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Pretending to look busy on a Friday is the hardest I work all week¬†ūü§ę¬†Anyone else?

Cheers to the weekend fiends!

Welcome to another week of Friday Favorites. A random list of things that caught my eye and things I’m really diggin at the moment!

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{kaia BRIK goals}




So, Kaia Fit Woodland BRIK began.¬† We’re right smack dab in week #2.¬† It’s been hardcore.¬† But, I love it!

I’ve gotten questions about when I’ll be sharing my pre-BRIK weight/measurements.¬† Well, I’m not!¬† I didn’t even do weight/measurements, to be honest.¬† No numbers.¬† No photos.¬† Not happening.

Here’s the scoop……

I generally consider myself to have a pretty healthy view of body image.¬† At 36, I have definitely spent years with my fair share of sad thoughts and imperfect expectations.¬† But for the most part, I feel like I’ve overcome insecurities + learning to be more and more confident.¬† Until the other day……

I let the scale ruin my day.¬† Sure it wasn’t what I wanted to see.¬† But the saddest part of it all is that I let that number (I mean numbersssss) define my day.

And that’s not ok!

So I’m doing BRIK a little different this time around.

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{friday 5}

Image-1 (1)

Fucking Friday!¬† Excuse my French, but I’m clearly really happy about it!¬† What a week.¬† Tomorrow is Kentucky Derby + Cinco de Mayo….Trying to figure out a fun way to celebrate the both of them in one day. Hmmm!¬† ¬†Patron is definitely on the menu either way…Ha!

Before you let loose and start celebrating, let’s quickly chat about 5 things first, K?……



ONE – Patron // RUNNNNN, don’t walk to Nugget.¬† Today!¬† Or tomorrow, if they don’t run out of ta-kill-ya.¬† Patron (little bottles) are on sale for about 1/2 off.¬† Making them $15/bottle!¬† You won’t EVER find it that cheap again.¬† Trust me.¬† I’m a loyal Patron Silver gal.¬† I pulled up to Nugget at about 5:55 am to grab my two bottle limit.¬† And what to my surprise to find my homegirl Jessie parked right in front of me…lol.¬† We were legit the very first peeps to enter the store.¬† Picture the commercial where the chicks are standing at the slider doors chanting, Open, Open, Open!¬† We beelined for the pinche patron.¬† Took a quick pic and headed out.¬† Everyone else was ordering coffee and breakfast.¬† Not us.¬† Nope!¬† Just tequila.¬† Two bottles each…lol.¬† Now I’m ready for some Skinny, Skinny Margs!

I should have added this to my Mother’s Day Gift Guide!¬† BTW,¬† Thank you for the great response on the gift guide.¬† I truly rack my brain to come up with fun new things that I think every Mama would enjoy!

IMG_4690Image-1 (1)




TWO – Spring Show // What these girls have been looking forward to since January.¬† All their hard work is about to pay off!¬† Bay had a tough year with Rodeo (her pig).¬† Damn pig just wouldn’t gain like we planned/hoped/wanted.¬† But do you see that smile?¬† That’s the smile of a girl who’s pig made weight!¬† 226 lbs to be exact.¬† Of course we’d hoped for a 275 pounder, but that definitely wasn’t in the cards this year.¬† The minimum is 200, so that is the smile of a girl who gets to show + sell her pig!¬† After stressing the last month or so, that she may not be able to.¬† And at the end of that day, that’s all that really matters!¬† Proud of you Bay¬†‚ô•




THREEKaia BRIK // You guys, I survived week #1, barely.¬† It was touch and go Wednesday…lol.¬† The challenge/fit test this time around is straight up brutal.¬† It goes something like this: Jump rope (the devil).¬† Squat thrust.¬† Run (the biggest devil). Reverse lunge.¬† Run (again).¬† Push-ups.¬† Run (a-fucking-gain).¬† KB swings.¬† Followed by an ab workout.¬† I die.¬† Not really, but I hardly made it out alive.¬† My body hurts so good.¬† And in other news, I haven’t miss a class in 3 whole weeks.¬† This is a pretty big deal for me.

I’ve received a few messages asking when I’ll be posting my Pre-BRIK weight/measurements.¬† Post will be coming next week, but it’s going to be a little different that before.¬† I’m in the switching shit up kinda mood lately.¬† So, I’m also doing BRIK (personally) a bit different this time around.¬† Stay tuned!




FOUR – Back Patio // I read that if you move your outdoor table right off the main door, you’re likely to use it more.¬† I really like the sound of that.¬† So, this week I did some re-arranging.¬† And it’s true.¬† The backyard or patio, in my case, is much more inviting.¬† This week alone, I’ve spent more time in the back than I have since we moved here in September.¬† I planted a bunch of succulents + plants¬†too.¬† Once we get our potted herb garden all done, then I’ll share more on our small space.¬† In the meantime, I highly recommend re-locating your outdoor table visible from your main back door.¬† It’s entirely too nice out to not go and enjoy it more!

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{kaia brik results}


Getting healthy….again!

I feel like a fucking broken record!¬† Don’t I say this every January right before BRIK?

Yes, I do.  And unfortunately I have proof.  LOL!

In the last month or so, I‚Äôve collected¬†some¬†new¬†followers, so I thought I‚Äôd do a little run down of my Kaia Fit history……


It all started about 2 years ago.  2016!

Pre BRIK (January 2016) {weekend notes} // Post BRIK (February 2016) {before + after}

Pre BRIK (August 2016) {friday 5} // Post BRIK (October 2016) {BRIK results}

Pre BRIK (January 2017) {four}  // Post BRIK (February 2017) {brik results}

Pre BRIK (May 2017) {pre brik measurements} // Post BRIK (June 2017) {kaia brik measurements}

With lots and lots of CORE sessions in between…… {kaia fit core}


Ok, now we’re to BRIK 2018

After a couple of months off, Melika said “you’re doing it!”

Which I can’t thank her enough for.¬† I needed that push.¬† BIG TIME!


I read this a while ago and it stuck!¬† So I saved to remind me……

Image-1 (1)


Here is my January (beginning of BRIK post)

{dear self,}


That brings us to BRIK results.  Remember last {friday 5} when I was happy AF?  This piece of paper below contributed immensely to that good ass mood.

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{dear self,}

Image-1 (2).png

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet……

Tuesday, January 2nd marked the 1st day of Kaia Fit Woodland BRIK!

I didn’t want to do it!¬† I’ve been MIA since September-ish.¬† That’s a LONG time!

Melika made me…lol!¬† Honestly I love her for it.¬† She always knows when I need it the most.¬† Thank you Melika, for pushing me (actually shoving) Ha!

You can read all about my Kaia journey by clicking below….

Kaia Fit blog posts

You know what comes with the beginning of every BRIK….the dreaded measurements.

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{friday 5}

Happy Friday, friends!¬† The first Friday of the new year.¬† Today I turn 36 years young.¬† Ha!¬† Although, I woke up feeling old AF.¬† I’ve spent the majority of this week equally parts overwhelmed and motivated.¬† I’m all for fresh starts and kicking the year off on a high note, but it can be a little overwhelming at times too.¬† I’ve got goals.¬† BIG ideas.¬† Too many to process.¬† Hope you all have a great Friday and even better weekend!


I’ve got 5 things on my mind……


ONE – 36 // Oh Fuck I’m turning 36!!¬† BIG thank you for all the phones calls + text messages + emails + FB shout outs + dinner dates.¬† Everyone keeps asking me what my big plans are….NOTHING!¬† Dinner with friends + family.¬† Relaxing.¬† Meal prep for the week.¬† Little online shopping.¬† Shoot, I may even take my happy ass into Nordstrom?!?!¬† Who knows.


TWO – 2018 Resolutions Printable // The topic of the week…..RESOLUTIONS!¬† Love them or hate them?¬† Really don’t like the word resolution.¬† Let’s call them goals.¬† Or intentions.¬† Doesn’t that sound better?¬† I think so too.¬† I’m working on mine as I type.¬† More on that next week.¬† But, how fun + cute is this 2018 “Goals” printable?

I will be adding my word of the year.  Love that idea!


Image-1 (1)


THREEKaia Fit BRIK // Today I completed week #1 of BRIK.  Iron Girl BRIK!

It is 2018 and the start of a new year & new you! Each year,
we wipe the slate clean of past mistakes, mishaps or failures
and look ahead with a strong heart and mind that is clear
and uncluttered. Welcome to IRON GIRL BRIK.

Never a truer word been spoken!

You guys, I have NEVER been this sore.¬† In my life.¬† Every single body part is crying.¬† Happy tears!¬† I’m so incredibly happy to be back with the 5am ers.

I have so many goals + plans for the next 5 weeks.¬† Don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you all about them!¬† Ha!


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{kaia brik measurements}

Kaia Fit Woodland Kondition Kamp BRIK came to and end.¬† About 3 weeks ago.¬† I’m fashionably late, as always.¬†¬†It wouldn’t feel like BRIK if I didn’t share my results.

In the last month or so, I’ve collected¬†some¬†new¬†followers, so I thought I’d share a more details about how and when I got started with Kaia.

Here’s a run down of my Kaia history…..

Pre BRIK (January 2016) {weekend notes} // Post BRIK (February 2016) {before + after}

Pre BRIK (August 2016) {friday 5} // Post BRIK (October 2016) {BRIK results}

Pre BRIK (January 2017) {four}  // Post BRIK (February 2017) {brik results}

Pre BRIK (May 2017) {pre brik measurements}

With lots and lots of CORE sessions in between…… {kaia fit core}

Which brings us to Post BRIK (June 2017) …….



FullSizeRender (18)

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{friday 5}


Man oh man, this week felt like it would NEVER end. ¬†TGIF!! ¬†What’s on the weekend agenda? ¬†I made shit happen this week…clean car, full tank of gas, groceries purchased, yard work done, meals planned…which means only one thing. ¬†I get to #chardsohard and lay out in the sun with every spare minute this weekend! ¬†Whoop Whoop!

I’ve got 5 things on my mind…..



ONE¬†–¬†Cold¬†shoulder for girls // I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I was down with this trend on my daughter. ¬†Anyone other mamas feeling the same? ¬†Don’t get my wrong….I’m all about the cold shoulder for me. ¬†But, my 10-year-old? ¬†I had to remember how obsessed I get with new fashion trends. ¬†She’s my daughter…it’s in her DNA to love the same things I do. ¬†So,¬†I caved and bought her one. ¬†No wonder Bay fell in love with this adorable cold shoulder flutter sleeve top. ¬†Cute, Stylish + Trendy!

And those blue eyes….I die¬†‚ô•


Cat & Jack Cold Shoulder Top





TWO – Grilled Mango Salad // Not really sure why I call this a salad? ¬†Salads don’t have to contain leafy greens, right? ¬†Think potato salad. ¬†Or pasta salad? ¬†Fruit salad. ¬†So guess what I did? ¬†Googled that shit…..


a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other ingredients.

Grilled Mango SALAD it is!

It’s the perfect combo of sweet, spicy, sour and salty flavors. ¬†If you like a good kick, this is your salad!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 tablespoons fresh lime juice, divided
  • 1 jalapeno, thinly sliced
  • 1 red jalapeno, thinly sliced
  • 2 mangoes, cut into slices
  • Cooking spray
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 3 tablespoons sour cream
  • 1/4 cup cilantro, chopped (I forgot this ingredient and knew something was missing)


Here’s what you’ll do:

Combine 2 tablespoons lime juice and jalapenos in a small bowl.  Set aside.

Coat mango slices with cooking spray, sprinkle with salt + pepper.  Heat grill pan over high heat until smoking hot (literally).  Coat pan with cooking spray.  Add mango slices and cook without touching for 4 minutes.  You want nice grill marks.  Flip and cook 2 additional minutes.  Then place on platter.

Combine renaming 1 tablespoon lime juice with sour cream stirring till thinned out and smooth.

Spoon jalapenos over grill mangoes.  Drizzle with sour cream mixture.  Sprinkle with cilantro.   Serve with lime slices.

I served this “salad” alongside grilled pork tenderloin. ¬†But, this would be a great taco Tuesday side, don’t you think?



THREE – Kaia Challenge // ¬†Week #1, I believe day #1? (correct me if I’m wrong) We were introduced to the BRIK Kondition Kamp Challenge. ¬†Holy shit! ¬†It’s a tough one. ¬†For me, personally, the toughest yet. ¬† Jump roping + running are the devil. ¬†Long story short, I’ve got maj bladder issues. ¬†Like so maj that I’ve jumped though hoops the last year to correct and still no results. ¬†Specialist + bladder therapy (I fucking swear it’s really a thing) + gadgets galore (TMI). ¬† Debated for months about writing¬†more about this topic…maybe when I finally find a cure I’ll be more inclined to share? ¬†That means, probably never…ha!

Anyway, back to the challenge…..

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

Some days I feel like forest fucking gump and the next like a turtle that gasping for air. ¬†There is no rhyme or reason to it…I just never know what’s going to happen when I hit the pavement. ¬†From week #1 to week #3 I was able to shave 2:17 minutes off my week #1 challenge time. ¬†I gave myself a damn high-five for that. ¬†Ha. ¬†Week #3 I must have had a forest day. ¬†I was runnin!

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{pre brik measurements}

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

It’s that time again folks! ¬†Kaia Fit Woodland BRIK round #2 for¬†2017 has arrived. ¬†Actually, it arrived 2 weeks ago. ¬†This post is a little late. ¬†The last two weeks (and more)….let’s just say, I’ve been a really¬†shitty Kaia girl. ¬†Attendance wise. ¬†But, I think….I got my mojo back. Fingers crossed! ¬†

Kaia Kondition Kamp BRIK (May 1st РJune 10th)

Welcome to Spring training Kondition Kamp. ¬†This isn’t your typical kiddie camp: We’re training your mind & body to be disciplined! ¬†We will lead you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. ¬†This is the session to embrace challenges, find your strong and have a BLAST with your fellow Kampers!

Sounds like a massive ass kicking session to me!  Just what I need!  Just when I need it!

It’s never too late to get your shit together!!! ¬†My current¬†motto!

Which is why I’m ready to finally share my pre BRIK measurements.

I swear this holds me accountable. ¬†I’ve been sharing these measurements since the very beginning……

Pre BRIK (January 2016) {weekend notes} // Post BRIK (February 2016) {before + after}

Pre BRIK (August 2016) {friday 5} // Post BRIK (October 2016) {BRIK results}

Pre BRIK (January 2017) {four}  // Post BRIK (February 2017) {brik results}

With lots and lots of CORE sessions in between…… {kaia fit core}

Which brings us to Pre BRIK (May 2017) …….


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{sheet pan sausage + veggies}


FullSizeRender (16).jpg

Kaia girls (or any girls, really), I’ve got a killer clean recipe for you! ¬†With BRIK right around the corner, I know you’re all busy working on your meal plan for week #1. ¬†Not only is this recipe healthy and delicious, but clean up is a breeze. ¬†Literally!

Perfect for a quick week night meal.  Or meal prep for a healthy lunches for the week.

You can customize this dish with your favorite veggie combos. ¬†Your go-to seasonings. ¬†Or the sausage your family digs. ¬†So many options. ¬†I used veggies I had on hand. ¬†I love throwing in tomatoes at the end…so good! ¬†This recipe can me made with or without potatoes too. ¬†Totally up to you! ¬†Bay hates tomatoes (so I left them out) and LOVES red potatoes, so I added them this time around. ¬†The options are endless!!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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