{top 10 xoxostacyb recipes}


How is Christmas 2 frickin weeks away?  I’m not sure what the hell is going on in my world, but I’m wayyy behind.  Like, I’ve never been more unprepared than I am now.

Shit – I still don’t have a single ornament on my damn tree….ha!  Stockings are still in the Christmas tub, along with everything else.  And that’s the least of my worries.

I still have to pick up a gift for just about every person on my list.  And most of them, I don’t even have a clue what to even buy for them.

Anyone else struggling this year too?

So let’s chat about something else today, like…..food!!!

Everyone has that go-to recipe they straight up kill it on every time.  A crowd pleaser.  That recipe you always get asked to bring to every party.

It’s kind like your magic power, you know?

So, I’m sharing my Top Recipes.  The one’s I’ve made over and over again.  If you’ve ever had dinner at my house, chances are you’ve sank your teeth into one of these dishes before.  The food, not the dish.  Ha.  I crack myself up.

If you’ve stuck in a dinner rut, save this post.  You can “Pin” it to your pinterest page.  Print it.


Okay enough rambling…here they are:


{Hawaiian Grilled Chicken}

My Mom gave me this one.  It’s a total crowd pleaser.  Whenever I can’t think of anything to make, this is my go-to.  It’s best if you leave the chicken in the marinade overnight.  And you HAVE to use chicken thighs.  Tried chicken breasts and it just wasn’t the same!



{thai coconut curry shrimp}

This one is quick + easy + healthy + packed with flavor.  I’d have to take off my shoes and use my toes to count how many times this recipe has been served in my house.



{slow cooker salsa chicken}

The most versatile chicken recipe.  Throw frozen chicken breasts + a jar of salsa in the slow cooker.  Done!  Then use the chicken for the week….in tacos + over salads + enchilada filling.  You name it.  This is the recipe I use on a crazy busy week.  When I want to eat healthy, but have zero time.



{steak roll-ups with balsamic glaze}

Save this one for a weekend when you have more time to prep.  But, please promise me you’ll try this recipe.  It’s a great way to get all kinds of veggies on your kids plate.  Serve over mashed potatoes….BOMB!


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{weekend notes}


….and the last month of the year comes rolling in.  All nonchalant.  2018 is about to come to an end!  Which makes me sit back and think about the last 11 months that just happened in the blink of an eye.  Craving a slow down + reset.  I’ve got my fingers crossed January will deliver just that.  Looking forward to a trip to SF.  All the cozy layers!  Christmas movies.  Holiday gatherings.  Wrapping gifts.  Maybe a spontaneous trip to Tahoe?

Intentions for the Week:

  • Bring the Table in a Box alive….it’s happening and I’m beyond excited!
  • Mani night with my girl
  • Order Christmas Cards….can you believe I haven’t done it yet?
  • Plan caroling night at GG’s
  • Find Bay shoes for the winter formal
  • Plan 3 Holiday outfits so I don’t have to think about it later
  • Share my top recipes
  • Mug gift ideas

Last week’s Intentions: {weekend notes}

Highlights from the weekend……

Kicked off the weekend having dinner + drinks with some of my favorite chicks.  Celebrating Robin’s Birthday!  I swear we could sit around the table and chat all night long.


Bay had her besties over for a sleepover ♥


Decided on this years gift wrap.  Hardly bought any gifts yet though.

Cream with Black Santa Lettering // Cream with Black Large Polka Dot


The tree is still naked AF, but we did get the outdoor lights up and I LOVE them.

I used 3 of the same $2.38 garlands that I used in {bay’s christmas bedroom} and wrapped them in a $5 box of white lights from Walmart.  Keeping it clean + simple this year!!

9′ Non-Lit Branch Garland($2.38)


Made a trip into A Well Stocked Home to pick up these bells.  BIG shout out to Jamie for finding them and remembering I was on the hunt.  The best $16 I spent all weekend!  The bells are currently hanging out on Bay’s advent calendar for the time being.

Back in November 2015 {weekend notes} , Sarah + I decided to make these Tree Advent Calendars.  Thank god Alex was home and stepped in..ha.  It was more work than we had anticipated.


I’ll go ahead and take 1 of everything!  Ha!  If you’ve been searching for Paper white lillies…your search is over.  A Well Stocked Home has more than you’ll know what to do with.  Hint: I’m using these in tomorrow’s post {mug gifts}.

Pit stop for bubbles before the Dickens in the Valley Holiday Home Tour.  This is our 4th year going and it’s a fun tradition.  Bay was going to join and bailed last-minute.  #tween


My tank is on MAJOR sale…..

$16 with code: 11750 and it’s in stock in all sizes.  I went with a medium and it fits perfect!



We toured the homes and got crazy inspired.  Karen of Serendipity Boutique styled 3 of the 7 homes on the tour and absolutely killed it.  Well done Karen!!!

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{current closet favorites}


Sweater // Denim // Booties (similar) // Bangle Bracelet //  Leather Tote

Grainy or not, this is all I got. I thought about retaking photos, but who’s got time for that.

This, my friends, is my current uniform. Grey sweater. White denim. Always wear white after Labor Day because rules were made to be broken. Leather tote. Free peeps booties. Sunnies and I’m out the door.

Bay gets the photo cred for this one. She took it and told me I should “for sure” use it on my blog post. I typically do a quick selfie before I walk out the door. But I like a change every once in a while.


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{weekend notes}

Tank (clearance) // cardigan // coffee mug

Monday got my ass. Typically I kick Mondays ass, but that was not the case today. Dropped Bay off at school in my robe. Got to work and I was swamped beyond belief. Then my site was down for a portion of the day. Half of my already typed post was GONE! So I grabbed a bottle of Bogle chard + the most gorgeous dahlias I’ve ever laid eyes on. Thanks TJ’s. And declared it to be “National Treat Your Damn Self Day!” Which I think I’m going to start celebrating every Monday. Because, why the hell not?


Intentions for the Week:

  • buy myself some pretty flowers
  • give cucumber roll-ups a shot
  • Lee VS Douglass volleyball game
  • target try-on…I found some cute shit
  • style a pretty coffee table
  • hand and foot card night. Wayyy overdue
  • make spooky tacos. ‘Tis the season
  • participate in plastic-free produce for International Day Of Doing
  • MOD pizza fundraiser for Lee Leadership Wednesday, October 17th
  • don’t give up on my 45 minutes a day even on the hardest days


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……



Friday night dinner + drinks //

To celebrate Sarah P’s Birthday. We’re a little early, but you gotta fit it in when you can. And I should probably stop calling Sarah, Sarah P. Since she is technically Sarah T.


Happy Birthday to you.


Pena Adobe //

Morning stroll with a view. Nikki quoted it, we swapped our wine glasses for water bottles lol. Such a perfect day to hike Pena Adobe.


That view though. If you’ve never tried this hike, I highly recommend it. Takes about an hour from start to finish. And you’ll feel it. Now if only one day I can find the damn tree swing. Lol.


Stallion Station //

Meanwhile, Bay volunteered at the horse show. I went to pick her up a little early and was happy to see they really put her to work.


Patio work //

Can’t really call it a yard, since it’s a concrete patio. But damn it looks so good when I take the time to clean it all up, hose it off and dig around the flower beds.


Question //

What should I do with these box springs? I’m thinking hanging them someplace outside. But then what to put on them? And I want to spruce up my garden bench too. Hmmm.


Saturday Mass //

Bilingual mass is not my jam. And I missed sitting in our beautiful church.


Eighth Grade // 

Have you seen this movie? I read so many great reviews. And I kinda want me 2 1/2 hours and $1.99 Redbox fee back. Not a fan. I kept waiting for the “good part” and then it was over.


They’re Home //

Happy they’re home is an understatement. We picked them up Saturday evening from the airport. As soon as Bay spotted them coming down the escalator, she bolted from the car ❤️

Date Night //

Just me and Bay. She pickled Steve’s and you’ll never believe it….we didn’t get pizza. But we did order breadsticks and that’s kinda the same thing.


Sunday //



Abercrombie sale //

All my top Abercrombie picks prices keep getting reduced more and more. I shared these items on Instagram stories this morning too…

Embroidered Peasant Top $20


Perfect Puffer coat ONLY $30

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{pumpkin protein pancakes}


Hello October! So happy to meet you again. I think I say this every season change, but I’m really feelin Fall right now. Today even feels like Fall 🍂 What better way to kick off the first day of October, than with Pumpkin Protein Pancakes?

I snapped this photo in a downtown park in Portland yesterday. We hit Oregon at the most perfect timing to see all the colors of fall. I can’t get enough of this color palette right now.

About the recipe…..

I don’t do pumpkin spiced anything. Especially the ever so trendy lattes. But I do like some pumpkin in my life. The real stuff though. I kept seeing recipes pop up for pumpkin pancakes so I decided to put my own little spin on them. Not too pumpkiny. Not too sweet. Just how I like it. Technically you can sweeten them up as much as you’d like with all the toppings.

I should probably state that I have never, in my life made a pretty pancake lol. How do peeps get them so perfect? What’s the trick?

But what I can promise, is that these pancakes are delicious. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Ha.

And I’m trying to find ways to use up all my Vital Proteins Collagen powder. (I’m not a fan). Picked up the new one Trader Joe’s has on the shelves and I’m excited to give it a go. Fingers crossed it’s actually “tasteless”

Let me know if you give this recipe a whirl. Makes my day when I get the tag, message or text saying you tried out an xoxostacyb recipe 🧡

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{weekend notes}


Peace out weekend.  It was good, real good!

MONDAY!  I’m ready for you.  Let’s do this.


Intentions for the week:

  • pick strawberriesmake a trip to Pacific Star Gardens so fun
  • make a salad with strawberriescoming next week
  • get blondeThanks Allison!  I picked up a bottle of purple shampoo with toner that I’m excited to try.
  • work on Spring Show buyers letters/buyer giftDone + Done
  • complete Bay’s 6th grade yearbook custom pagesBay was pissed last year that I forgot her custom pages, so she’ll be pleasantly surprised this year…lol.  
  • plant an herb garden – we made a plan, need to tackle it after Spring Show
  • mother’s day gift guideit’s a good one, coming next week 
  • balance checkbookthat was scary
  • order new reusable grocery bagsin route 
  • plan/pack for camping trippeace out! 


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes} 



Highlights from the weekend……


Rachel’s Birthday //

In high school we’d ditch school on 4/20 and drive to the city for the day to celebrate Rachel’s birthday.  Now we uber/carpool to early dinner reservations downtown Woodland, so we can be home before dark lol.  But, still having a blast since 1998.  #oldaf #stillfunaf

Happy Birthday Rachel!!



Watering day //

Pulled out all my babes and get them some water.  I think I am becoming the crazy plant lady..lol.  And I’m totally okay with it too!



Pixie Trader’s Vintage Market //

Did anyone else go and say HI to Two Sisters at the Market Saturday?  So much cute stuff.


Check out all the goodies I came home with…..

Flowers + Woodland Book + candles + kitchen towel + these glasses + bath bombs and more.



Strawberry Picking //

Pacific Star Gardens posted that their U-Pick Strawberries are ready to go.  Each Spring we make a point to head out and pick berries.  Go home and make something delish with them.  I made a beet + strawberry salad.  It was killer, and I don’t even like berries..lol.  I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

Pacific Star Gardens is open 7 days a week from sun up till sundown.  $3.50/lb for organic strawberries.  It’s one of those seasonal things I love doing with Bay!



Lunch date //

Nikki came over and I made lunch.  Grilled chicken.  Asparagus.  Beet + strawberry salad.  It turned out so good.  With a side of Nichelini Rosé.  Notice my new glassware?  I picked up 6 of these glasses from the Vintage Market for $5!  I fell in love you guys.  The lady that sold them to me said they are for dessert.  I was like, noooo, Rosé would look so much prettier in them.  I can’t wait to style them and set a pretty table with them.


This is the salad I made with the strawberries Bay + I picked.  So different.  So good!



Bay Bakes //

4-H Spring Show Baking entries were due this weekend.  Bay made her peanut butter pie in an Oreo cookie crust.  Those judges are lucky people, let me tell ya. Oh and another Vintage Market find…..”let’s bake some shit” kitchen towel.  You’ll be seeing this on repeat!



Bring your homies to the pig barn //

Rodeo + Clover just kickin it.



I can’t believe I convinced them to come with us..lol.  Must have been the wine bribe that worked 🙂

photo cred: Kate



My girl //

Cuddling after her sleepover ♥



Color Factory //

The Easter Bunny, aka ME (as Bay explained to me on our way to SF) Brought Bay Color Factory tickets for Easter.  We’re still on our “experiences” kick.


Stepping into the rainbow.


Stairway to Happy!


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{march in review}


Top // Denim // Flats

In case you missed it…..

Doing something a little different today.

Compiling all March blog posts.  (in case you missed one) And how about throwing in a cute outfit with it?

You’ll have to let a sister know if you find this helpful, k!!!

But first a couple Santa Cruz highlights…..

I think it’s safe to say, we’re adapting to this beach life pretty well.

The girls hit the Boardwalk yesterday. Thanks to Groupon for the $30 wristbands 🙌🏻

Paying $9 for a tall boy isn’t so bad when you pack your George Strait tall can koozie 😍

Back to the beach in my perfect black one-piece that I shared last Friday. It actually doubles as a top. I wore with my cutoffs and it looked like a bodysuit. The low-cut back is so good. Buy yourself this suit, trust me.

My beach crew ❤️

My brace #ootd // Rosè the day away. And that’s 100% rosè in my solo cup 🍷

Here’s what happened in March:

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{weekend notes}

Good morning!  Happy Spring Break. I’ve got the entire week off and we are off to Santa Cruz. We’ve got Bay + her bestie in tow.   On the agenda: boardwalk + beach time.  Can’t beat that for a Monday!  Have a good one friends!

Intentions for the week:

  • go to the beach
  • relax
  • lay out
  • drink wine
  • eat good food
  • repeat

Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes} 

Highlights from the weekend……

Friday night cards with the girls. Skinny, skinny margs + Alex’s bomb.com enchiladas.

We actually played cards too!!

Quick trip to Oakland with a pit stop at 900 Grayson for fried chicken + waffles. The best chicken + waffles I’ve ever had.

The cutest outdoor patio

Timothy Easter //

Balloon shoot out 🎈

My Easter crudités

Bays Bunny Ear cupcakes

Bay’s Easter basket. We’re going to the Color Factory.

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