{weekend notes}


Perfect Spring weather.  Flowery bouquets.   Sweet words written in cards.  Bubbly mimosas.  These are a few of my favorite things about Mother’s Day.  But truth is, the main attraction is my Mother, My best friend.  The most incredible, selfless women that I know.  She taught me EVERYTHING!  I am forever grateful for her endless love + encouragement + support + friendship!  Gracias, Madre!

I hope you all you Mama’s enjoyed yesterday.  Got showered with extra love.  And had an extra big glass of rosé to celebrate ♥


Intentions for the Week:

  • Tie Dye napkinscan’t wait to show you! 
  • Work on 4-H record bookShe’s almost done! 
  • Celebrate GG’s 93rd Birthday ♥Always a good time 
  • Plan a hike for the weekendHiked Pena Adobe, one of our faves 
  • Tackle returnsSuch a pain in the ass, happy it’s done!
  • Make TJ’s cauliflower gnocchi
  • Try out a pigtail knot braid on Bay
  • Catch up on my DVRHangovers help with this task 
  • Craft some kind of cute key chain for the pool key
  • Make a kiddy charcuterie platterMade two in one day 
  • Hangout at home!We hardly left the house all weekend.  It was glorious!


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend…..


Kicking off the weekend //


Thursday night dinner + chard with Nikki.  She made us her ahi tuna tacos.  You guys, there were so damn good.  Topped with her homemade spicy aioli + pickled cabbage.

Over-served myself on the chard….ha!

Thanks for a fun night Nikki!



Friday night drive //


We set out to watch the sunset at the Top of the world in Vacaville.  Not sure we ever found it.  The drive was beautiful though.


And we watched the sunset.


And we found pizza + chard, so I’d say it was a pretty successful Friday night ♥


The great debate //

Toilet paper roll positioning.  I honestly don’t even think twice about it.  But, I do typically place a new roll to feed from the bottom.  According to the poll, there were just a handful of others, including my sister that do it this way…lol.   I died laughing over all the DM’s and responses.  We clearly do it all wrong…lol.  I think the poll ended up something like Top – 94% // Bottom – 6%!


Strawberry + Baby daisy cake //

Thank you for all the love on my cake.


Lots of DM’s asking if I’d share the recipe.

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{strawberry + beet salad}


Mother’s Day is THIS WEEKEND peeps!  Did you scoop up a little something for your Mom yet?  Check out my {gift guide: mother’s day} for some fun ideas.  Have you booked brunch resies at her favorite spot?  Or planned a delish menu to celebrate your Mama?

If you’re going the hostess route, I’ve got something you MUST add to the menu.

This could quite possibly, not only be the most gorgeous salad I’ve ever made, but it’s fucking delicious too!

I’ve even added steps to simplify and make it a little more semi-homemade.  This will blow your Mama’s socks off.  You will definitely become her “favorite!”

You can thank me later 🙂

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{gift guide: mother’s day}


When you cant give them the world, opt for a pretty gift instead.  Here’s a gift guide for all the cool moms out there.

Guarantee you’ll be able to find a little something for all the Mama’s in your life…including the ones who swear they don’t need a thing.  Other than quality time and a long brunch (with wine included, obvi together, you know what the second best way to thank her……

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{friday 5}


Let the lonnnggg weekend begin.  Today is my last day of work till April 9th.  I can’t even begin to tell you how frickin excited I am.  So excited that I couldn’t even sleep last night.  My brain was going a mile a minute of all the things I need to get done + can’t wait to do in the next 10 days.  Bay + I cleaned the house.  Washed the car.  Full tank of gas.  Grocery shopped.  Easter baskets are complete.  Eggs are filled and ready for the Easter bunny.  So, I plan to drink some LOTS of skinny, skinny margs tonight and begin celebrating.

Don’t even trip though, I kicked butt this week and pre-blogged so you will still get your daily xoxostacyb email 🙂  Just in case you were worried..HA!

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy Easter with your family.  And HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!!


Before I let you go, I’ve got 5 things on my mind…..


ONE – The perfect black swimsuits //  I found it ladies!  I found THE perfect black one-piece.  And it doesn’t cost $300!  I actually found two!  Both from the one, the only…..


And did you see Target is doing a BOGO 50% off on suits for the fam?

What that means is, you can get both for under $60!  Two perfect black swimsuits!


My suit // Bay’s suit 

Perfect black suit #1 // $39.99 (BOGO 50% off)

I actually bought this exact suit twice now.  A tragedy happened last year.  While I was at the Cache Creek Spa, I accidentally wrapped up the perfect black suit with my spa robe and threw it in the dirty hamper.  Called the next day and they tossed it!  Went back to Target to buy a new one….SOLD OUT!  Everywhere.  I even tried SF.  No go.  Moral of the story, get this suit.  It’s super faltering.  Lots of coverage.   Removable neck strap.  There are over 300 reviews…read them for yourself.


Mesh Inset One Piece Swimsuit


Perfect black suit #2 // $39.99 (BOGO 50% off)

This is the show stopper.  Obsessed with the low scoop back.  I saw this on so many bloggers on LiketoKnowit.  Clicked on the link.  And fell out of my seat when I saw it was Target.  It comes in white too.  I kinda want to order it.  I did size up to a large in this one.  Which worked out perfectly.  I have a long torso and I didn’t want it cutting into my shoulders.  It has great coverage.  Removable cups.  I could go on and on.  Get it before it’s sold out!


Ruffled One Piece Swimsuit (comes in white)


Bay’s perfect black suit // $39.50

Since we like matching, it only made sense that we both get the perfect black suits.  J.Crew suits fit Bay perfectly.  And we can twin on the beach all summer long 🙂



Girls’ scalloped cropped tankini set


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{easter lunchbox + bunny ear cupcakes}


It’s Thursday!  You know what that means to this girl?  I get to chug wine and drop the F bomb again in just three short days!  Lent will be over and my sugar cleanse comes to an end.  Can I get a big ol WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Perfect timing for Spring Break…lol!  Thanks to Destiny, I grabbed the BEST bottle of chard I’ve ever seen.   It’s called “hard chard”….I mean, it was kinda made for my girl Nikki + I!

Going to bust it open and possibly drink it from the bottle on Easter afternoon….morning!  And I’m not planning on sharing either.

In other news, it hit me last week…..

This is my last Easter Lunchbox.  Excuse me while I wipe away the tears.

Pretty sure Bay’s not going to be rockin the bento box with a bunny shaped sando to Middle School.

You guys, this is proof that not everything I try is a hit.  There are so many recipes + ideas + products I try that are a total FLOP!  So I chuck them.  But I thought I’d share some evidence.

I decided to try something different.  How about a bunny quesadilla?

Sent this to Cory and he said “don’t quit your day job” and “looks like a cat”  LOL!



Bay hid her chuckles.  Probably because she knew I was hiding my last Easter lunchbox tears.

I may just have to start embarrassing my nephews and sending them with my crazy Holiday themed lunches.  Joe would probably DIE!

So I went with the tried and true Easter egg lunch.  I blogged about this back in 2016 here: {easter lunchbox love}

ANYONE can dupicate this.  All you have to do is gather your kiddos fave snacks.  The smaller the better.

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{marble + decoupage easter eggs}


Anyone in a funk today?  I swear every.single.person I’ve chatted with this week has said their day has just been off.  Or weird.  Even the cashier at Old Navy told me, “today literally sucks!”  So I googled it.

Is Mercury in retrograde?

I don’t get too caught up in things, but I knew something was up!  So if your day is just not normal and you can’t figure out what is up.  Blame it on Mercury!  Then do something nice for yourself.

What do you do to get out of a funk or make yourself happier?  Here’s what I try to do…..

  1. Put on your fave pandora station and rock out.  Dr. Dre Radio does it for me!
  2. Go outside.  It’s frickin beautiful.  The sun is good for the soul.
  3. Do something for you!  Get a mani.  Happy hour with a girlfriend.  Buy a cute top (that’s what I always do) lol.
  4. Give yourself a compliment.  When’s the last time you did that?  Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I am a bad ass b*#@ and I got this!”
  5. Put away your phone.  Unless you’re watching ashleylongshoreart hilarious videos.  They always make me laugh out loud.

Smile homegirl.  Tomorrow is a new day:)

And back to the regularly scheduled Easter Egg post……

I got some crap for hard boiling my Easter eggs so soon.  It’s a bloggers life….lol.  I do everything wayy before.  Wayyy too early.  That way I can share all my tips + tricks to all my peeps.  So when I hard boil my eggs over a week early, that’s why.  Mmmkaayyy!

One year, a while back…..Bay was probably 5 ish years old?  I think.  Someone got tipsy and forgot to dye the Easter eggs the night before.  Because back then, I did everything last-minute.  So, the Easter Bunny hid plain white hard-boiled eggs.

Don’t let this happen to you.  You’ll never live it down.  Trust me!

So, don’t bust a girls balls for hard-boiling + decorating Easter Eggs “too soon!”  You never know the backstory….lol.

That was a lot of rambling….

Ready for the Easter Egg decorating yet?

Marble Easter Eggs //


Remember when I did the {marbled pumpkin diy} for Halloween?  This is basically the same thing.

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{diy bunny mug}

The one buck bunny mug.  (Say that 5 times fast)  

Remember when I was telling you how I was feeling all kinds of creative?  The Spring season just does it to me.  Well, I’m rubbing off on my kid.  Her creativity is flowin too!

She wanted to make something Eastery.  Something we can keep forever.  I like that about my girl.  Bay knows how crazy weird sentimental I am about Holidays.


I hit up my homie Google and gathered some ideas + supplies.

You guys, this is hands down the easiest and cheapest DIY to date.

Which translates…..perfect for kids.

Something fun for them to customize and make special.


Here’s what you’ll need:

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