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{before + after}

Last Friday was a pretty amazing treat.  Kaia Fit Woodland invited me to hang out with a group of ladies that were the BRIK support group for a day of pampering.  Melika went all out!!  In true Melika fashion – an amazing healthy snack spread was ready for us right as we walked in the door.  We chatted and were introduced to each other.  Then it was off to spray tan + hair + makeup.  I’m telling you, she went above and beyond to spoil us.


Once we were all dolled up, we had a full on photo shoot.  I really can’t remember the last time I had a photographer take just my picture.  Maybe senior pics, back in 2000?  I was a little uncomfortable to be honest.  Karl, our photographer, was great.  He helped loosen us up and get some great shots.  Big shout out to Val + Karl for the great photos to showcase our BRIK success.  When I got my images all I could think was, wow – they must have photoshopped…lol.


You can read more about my before weight/measurements at {weekend notes}.  Then a couple days later I looked at my stats and 1.13% of the Woodland, CA population read about my measurements…CRAZY.  You can read more about it at {friday 5}.  My mid point post got some of the highest views…check it out here {{dear fat,}.  Well, last Saturday morning I did my final measurements + weigh-in.

image (1).jpeg


image (2)


before: 166.4 // after: 160.0

Body fat

before: 30.7% // after: 27.6%


before: 25.3 // after 24.3


So there you have it – Kaia works!  I’m living proof.

Back in January, after my pre-kaia measurements, I went home and googled body fat averages.  I think that number really stuck in my head.  It’s 25-31%.  I was at the very high end of that average.  Dropping 3.1% makes me so damn happy.   I was told that on average, you have to loose 5lbs for each 1% of body fat.  I clearly didn’t do that, but seeing 27.6% feels a whole lot better than 30.7%.

What you can’t read in these numbers above, is that I feel fantastic.  Like better than I can remember for a very long time.  Although the scale didn’t show me the number I was hoping for, I’m still incredibly proud of my results.

More importantly, I can keep up with the workouts without wanting to give up and die.  I can run a mile without stopping.  I can jump rope for 1 whole minute (this is huge for me).  I can plank for 6 frickin minutes.  Below is the Fit Test we took Week #1, Week #3 & Week #5.

The Kaia Builder AMRAP.

AMRAP mean “as many reps as possible”

Do you know what a Kaia Builder is?  It’s like a burpee on crack.  At least that’s what it feels like when you are trying to pump out as many as possible while being timed and trying to beat your personal best.  These are the days you kind sorta wish you accidentally slept in…lol.

Watch this video of Nikki Warrnen, Kaia Founder, demonstrating a Kaia Builder here.

Told you!!!

Week #1 – 39

Week #3 – 52

Week #5 – 60



I owe all my success to Kaia Fit Woodland.  All the amazing Kaia coaches.  Especially Mallory, our 5am coach.   Her enthusiasm is infectious and makes me want to work harder.  Val for all the messages and blog comments encouraging and cheering me along the way.  And last but definitely not least, Melika.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to blog for Kaia.  Giving me all the tools for success.  Thank you for being a great friend and great supporter.  I am forever changed.  #kaiapower

And I’m not done.  Ready for day #2 of CORE Up + Out.  See at the gym 🙂

xoxo stacyb

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  1. So incredibly proud of your commitment to this! I know I couldn’t handle those early morning wake-ups to go to the gym. You go girl!!

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