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{brik results}

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Amen to that!  The last 6 weeks have been epic.  The numbers are not the only thing that matter peeps.  Although, I know it’s pretty rad watching them decrease over the weeks.  Besides the scale.  I believe my healthy-er lifestyle has greatly contributed to my mind + body + spirit.  Thanks to Kaia Fit Woodland, I’m stronger + healthier + happier than I’ve even been!  Physically + mentally + emotionally!  (trust me, ask my family + friends the can vouch).  Kaia helped my find my inner strength.  Sounds corny, I know!  My inner strength has always been there, I just lost sight of it.  I have since stretched + grown + expanded my comfort zone time and time again striving to improve.  And once again, the results are proof!


Ok, and now the numbers, since I bet half of you didn’t even read that first paragraph…lol!

I’m sure most of you have already read the results + seen the photos on the Kaia facebook/instagram pages.  I wanted to share a little more.  So bare with me…..


The first Kaia Fit Woodland 2017 BRIK session wrapped up last week.  It was one of the best, results wise.  Melika read off these numbers below at the Saturday Share the Love workout and my jaw dropped.


Over 250 lbs LOST

Over 300 inches LOST

86% of body fat LOST


You guys….that’s just this last Kaia Fit BRIK alone….we’re talking SIX weeks people.  6 weeks!  1 1/2 months!

January 2nd – February 11th!

Isn’t that crazy insane?

I call if proof!




I began my Kaia Fit journey in January 2016.  You can read more about that here!

And remember January’s blog post {four}?  It was the beginning of this BRIK session.  You can read about that here!


My personal results from the beginning to today…..




{photo crede: Val}

Total weight loss: 20.2 lbs

Body fat loss: 6.9%

BMI loss: 3.1

Waist inches loss: 4.1 inches (2 pant sizes down)


BRIK results:



I knew going into this BRIK that I was going to have to push myself.  Incase you forgot, I started this BRIK with 4 lb weight gain.  You can read more about that here!   I knew I was going to have to challenge myself more than ever before.

Around Christmas time, while on our weekly walk with my homegirl Sarah P, we decided to give up sugar.  A sugar cleanse.  20-days!  Beginning January 9th.  Why not?  Let’s see what happens.  Ummmm, amazing things happen.

We combined lost over 15 lbs for starters.  It’s hard AF, but I’ve never felt better.  If you’re in a rut, I highly recommend doing a sugar cleanse.  4-days.  1 week.  10-days.  Anything!


We celebrated with a churro the size of our heads when our 20-days were up:)


Another place where you can always see great results…..

Challenge score sheets!

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Our final timed run was done last Thursday (due to rain), but I got 6:28 seconds.  Trust me, I can’t forget that number!  When Melika yelled out 6:28 I did a happy dance!

I shaved 92 seconds off my run.  This is coming from a girl who HAAAATTEEESSS to run.

I increased my sit-ups by 13.  Burpees by 7.  Push-ups by 13!


I became a Kaia Fit Woodland VIP in August.  I truly, strongly believe in Kaia and have learned so much.  I can’t imagine not having the support, encouragement, structure and challenges that I get from my 5am Kaia Coach (shout out to Mallory) + teammates!  Here’s to another CORE session!!!


Let’s do this Kaia sisters ♥



xoxo stacyb

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