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{weekend notes}

Kimono | Tank | Shorts | Clutch | Shoes | Sunglasses

Wine flies when you’re having fun 🍷🍷

Today I’m grateful for:

a fresh start


sunny days


and cute kimonos from bella moda boutique!

Why did the weekend fly by so fast? Spent Sunday Funday wine tasting in Clarksburg. We #chardsohard at Bogle Winery. Cory even joined the wine club so cheers to more trips in the future. We had a very chill weekend and even more chill week ahead. Trying to really embrace the final weeks of summer.

Intentions for the Week:

  • Soak up all my time with Bay before school starts
  • Make zero point meatballs
  • Kick my Mom’s ass at weigh-in this week
  • Take extra good care of myself
  • Decide on a 2020 planner
  • Actually take a hike on the weekend (not just talk about it…lol)
  • Breakup with sugar (added sugar) for 10-days (bye chardonnay)
  • Pink hair, don’t care?
  • Give out some random acts of kindness….the whole World needs it!

This week on xoxostacyb: Not making any promises lol, but I’m hoping to get up Target Tuesday. New Trader Joe’s items we’re loving. And finally my Old Navy Try-on. Maybe, just maybe Friday 5 too?

Highlights from the weekend……

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{how I make money blogging}

SHOP: Crochet Sweater | Black Denim | Clogs ($40) | Sunnies | Starbucks Tumbler

Thirsty Thursday got the best of me. I’ll blame it on my Mom! We went to see The Lion King. Made a detour at Nugget after the movie for a bottle of wine. Found out they are having a sale on Bogle (my fave) $6.99 a bottle. So, we ended up getting 3. And a loaf of bread and cheese. Dinner!

Currently surviving on mass amounts of coffee, Lumify drops (THE best), kids chew-able Tylenol and my dark sunnies…ha! Seriously worth it. Sometimes you gotta get a little tips!

So, this week alone, I’ve had 5 people ask me about my blog. Not really sure why I post clothes. And why I always say “link in bio”. And “you make money?” Honestly, it never crossed my mind that everyone and their mothers didn’t already know what I was up too.

I’m spillin the tea on what I do . How I do it. And Yes, I do make money. Since it’s such a HOT topic. And it’s no secret, so I’m laying it all out.

Before I dive in, I want to THANK you all from the bottom of my heart! Thank you to those that shop from my blog, facebook or instagram. I hope you know how much I appreciate when you take the time to shop through my links. I work really hard to find the best sales and deals. To make it convenient for you! Truly, I enjoy it. And your continued support makes it that much more fun!

You. Are. The. Best!

So here’s the tea sis…..

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{friday 5}

Square Neck Top | Levi’s Shorts: Free People / Zappos / Levis| Sandals | Bamboo Bag | Earrings (on sale) | Bracelet | Tortoise Bracelet

Friday!!! Set my alarm for the last time this week. Which makes me really, really happy. The only thing that could make it better? A big glass of chardonnay. Or a margarita. Ohhh, one of Martini Mama Liz’s gin martinis. Yep, any of those would work.

14 days and I’m gonna get white girl wasted…just saying!!!

I know today is Friday 5, but I’m not feelin it, so we’re going to chat about these shorts.

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{weekend notes}

The weekend came and went in a blink of an eye. The memories made will last forever though. Lots of laughs. Lot of chardonnay. Lots of sand. Family + Friends. It’s was a good one. A weekend at the beach is good for the soul.

Intentions for the Week:

  • Clean out + wipe down the both refrigerators
  • Work out + hit my step goal each day
  • Plant Easter grass
  • Book Stinson Beach 2020
  • Get Bay ready for her C.A.S.L Conference
  • Store winter sweaters and clothes
  • Get back ON the wagon…lol (why does chardonnay have to be so good)
  • Plan out April budget
  • Old Navy Try-On
  • Bake with Bay for Omega Nu meeting
  • Plan a fun date night

This week on the blog: Pretty dress for under $30. Easter basket ideas. Mom’s stuffed bell peppers.

Highlights from the weekend…..

Saturday morning we found ourselves in Stinson beach. It’s our annual thing! We’ve been weekending at the Sandpiper Inn for about 5 years now. Just a quick beach trip. It’s good for the soul!

We stay at the Sandpiper Inn. And have every year. We love it!

You can read more about our tradition here:

Stinson beach 2018

Stinson Beach 2017

Stinson Beach 2016

This is the cottage we rent. Cooking and kickin it happen here. We also rent some of the cabins, which are two bedroom and have a kitchenette. They are perfect for a family.

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{5 things about me}

Tee: American Eagle | Denim: Madewell/Nordstrom | Flats: Free People

It’s Wednesday. Hump Day. So let’s have a little fun.

5 things about me….

Some of you may already know all these things. And some of you are shaking your head, thinking – really? You had to go there? Ha. Yes, yes I did! Correction – I had to delete and re-write #5 twice. My Mom said I went to far. Thanks for lookin out Mom!


My love for pizza is real. I’m a pepperoni + black olive kind of gal. Sometimes I get real wild and add jalapenos. And ranch, always ranch. EXTRA ranch, to be exact!!

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{shopping is my cardio}


Floral Top ($20)// Coffee Mug ($3)// Bracelet ($9)// Bracelet 

Shopping is my cardio.  Target 🎯 shopping, that is. It’s been a little quiet over here. Just needed some off time…literally. But I did hit up Target once or twice.

Okay fine, three times in the last week 🤷🏼‍♀️

My motto: When all else fails, just got to Target.  Buy a cute top. Get a new mug. It solves all the problems 😂

so let’s chat about all the new finds I scored at the one, the only, Target!!



Let’s start with cute tops, because you know I’m a sucker for a cute $20 top!  I have to admit this was the ONE section that was a little disappointing.  I’m gonna give Target a pass this time though.  They are transitioning to Spring….and I cannot frickin wait.  I vowed today to not buy another long sleeve top!  Sooooo…Target best get that shit out STAT!  Ha!

ps…All the underlined + bold words are “clickable” links.  They will direct you to the actual item on Target.  I’m saving you all the searching time 🙂

Yellow Off the Shoulder //  Red Blouse

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{friday 5}

I came down with the cold of the century.  I hate to be a complainer, but this is no joke, the worst cold I’ve had.  Currently feeling bad for all my fellow peeps that said they had a bad cold and I really thought they were being a bunch of wimps.  lol.  Sorry!

Weekend plans: attending a class tonight with the deacon to prep for my nephews baptism next weekend.  I will officially be the god mother to all 3 of my sweet nephews.  Bailey gets her spring show pig, which she’s been counting down the days for.  Cory and I really want to do a hike we’ve been stalking on instagram, if I’m feeling up for it.  And I’m dying to pick up a new pair of these Madewell Jeans using my birthday giftcards at some point too.

What’s on your weekend agenda, friends?  Are you gearing up for a busy couple of days or are you ready for some down time?


ONE – Lauren + Bailey // Lauren (aka Bay’s idol) picked up Bay for a coffee date to catch up before she left town.  Back when Bay was in Kindergarten, Lauren mentored Bailey during her first year of 4-H.  Lauren has made a point to keep in touch since.  She’s travel the United States while in office with the State FFA.  And now calls Oklahoma home as she studies at Oklahoma State University.  Shes a one-of-a-kind and we feel extra lucky to have met her ♥  I even found their ice cream date back in 2016: {friday 5}

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{weekend notes}


Monday!!  And I’m finally BACK!  Took some time off to enjoy the holidays.  But, now I’m overwhelmed with everything we need to chat about.  Christmas.  Yosemite.  New Years.  My 37th.  Plans + goals.  Recipes.  #ootd’s  Oh my!  I’ve planned my content for the week and thought I’d start sharing what’s on the agenda.  So on Weekend Notes, under my Intentions for the Week.  I’m now listing: This week on the blog…..

Anyway just want to say a BIG ASS THANK YOU for all the birthday shout outs.  You all sure know how to make a girl feel special AF on her 37th birthday ♥  One more celebrating and we’re calling it a wrap!

Intentions for the Week…..

  • Get Bay back on a good morning routine (she’s been sleeping till 10am) We killed it all week….on time and sometimes even early…NEVER happens
  • Take down outdoor Christmas lights We are Christmas FREE Ha.  So can I put up Valentine’s Day decor now? 
  • Practice my own {busy gals guide to self care}
  • Style my front porch – Still trying to decided what I want to do…I’ve got a patio area too
  • Meal prep like a boss – meal prep is so key for staying on track!
  • Go to bed early AF – Came down with a nasty cold, so I really didn’t have a choice
  • Find some baskets + pots for our family members #houseplants – I found some super cute baskets + pots.  I’ll be sharing more this week.
  • Clean the downstairs closet
  • Hit my step goal + water goal each day – being sick didn’t help this goal, but I made up for it over the weekend.  
  • Celebrate our birthday with Sara B


This week on the blog…..

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{top 10 xoxostacyb recipes}


How is Christmas 2 frickin weeks away?  I’m not sure what the hell is going on in my world, but I’m wayyy behind.  Like, I’ve never been more unprepared than I am now.

Shit – I still don’t have a single ornament on my damn tree….ha!  Stockings are still in the Christmas tub, along with everything else.  And that’s the least of my worries.

I still have to pick up a gift for just about every person on my list.  And most of them, I don’t even have a clue what to even buy for them.

Anyone else struggling this year too?

So let’s chat about something else today, like…!!!

Everyone has that go-to recipe they straight up kill it on every time.  A crowd pleaser.  That recipe you always get asked to bring to every party.

It’s kind like your magic power, you know?

So, I’m sharing my Top Recipes.  The one’s I’ve made over and over again.  If you’ve ever had dinner at my house, chances are you’ve sank your teeth into one of these dishes before.  The food, not the dish.  Ha.  I crack myself up.

If you’ve stuck in a dinner rut, save this post.  You can “Pin” it to your pinterest page.  Print it.


Okay enough rambling…here they are:


{Hawaiian Grilled Chicken}

My Mom gave me this one.  It’s a total crowd pleaser.  Whenever I can’t think of anything to make, this is my go-to.  It’s best if you leave the chicken in the marinade overnight.  And you HAVE to use chicken thighs.  Tried chicken breasts and it just wasn’t the same!



{thai coconut curry shrimp}

This one is quick + easy + healthy + packed with flavor.  I’d have to take off my shoes and use my toes to count how many times this recipe has been served in my house.



{slow cooker salsa chicken}

The most versatile chicken recipe.  Throw frozen chicken breasts + a jar of salsa in the slow cooker.  Done!  Then use the chicken for the week….in tacos + over salads + enchilada filling.  You name it.  This is the recipe I use on a crazy busy week.  When I want to eat healthy, but have zero time.



{steak roll-ups with balsamic glaze}

Save this one for a weekend when you have more time to prep.  But, please promise me you’ll try this recipe.  It’s a great way to get all kinds of veggies on your kids plate.  Serve over mashed potatoes….BOMB!


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