{marbled pumpkin diy}


I’m a big fan of no carve pumpkins.  Until, the day before Halloween.  We all know once they are carved…they are dead in a day or so.  Full of bugs.  Stinky.  But I’m still all about making them pretty + festive for Halloween.

Bay’s 4-H club hosts a no carve pumpkin contest every October meeting.  All the pumpkins are then donated to a rest home to be enjoyed.  LOVE this so much.

We had to get to work a little early and get a pumpkin decorated for next week.


These nail polish marbled pumpkins caught my eye.  They were all over social media this week.  I’m sure you saw all the different methods.

Clicked on the link.

I have ALL the materials needed.


Making them.  Like, TODAY!

Holiday Whore in full effect over here!



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{red + white + blue}

Happy 4th of July peeps!   We are all kinds of patriotic over here in Tahoe!  Just how I like it.  Red + white + blue ♥


Here’s a fun little game to play with you’re kiddos today….

Bingo //  How cute, right?  Best part…it’s a free download.  I’ve got them printed up and ready to play with the kids tomorrow in celebrating of the 4th of July 🙂

Oriental Trading 4th Of July Bingo


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{friday 5}


Weekend I’m in love!  Friday + Saturday + Sunday….you’ve got my heart!  What’s on the agenda for the weekend friends?  Bay and I plan to veg out, make homemade pasta, watch movies and spring clean.  With a side of pig barn and church.


ONE – Weekend I’m in Love // Who’s with me?  And why not rock it?  I found this Tee at Target and it hoped in my cart and came home with me.  It’s going to be my couch potato shirt this weekend, that’s for sure.  Target has the best graphic Tee’s right now.  The cactus pocket tee.  The Johnny Cash tank…yes please.  Or how about Alex’s Sunday tank?  What’s your favorite?

Weekend I’m in Love Tee





TWO – Centerpiece // This herb + flower situation on our dining table is making me wish spring could last forever!  These are herbs + shit from my yard (kinda)….I may have trimmed from a neighbors yard…a little.  But, the rosemary is hands down, 100% from my yard!  Swear!  I suck at putting together anything floral.  For some reason I’m totally into this right now.  And my kitchen reeks of rosemary, which I really love.  It is one of my favorite herbs!  It’s messy, kinda like my life.  Maybe that’s why I like it so much?!?!



THREE – Baseball season // I don’t love sports, like at ALL.  Baseball especially.  But, I am a helluva spectator….at my nephews games.  ONLY.   Ha.  Joe + Benny are little studs on the baseball field.   Joe is playing on the big field now, which is super exciting to watch.  They are super competitive too.  Benny got the game ball this week.  He told me “I bet you’re proud of me, huh”  I love that kid.

Benny running to 1st base…..

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{white washed terra cotta pot diy}



After last weeks {giveaway} I had a bunch of emails/messages asking how I got the white washed look.  Since I’m such a nice bitch….and I really didn’t have anything else to share today.  I decided to write a quick post about it for you!   So here ya go…..

Terra cotta pots are the most common and affordable planters out there.  Although, I’m not a huge fan of their brand spanking new look that comes with them.  Good thing they can be personalized in so many ways.

I grabbed a few pots from Home Depot….extra in case I screwed up….twice.  lol.   Home Depot has the best selection of different sizes and shapes in their outdoor garden area.  Check out the link below to see what they offer online….

Home Depot – Terra Cotta Pots


I gathered all the other supplies from Bailey’s crafting stash.

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{friday 5}

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Happy Friday + Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I hope you’ve got your green on today!  And you’re getting festive tonight…..green beer and all!  Do you ever go into Friday just knowing it’s going to be an outstanding weekend?  That’s me today!  I’m so ready to say peace out to Dixon, CA for the weekend!

You know what comes next!  I’ve got 5 things on my mind this beautiful Friday……

ONE – The leprechaun made a stop at our house this morning.  Bay told me I can stop pretending that an actual leprechaun comes to our house.  That she knows its me that does this every year.  Dagger to the heart!  My response: As long as you’re living under my roof, the leprechaun will pay a visit every single St. Patrick’s Day….PROMISE!  She laughed and told me it’s OK, she totally loves it ♥  Green milk with a sprinkle rim + Nugget’s croissant donuts (OMG, I made her give me a bite….so good) with a side of multi vitamins + the traditional green treat basket.   So Lucky You’re Mine!!!


TWO – Olive + Black for St. Patrick’s Day //  I realized last week that I basically have NO green clothes….at all!  Clearly I had to make a trip to J.Crew to fix the situation.  I don’t want people touching me, let alone pinching me today…ha!  Since I can’t be traditional AF, I’m going with olive + black for my St. Patty’s Day look!

How killer is this scalloped tank?  Not going to lie, I’ve already worn it twice already.  It’s gorgeous under a blazer or tucked into a pair of denim.  It’s currently on sale for $38 too!  And comes in 3 other color options (fiery sunset + marine salt + barcelona blue) creative names J.Crew, I like it!  I need a couple more of these in my life, that’s for sure!

** Nikki – I finally got my links fixed, just for you!!! 



I swear this jacket doesn’t look so nun-ish in person.  It’s really cute.  Awful picture J.Crew.  I actually wouldn’t have even looked at this twice, but I saw it in store and had to have it.  It’s lightweight and just what I needed for my closet.



I rarely shop in-store, because who’s got time for that shit?  But, this rare occasion made me re-think my in-store shopping phobia.  I got the really ditzy checker.  Don’t you love it when that happens?  I complimented her on her sweater, and she gave me every promo under the sun.  I grabbed both of these items for $50.  I may be shopping in-store more often!

THREE – Student Led Conference //  This year the Plainfield’s 5th graders did student led conferences.  At first I though, weird!  Then I sat down in Bailey’s classroom chair Monday afternoon and she led me through her conference.  I was blown away.  My 5th grader has written essay’s (good ones) + is acing math + makes power point presentations, which I personally have never done before.  I’m so proud of her progress this year and love both of her teachers to pieces!!!  Just had to brag a little #proudmommoment

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

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{st. patty’s day treats}

March is half over!  It’s Spring!!  At least it’s felt like it for the past few days, but I’m not holding my breath just yet.  Next weeks weather forecast is not in our favor.  WTF Mother Nature?!?!

I recently realized that I kinda love every season.  Equally!  I don’t have a favorite.  There is so much excitement for what each one brings.  Don’t you think?  Right now I’m craving color and the outdoors.  I’ve been working on my yard like a crazy person.  My grass is officially green again!  Whoop Whoop!  My salsa garden is all planned out and waiting for the beginning of April to get everything in the ground.

St. Patrick’s Day is always when it begins to feel more and more like spring is in the air.  Green beers.  Green treats.  Green clothing.  I’m all ready for Friday!  How about you?

What are your St Patty’s Day traditions?  Corned beef and cabbage?  Does the crazy leprechaun visit your house?  Classroom treats?

Here’s what we’ve got up our sleeve for tomorrow……

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{lemon lip scrub}

Today I’m sharing a lip scrub recipe that you can make at home with kitchen staples that will easily brighten, soften, refresh and moisturize your poor winter lips.  It’s been a long winter and my lips are loving this!

Best part, you have all the ingredients already.  Sugar + honey + oil + scent.

Try it!!  Trust me!


This isn’t just a lip scrub, this could totally be used over the whole body too!

The sugar acts as an exfoliant to smooth chapped, dry lips.  The olive oil, is a super moisturizer that helps the sugar do its work.  You can add any flavor combo your heart desires.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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