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Thanks for stopping by xoxostacyb.  My name is Stacy B.  You will likely find photos of my everyday life.  My 14 year old daughter, Bay.  A glimpse of Cory.  The pups, Callie (14 year old lab) and Charlie (1 year old goldendoodle).  They kinda rule the house these days.  We live in sunny Northern California.

A little about me and what you’re going to see on this corner of the internet…..

I am a major morning person. Up by 5am most days. I live for my Peloton Bike + hitting 15,000 steps per day. Currently enjoying WW (I was a lifetime member once). Food…always trying new recipes and ALL the new arrivals at Trader Joe’s.  Exploring around California.  Sitting on beaches is my love language!  Holidays are my favorite.  Home design + decor has become a passion since purchasing our 1950’s home back in July 2020.  Kitchen remodel is next up on the list.  Wanna be gardener – planning a veggie + flower picking garden this summer. Stay tuned! Last, but definitely not least.  Clothes.  Lots of Target.  Nordy’s and whatever else I find + love!  Oh and I can’t forget Bravo + a big ass glass of wine by night! #chardsohard.

Documenting my life in little square boxes also knows as instagram is my jam.

If you’re interested in collaborating with me on in-store events + editorial content + brand representation + fashion campaigns, etc., please contact me: xoxostacyb@gmail.com

So hello! Welcome! I hope you’ll stick around!

xoxo stacyb

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  1. Way to go Stacy!!! You were made for this!!! Cheers to new chapters! Can’t wait to read your post! Xoxox A&A

  2. You’re a natural! and having great taste doesn’t hurt! I’m having fun reading your posts!

  3. Hi Stacy! I remember reading your blog at some point and you talked about planners. As the year is coming to an end, it’s time to start looking for a new one. I can’t find that blog you posted. Can you lead me in the right direction or the name of the brand?

    1. Hi Angelica –

      Sorry for the late response, I took a few days off. I love the Rifle Paper Co. planners. I actually just ordered mine 2017-2018 🙂 I attached the link for Nordstrom (free shipping) + Amazon below.



      xoxo stacyb

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