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{weekend notes}

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I asked everyone I was with this weekend and the vote was unanimous –  You definitely start MONDAY!!  Haha.

We headed to Westside Regional Park New Years Eve afternoon for a weekend of camping with our Trailer Hood.  7 camping trailers filled with friends, makes for a fun weekend.

We rang in the New Year over April’s amazing seafood stew….sea bass + prawns + mussels + clams.  Sat by the fire with drink in hand till midnight.  Yes, I actually kept my eyes open past 10pm.  I was even impressed with myself.

Spud Point was conveniently 1/2 mile from our campground…score.  Have you ever tried their clam chowder?  Do it next time you’re in Bodega.  You wont be disappointed!!  Our trailer hood packed up and headed out by foot and bicycle.  This was our fieldtrip for the day 🙂


Friday night the Truitt’s + Barclift’s  threw a fiesta.  I mean the real frickin deal.  The food was on point.


Sombreros + Ponchos included.  See our cute models below 🙂


Even a piñata for the kids….I told you they went all out!!!



(our trailer hood)


Thank you Erica for the new addition to our trailer décor.  I LOVE it!!


Tons of kids (and dogs) + bike riding + smokey fires +trailer parties + fireball handles + yummy food all go into another camping weekend full of memories with our friends.  Cant wait for our next adventure together!!


Thank you Sally the Sun Chaser for keeping us warm.  It was a cold weekend on the coast.  And rain Sunday morning.  Luckily we were able to load up and head home before it got too bad.

It’s Monday and it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Back to work after 11 days away….and throw day one of Kaia in that mix too.  Diet day 1 – we removed all the food from the house….it was delicious.  Cory picked up a pizza for dinner Sunday night.  It’s true love guys.  Either he was craving my favorite as much as I, or he was feeling bad that I will not be partaking in this indulgence for a while.  Which ever it was, he won my heart last night.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty!


My measurements…..

Weight: 166.4

Body Fat: 30.7%

BMI: 25.3

Thighs Up: 27 Around: 20

Hips Up: 43.5 Around: 33

Waist: 34.1 /40.5

Chest: 38

I have no excuses or comments on the above other than it’s eye opening!!!

Kaia sisters, see you all tomorrow bright + early for day #2 ass kicking.

xoxo stacyb



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  1. I gotta say, that pizza looks pretty dang amazing. And great job on posting your stats. That will definitely help with accountability!

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