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{weekend notes}


Perfect Spring weather.  Flowery bouquets.   Sweet words written in cards.  Bubbly mimosas.  These are a few of my favorite things about Mother’s Day.  But truth is, the main attraction is my Mother, My best friend.  The most incredible, selfless women that I know.  She taught me EVERYTHING!  I am forever grateful for her endless love + encouragement + support + friendship!  Gracias, Madre!

I hope you all you Mama’s enjoyed yesterday.  Got showered with extra love.  And had an extra big glass of rosé to celebrate ♥


Intentions for the Week:

  • Tie Dye napkinscan’t wait to show you! 
  • Work on 4-H record bookShe’s almost done! 
  • Celebrate GG’s 93rd Birthday ♥Always a good time 
  • Plan a hike for the weekendHiked Pena Adobe, one of our faves 
  • Tackle returnsSuch a pain in the ass, happy it’s done!
  • Make TJ’s cauliflower gnocchi
  • Try out a pigtail knot braid on Bay
  • Catch up on my DVRHangovers help with this task 
  • Craft some kind of cute key chain for the pool key
  • Make a kiddy charcuterie platterMade two in one day 
  • Hangout at home!We hardly left the house all weekend.  It was glorious!


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend…..


Kicking off the weekend //


Thursday night dinner + chard with Nikki.  She made us her ahi tuna tacos.  You guys, there were so damn good.  Topped with her homemade spicy aioli + pickled cabbage.

Over-served myself on the chard….ha!

Thanks for a fun night Nikki!



Friday night drive //


We set out to watch the sunset at the Top of the world in Vacaville.  Not sure we ever found it.  The drive was beautiful though.


And we watched the sunset.


And we found pizza + chard, so I’d say it was a pretty successful Friday night ♥


The great debate //

Toilet paper roll positioning.  I honestly don’t even think twice about it.  But, I do typically place a new roll to feed from the bottom.  According to the poll, there were just a handful of others, including my sister that do it this way…lol.   I died laughing over all the DM’s and responses.  We clearly do it all wrong…lol.  I think the poll ended up something like Top – 94% // Bottom – 6%!


Strawberry + Baby daisy cake //

Thank you for all the love on my cake.


Lots of DM’s asking if I’d share the recipe.

Cake – box of yellow cake mix.  That’s the secret!  Semi-homemade 🙂

I made 2 of these cakes over the weekend.  Each cake needs 1 1/2 boxes of cake mix.  That’s 3 8 inch rounds.


The homemade cream cheese frosting is where it’s at!

  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup butter
  • 4 cups powder sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla

Healthy AF 🙂

Cream together cream cheese + butter.  Add vanilla.  Slowly add powder sugar.

That’s it!


Top with halved + whole strawberries.  Drizzle with honey.  Stick in some cute baby daisies to finish it off.



Lucky In Kentucky set-up //

With a side cheers

Pretty tables


Fun auction items


The booze wagon.  Obvi what Alex + I were responsible for 🙂

Image-1 (2)

Just a little day drinking //

When Jerry asks if you’d like a drink, you say yes!


Lucky In Kentucky //

Omega Nu sisters pulled off another fantastic event.  Final numbers are not in yet, but the live auction alone, brought in over $10,000!  It’s pretty heartwarming to see the community rally together to support our cause.

My friends are pretty fabulous too!

Sara’s speech made me cry.  Robin’s fireman dance almost made me pee my pants.  Alex danced her ass off with me.  And Greta makes shit happen!


My dress

Off-Shoulder Ruffle Dress



Proud to be apart of Omega Nu with all these women!

Omega Nu 2018.jpg


Mother’s Day Brunch //

My girl + baby Daniel.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again….happiest baby ever ♥


GG + Mom ♥


My sis + nephews ♥


3 generations ♥


Bloody mary with a pepperoni stick straw.  The straw party kinda grossed me out, but the drink was fantastic!


Road Trip handed each Mother one of the gorgeous long stem roses.


Mother’s Day pressies //



We finished off the weekend with a dinner.  The only pictures I took were these of Bay + Everett mashing the golf cart 🙂


Have a great Monday, Friends!!


xoxo stacyb

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