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{weekend notes}


It’s Monday friends!  Did anyone else notice that there are ONLY 12 days of school left?  You guys, summer is almost here!  This weekend felt like summer.  The sun was shinning.  We spent as much time as possible outdoors.  Family time.  Spent time with friends.  Good rosé.  Delicious dinners.


Intentions for the Week:

Last weeks intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend…….

Celebrating GG’s 93rd Birthday //

She told me that with 3 new grand-grand babies on the way, come December she will have 21 great-grands.  That’s pretty damn impressive.  This photo below is just a handful of them ♥


GG + baby Daniel


GG + her homegirl Dot.  GG’s mean-muggin.


Kid table


Cousins.  Missing two.  Can you believe that between us, there are 21 kids?  Crazy!



The Royal Wedding //

Anyone else get up at the butt-crack of dawn to watch the royal wedding?  I had to.  Then when right back to sleep.  Woke up with Bay and watched it all over again.

So gorgeous.  I do think her dress was a little understated and was kind of swallowing her.  But dress #2 made up for it.


Bay Bakes //

Bay made the best oatmeal peanut butter cookies.  Recipe coming this week!


Skinny, Skinny Margs //

While I made margs…Ha!


Babysitter Bay //

We had a special visitor for a couple of hours.  Bay is officially babysitting.


Pool platter //

Snacks for a pool date with my Mom + her homegirl.


I can get used to days like this!


Ended up hanging out with these chicks, not once, but twice this weekend.  We laughed a lot.


Skinny, Skinny Margs round 2



Pool date #2 //

Bay’s turn to have friends over for a pool date


Charcuterie (kiddie) platter #2


Dinner at the Fricke’s //

Garrett does the cooking.  Alex + I do the drinking.  It’s the most ideal situation!


Sunday mornings //

Clearing the DVR isn’t hard when you’re hungover…lol.



Hiking Pena Adobe //

Morning hike with the Saturday crew.



Post hike treats //

Green River for a celebratory beverage.  You know, since we survived the hike 🙂


I’ve been to Green River a couple of times now, and never walked out to the back.  It’s pretty bad ass.  The river is right there.  You can rent out a section for parties.  Beach volleyball.  Playground.  I think we need to hang here more often.


Callie //

Callie came over to spend the day with us


Sunscreen leftovers


Freedom //

Bay riding her bike down the street to her cousins house.  I made her text me as soon as she got there.  This who freedom thing is all still really new to me!


Caesar  Salad //

Anyone else been craving caesar salad like crazy?

After reading this article : Apparently We Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Romaine Lettuce Anymore 

I made the biggest caesar salad for dinner last night.  This was Cory’s plate.  It looked prettier than my salad + tri-tip plate 🙂



And this happened //

You guys, Bay shaved her legs last night.  Where did my baby go?  I keep referring to her as Bay with the soft legs!



Words //

Closing with some words I read and liked.  A lot!



Ok, let’s do this!  Let’s make it a great day!  Thanks for stopping by and see you back here tomorrow 🙂


xoxo stacyb

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