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{weekend notes}


Happy Monday!


Intentions for the week:

  • Stick to sugar-free diet (did great till the ice cream museum…lol)
  • Set a pretty “everyday” table
  • Search for cute summer clothes for Bay #hawaii jealous of her new wardrobe
  • Figure out a way to get out of Jury Duty!! No Jury Duty for this girl…WhoopWhoop!
  • Just say NO to chardonnay Haven’t had a glass since 1/6 #recordbreaking
  • Flowers/eucalyptus for the house TJ’s has gorgeous hydrangeas
  • Work on thank you notes First round went out and finishing the rest today
  • Log food in My Fitness Pal daily I even lost some lbs 🙂
  • Purchase a steamer with gift cards.  No more ironing.  EVER!
  • Go see The Post (Hopefully this weekend)
  • Share slower cooker butternut squash soup recipe…so good
  • Plan a fun day in SF ♥


Highlights from the weekend…..


Birthday dinner + sake bombs at Jinju with these chicks.  Thanks for spoiling me rotten homegirls!!!



Family Dinner //

Two of my favorite things…..

Baby on my hip + patron in my hand!!!  Happy girl right here!!  Even did a little dance to prove it 🙂


I requested a taco salad bar and I’d say my Mom straight up killed it!

Well done Mom, well done!



Impromptu mani’s with my Mom.

Totally diggin this almost nonexistent color.   And I didn’t even look to see what it was called.  Dammit!



Presents //

Chard + shoes.  What more could a girl ask for?

Happy AF!



Vinyl //

This Crosley record player was one of my favorite Christmas gifts.  It’s a gift that keeps giving.

Then my Dad pulled out some of my Grandpa + Grandma Brown’s old records.  So many classics.  It makes my heart happy listening to their records.  And picturing them listening to the same ones.  The Frank Sinatra was in the original unopened package.  I probably could have sold it and make a buck or two, but I’d rather cherish it!


Brunch //

I had the pleasure of brunching with two of my best.  We tried Canon East Sac!  One of my Winter To-Do’s was to brunch here.  √

If you’re looking for a cool spot to brunch with your peeps, this is it!

It was delish.  Everything was beyond.  Keep scrolling and check out this food.  Super unique and so so good!  I’m not a kale salad fan, but it was probably the best I’ve ever had.  Too bad I forgot to snap a picture of it.

Oh and that’s a pickled Gin + Tonic.  Total perfection!


dungeness crab, preserved lemon, roasted
tomato, brioche


fried rice, fried egg, sausage, shrimp,
peppers, peas, pickled ginger


dill crème fraîche, spinach, egg crêpe


And check out their wall art!


We look like a girl band, I know…lol.

Pink outfits were NOT planned.  But we do look pretty cute!


The Prickly Pear //

OMG friends.  You MUST check this place out.  The Prickly Pear….check out her instagram!

The coolest succulent + cactus nursery.  Not only does Mona (the owner) have every succulent you can think of, she is super knowledgeable.  I mean, she knew the exact name of every plant I pointed at.

So here’s the scoop…

You call her and set up a time to visit.  You can even do a pot + sip.  She provided wine + snacks while you pick + pot your succulents.  Kinda like the paint + sip, but wayyy more rad.

We did an open visit, meaning anyone could join at that time.

$15 and we left with a potted succulent in a super cute painted mason jar.  With all the instructions for watering/sun.


The greenhouse.


I want to go back for this bad boy!



Thanks for planning such a fun afternoon Nikki!  Love you longtime!!



Date Night //

With a mini bar crawl before…haha.  Just how I like it.

I’ve had Arthur Henry’s on my list of place to check out.  It looked a little sketchy from the outside.


They make a mean G + T though.

So it’s a steak house.  You order your cut.  They bring it to you un-cooked.  There are grills throughout the restaurant where you then grill your own steak.  I think this would be a really fun place to go with a group.

Added to the list of places to go next!!


Reservations at Lucca!  Love Lucca!

I even broke the rules and had some chardonnay.  Had too!



Meal Prep //

Roasting Veggies…


Roasting chickpeas…yummmm!  This smoked paprika is legit!


Green salsa chicken for tacos + salads


Homemade tomatillo salsa.  Coming to the blog soon!



Breakfast for me + my hiking partner.  I threw a fried egg over the roasted veggies.  Topped with a slice of bacon + feta cheese.  BOMB.COM!!  Try it!



Online Shopping //

This pair of jean came highly recommended.  We shall see if I love/hate them.  I’m reallllly picky when it comes to denim.


And this rosewater spray arrived Saturday afternoon.  SO far I really like it.  Super refreshing.


Pena Adobe Hike //

Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air always helps put my mind at ease.  And that view helps a little too!


Thanks for hiking with me Mom!


Post hike bloody mary’s at Preserve…duh!


If you ever have a chance to visit on Sunday, get the Pasole.  The best!



Golden Globes //

Finished off the weekend watching the Golden Globes.  Kerry Washington was 100% best dressed!!





Hope you had a great weekend.  I have to say, I did everything I wished + hoped for.  Perfect Birthday weekend.  Thanks to my amazing friends + family ♥


xoxo stacyb


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