{weekend notes}


Hello, Monday!

We’re at it again.  Another start to a new week.  We had a super low-key weekend.  Lots of sleeping in and relaxing.  Extra cups of  coffee.  Not much on the calendar for the week (unlike last week) And I’m really happy about it.

Hope you had a great weekend.  And here’s to a new week!

Intentions for the week:

  • Delete photos to clear up space on my computer + iPhone
  • Make someone happy
  • Create a springy mood + inspiration board
  • Drink 75 oz of water each day
  • Set a pretty Easter table
  • Balance checkbook (I’m off $1.83…makes me crazy)
  • Finish up our Spring To-Do list
  • Asparagus soup
  • Easter brunch menu

Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……

Friday night Beers + adult Connect Four tournament


When the Fricke’s drop off loads of asparagus

I’ve been googling asparagus everything today.


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Green beer + green top

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{spring table + rose napkin fold}

In celebration of March, today I’m sharing my Spring table setting.  Setting a pretty table has become one of my favorite seasonal projects.  Simple + clean.  Lots of white.  And it’s always fun to shop my own house for different pieces to finish the table off.
A set table makes the home feel so welcoming.
And nothing sets the Spring tone like a bright cheery room.
Keep scrolling to check out all the details…..
Bay even helped me with this one too!  I’m rubbing off on her…Ha!
She rolled all the rose napkins.  Perfectly.  She knows how I roll….lol.
Farmers Market flowers were my favorite find last Saturday.  Super unique.
Once these begin to wilt, I’ll probably grab a couple of bunches of eucalyptus to replace it.
Fresh rosemary + thyme tied with bakers twine.  As soon as the candle was lit, I could smell the fresh herbs.  Such a fun touch.  The thyme wilts quickly.  If you decide to try this at home.  Either stick with rosemary for a longer lasting look.  Or do this the day of, if you’re having peeps over.  Either way, I love using anything fresh I can get my hands on.  I have rosemary planted out back.  Fresh thyme was leftover from a recipe.  I also love using up things I already have in the fridge.
I wanted a layered look without chargers or extra on the table.  I bought this plate set at Walmart yearrrrsss ago.  It’s from the Better Homes and Garden collection.  Which is still available.  I have 2 sets making an 8 piece place setting.  They are great quality and don’t have a single chip.

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{peanut butter + brown butter rice krispie treats}

Let’s do a little Bay update.  It’s been a while….

A couple of weeks ago, Bay decided to switch to English horse riding lessons.  After riding western since she was 4 years old.  Bitter sweet.  I loved watching her ride at the Junior Rodeo roping + pole bending.  But, she’s convinced that English is what she’s passionate about.  I think all those years of watching The Saddle Club got to her 🙂

Bay worked her first horse show last weekend at Stallion Station.  She still cannot stop talking about it.  Bay will be riding in the next horse show and I’m pretty sure she’s daydreaming about it right this very second.  Her love for horses is one of my favorite things.  As she’s grown, it’s never faded once.  After the show, her riding trainer gave her + Ruby (Bay’s bestie) a horse necklace, which she hasn’t taken off.  Even to sleep.

We talk about middle school daily.  All the things that will change.  What friends will be at the school.  What kind of backpack do middle schoolers rock?  Can I take zero period?  All the electives.  Leadership!  All the lunch options.  It’s mind-blowing for an 11-year-old girl.  I remember middle school being a huge change with EVERYTHING.  Nervous + crazy excited for my girl to experience it all.

Bay is wearing rubber bands on her braces.  Is that how you say it?  She’s to wear them for 22 hours a day.  Basically only taking them off at meals and teeth brushing.  They are kinda tucked in the back so you really can’t see them.  Which makes me forget she has them.  Until she digs her fingers in her mouth to pop them off at each meal…lol.  Then lay them on her plate.  Makes me wanna gag.  But, I’m so proud of the fact, I don’t EVER have to remind her about them.  She’s never forgotten them.  Man, she’s becoming so responsible.

Last month I convinced Bay to chop her hair off with me.  That sounds funny.  We didn’t chop our hair off..lol.  Allison, our hair queen, chopped our hair off.  I promised that I wouldn’t bother her to cut her hair, other than a trim here and there, till summertime.  DEAL!  It’s so dang cute, except Bay instantly looks so much older with shoulder length hair.

Bay gave up YouTube for lent.  This is a BIG deal for a tween, let me tell you.  She’s been doing great!  No slip ups yet, but it’s only been 1 week.  Me, on the other hand, I’ve been terrible.  Getting better little by little.  The F bomb struggle is real!

She’s still such a mama’s girl and I absolutely LOVE that.  I really hope she stays this way forever!!!

And last, Bay is still whipping up sweet creations all.the.time.



So, today, I’m going to share a new one.  Peanut butter + brown butter rice krispie treats.

Say that 5 times fast…lol!

Bay found this while searching the internet for something to satisfy her sweet tooth with ingredients we had on hand.  This recipe is from Joy The Baker.

Which is one of my personal baking idols.  Her creativity in the kitchen is crazy inspiring.

These rice krispie treats have been recreated 3 times in our house.  THREE TIMES!!

So, so good!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{spaghetti squash taco bowls}

Image-1 (4).png


Happy Taco Tuesday.  There’s no lie that I’m just here for the tacos!  I can’t think of another food/day that is celebrated 52 times in one calendar year.

With 52 Tuesdays, you gotta change it up a bit.

And you know I’m all about jazzing things up.


Check out some other taco recipes I’ve shared over the years……

{tomatillo salsa + crispy cheese taco shells}

{baked chicken tacos}

{spinach pesto tacos}

{taco shells}

{taco tuesday….salad}

{ranch chicken tacos}

{slow cooker carnitas}

{sheet pan fajitas}


Today, I’m brining you the spaghetti squash taco bowl.

I know what you’re thinking, really B?!?!  Aint nobody got time for this!  Spaghetti squash + tacos….dont mix.

Keep reading.  Give the spaghetti squash a chance…lol!

I made this last week.  The week of BRIK weigh-in/measurements.  You can see all those taco recipes above.  I don’t mess around when it comes to Tuesday.  But, I also really, really wanted to get some results.  So, I had to ditch the taco sell + tortilla chips for a few weeks.

And this right here, this is what I came up with.

It was a slam dunk!




First off, let’s go over how to cook spaghetti squash.  Most peeps I talk to are super intimidated by spaghetti squash.  Which KILLS me, because it’s so so simple.  I’m sure some veggie lover out there is currently working on bringing pre-cooked spaghetti squash to whole foods or TJ’s any day now.  I mean, you can buy just about any veggie noodle at this point, so it wouldn’t shock me.

  1. Using a sharp knife (must be sharp af) cut the top and bottom end off the squash. (I blew it and didn’t get a photo of this step, so I hope that makes sense)
  2. Stand the squash upright and slice in half lengthwise.
  3. Scoop out + discard seeds.
  4. Rub 1 teaspoon of olive oil on the inside of squash.
  5. Season with salt + pepper.
  6. Place squash cut side done on a foil lined baking sheet.
  7. Bake at 400 degrees for about 1 hour.  Depending on the size of the squash.
  8. Once you can easily pierce with a fork, squash is done.  And cut sides will be golden brown.
  9. Allow to cool for 2 minutes.  Then fluff with a fork making spaghetti like noodles.

There you have it!  Perfectly cooked spaghetti squash.  I’ve seen it cooked in a slow cooker + microwave + instapot.  I’m sure they all work well, but this is the no-fail, easy way to get perfect results.


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{$12 grocery store arrangement}

$12 grocery store flowers.  Swear.  That’s it!  What do you think?

Keep scrolling to see how easy this truly is to do!

IMG_8307 (1).jpg

February 1st!  Welcome!  We’re just inching closer + closer to Spring and I love the sight of that!

We pulled out all our Valentine’s day decor last night and our little place looks so festive and cheery.  Think, lots of pink ♥

I thought today would be a good day to share something different.  Flowers!

Once a week I buy fresh flowers.  You will always, always find funky arrangements on my dinning room table + coffee table any day you walk in my house.

They make my heart happy.

And I’d say that’s worth $12 a week.  Don’t you think?


Ok, let’s get started…..


I have a couple of rules:

Keep it simple.

When in doubt, stick with all one color.  Normally white!


Just eucalyptus.



{image: via}

My go-to….Trader Joe’s.  They hands down have the best flower selection.  And they are cheap.  I mean, way less expensive than anywhere else I shop.  The hardest part….

Choosing which ones to buy.  Remember, I can’t made a decision for the life of me.  And flowers are high on that list.

Another good place to scoop up flowers?  Raley’s.  They do 3 bunches for $12!

I stick with a pretty flower that catches my eye.  Greenery…always eucalyptus.  You’d be amazed at the different varieties of eucalyptus you can get your hands on.  Then some kind of filler/stock.



Today’s stems:

Wax flower $2.49

Eucalyptus $2.49

Hydrangea $6.99

$12 total!

Before we get started, I should probably clarify that I’m no pro flower chick.  I just like pretty fresh flowers…Ha!



First things first….

Dig out a pretty vase.  Everyone has a vase.  Or how about a water pitcher?  They totally work.  Mason jar.  What I’m using here is an old hurricane candle holder.  You would have never known, right?

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{weekend notes}


Happy Monday!


Intentions for the week:

  • Stick to sugar-free diet (did great till the ice cream museum…lol)
  • Set a pretty “everyday” table
  • Search for cute summer clothes for Bay #hawaii jealous of her new wardrobe
  • Figure out a way to get out of Jury Duty!! No Jury Duty for this girl…WhoopWhoop!
  • Just say NO to chardonnay Haven’t had a glass since 1/6 #recordbreaking
  • Flowers/eucalyptus for the house TJ’s has gorgeous hydrangeas
  • Work on thank you notes First round went out and finishing the rest today
  • Log food in My Fitness Pal daily I even lost some lbs 🙂
  • Purchase a steamer with gift cards.  No more ironing.  EVER!
  • Go see The Post (Hopefully this weekend)
  • Share slower cooker butternut squash soup recipe…so good
  • Plan a fun day in SF ♥


Highlights from the weekend…..


Birthday dinner + sake bombs at Jinju with these chicks.  Thanks for spoiling me rotten homegirls!!!



Family Dinner //

Two of my favorite things…..

Baby on my hip + patron in my hand!!!  Happy girl right here!!  Even did a little dance to prove it 🙂


I requested a taco salad bar and I’d say my Mom straight up killed it!

Well done Mom, well done!



Impromptu mani’s with my Mom.

Totally diggin this almost nonexistent color.   And I didn’t even look to see what it was called.  Dammit!



Presents //

Chard + shoes.  What more could a girl ask for?

Happy AF!



Vinyl //

This Crosley record player was one of my favorite Christmas gifts.  It’s a gift that keeps giving.

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{christmas sweets + treats}


What’s the best way to spread Christmas cheers?  Other than singing loud for all to hear?  Homemade sweets + treats!

Who doesn’t love a delicious festive treat delivery?  For example: Jessie left a big ol’ plate of cookies on our front porch and we literally fought over them…lol.   #truestory

I know that time is tight, trust me!! And we’ve all got shit to do and place to be.  So, I’m sharing 2 semi-homemade sweets + treats that you can easily whip up.  Even your kids can help!  That’s how easy they are.

Not to mention, inexpensive too!

These are perfect for kids + neighbors + classroom + friends.  They will love you forever.  Promise!

You could even make a batch of Christmas Tree Brownies to set out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

He told me he digs brownies + red wine!  Just FYI!

Run to the store.  Grab a couple of boxes of your favorite cake + brownie mix.  Get the Christmas music playing and you are all set to bake.


Brownie Christmas Trees 

A simple box of brownies becomes extra special with the addition of green frosting + sprinkles.  This is a really good one to get the kiddos to help with.  Bay made these all on her own.  I love that she can follow a recipe and decorate.  And enjoy every second of it.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • box of brownies (9×13)
  • ingredients listed on the brownie box
  • triangle cookie cutter
  • parchment paper
  • green decorating icing
  • red + green sprinkles
  • lollipop stick (optional)



Tip: don’t even attempt to find a triangle cookie cutter.  It’s impossible.  Amazon Prime that shit.  I was very lucky that my homegirl at Every Baking Moment let me borrow her personal triangle cutter, after searching high and low for 3 days.  Or you can always grab a Christmas Tree cookie cutter, you can find those EVERYWHERE this time of year. 


Here’s what you’ll do:

Line 9×13 baking dish with parchment paper.  Allowing parchment to drape over the sides of the dish.

Prepare brownies as directed + allow to cool.

Pull parchment paper to release the whole sheet of brownies and set on a cutting board.

Get as many triangle cuts as possible.

Make zig-zag design with green squeeze icing.

Quickly top with sprinkles.

Insert lollipop stick in the bottom of the tree.



Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Cupcakes with snowy frosting.  These are a big hit with the 8 and under crowd.  I’ve seen a few adults kill them too.  Ha!  Just remind peeps that those trees are NOT edible.  That could really hurt.  #tmi


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