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Have you ever seen a better teacher gift?  I think NOT!  Maybe it’s just the wine-o in me, but I thought this was borderline brilliant.  Just a little something to show the teachers that you appreciate them.  And thank them for your kid being the reason they drink…Ha!

Let’s be real, this would put a big fat smile on my face on the last day of school!

I was so pumped about this cute idea.  Found the perfect ribbon.  My favorite bottle of chard.  Printed out the cute free printable.  Stayed up last night to throw together a couple of these goodies.

Trying my very hardest to be on top of things.  The last 2 weeks of school is always a busy shit show.  You know?


Showed Bay my finished product this morning when she woke up.  Her response….

“My teachers don’t drink alcohol!”

My response….


Doesn’t drink wine?  Then Bay follows up with….

“Or coffee!”


So, I’m back to the drawing board.  Ha!  And I now have two bottles of my fave chard chilling in the fridge for this evening.  Guess it’s not that bad afterall 🙂

But, I’m still a little worried about Bay’s teacher.  What does she pour in her glass after a long hard day?  On to prepare in the morning for another day teaching a bunch of 6th grade punks?  Mrs. DeLemos, you’re making this very difficult…lol.  Only kidding.  Best teacher ever ♥

If you’re teacher is a boozer, like us, then keep scrolling and get all the details on a gift I’m sure will be a hit on the last day of school!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bottle of wine (Bogle, always Bogle)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Free Printable


Gold Scissors ($11.99) // Black + White Ribbon ($3.99)


My child might be the reason you drink.  So here’s one on us! (free printable)

Image-1 (4).png


BIG thank you to Skip To My Lou for always hookin it up in the creative teacher gift ideas!  


And if you’re going the gift card route, here are a bunch of cute ideas…..


(image: via)


Have a great day peeps!!!


xoxo stacyb

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