!  Welcome!  We’re just inching closer + closer to Spring and I love the sight of that!

We pulled out all our Valentine’s day decor last night and our little place looks so festive and cheery.  Think, lots of pink ♥

I thought today would be a good day to share something different.  Flowers!

Once a week I buy fresh flowers.  You will always, always find funky arrangements on my dinning room table + coffee table any day you walk in my house.

They make my heart happy.

And I’d say that’s worth $12 a week.  Don’t you think?


Ok, let’s get started…..


I have a couple of rules:

Keep it simple.

When in doubt, stick with all one color.  Normally white!


Just eucalyptus.



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My go-to….Trader Joe’s.  They hands down have the best flower selection.  And they are cheap.  I mean, way less expensive than anywhere else I shop.  The hardest part….

Choosing which ones to buy.  Remember, I can’t made a decision for the life of me.  And flowers are high on that list.

Another good place to scoop up flowers?  Raley’s.  They do 3 bunches for $12!

I stick with a pretty flower that catches my eye.  Greenery…always eucalyptus.  You’d be amazed at the different varieties of eucalyptus you can get your hands on.  Then some kind of filler/stock.



Today’s stems:

Wax flower $2.49

Eucalyptus $2.49

Hydrangea $6.99

$12 total!

Before we get started, I should probably clarify that I’m no pro flower chick.  I just like pretty fresh flowers…Ha!



First things first….

Dig out a pretty vase.  Everyone has a vase.  Or how about a water pitcher?  They totally work.  Mason jar.  What I’m using here is an old hurricane candle holder.  You would have never known, right?

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{shaved brussels sprout salad}


I’m really into salads right now.  I go through salads kicks from time to time and eat them every. single. day.  Then I get so burnt out. Currently they are my jam.  Especially trying out different ingredients other than plain ol mixed greens like I tend to reach for.

I got a new one for you today.  It’s quick + easy + so fresh!

This was also approved by my Mom ♥

Always leaving her a Tupperware full of a new recipes to try out and give me her review.

Raise your hand if you’re a Trader Joe’s lover?

Sometimes, I spend my entire lunch break walking up and down the isles browsing all the beautiful food.  Ha.  I really do.  Then you can’t forget to grab a bunch of stems on your way out.  It’s a must!

They legit have the best ingredients + produce.  So many hidden gems.  I follow TJ’s on instagram and they’ll share a new item.  You bet your ass I’m making a trip that week to grab that item and try it out.

Anyway, this is another TJ’s recipe!  I gathered all my ingredients from Trader Joe’s.  I’m sure you can find shaved brussels sprouts + romano caesar dressing other places too.


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