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{BRIK results}


Kaia Fit Woodland BRIK came to an end last week.  So you know what that means – I will be sharing my results!  Congratulations Kaia girls…WE DID IT!  Another BRIK in the books.

Click here to read about my pre-BRIK measurements from August 26th, six weeks ago.

I worked out last Thursday morning.  As I was leaving I saw the scales lined up just waiting for us.  All 4 of them.  Oh shit.  It’s that time.  I planned on the 8am weigh-in.

I booked it home to shower, shave, pluck my eyebrows….I mean every little bit helps, right?  LOL!!!


January 2016 // August 2016

October 2016


January 2016 // August 2016

October 2016




drum roll…….

Measurements –

Weight: 147.8

Body Fat: 24.4%

BMI: 22.5

Waist: 31 inches


I lost exactly 5 pounds.  That’s a total of 19 lbs lost since I began my Kaia Fit journey in January!!!

Reduced my body fat by .3% and my BMI by .6.  Not much but, anything lower is better!  Down 2 inches around my waist.

I’m happy AF!  I found this BRIK to be a real struggle for me.  The workouts were very challenging.  I had wayyy too many weekend trips planned – aka too much booze + bad food choices.  There were four mornings that I even talked myself out of going to class.  The truth is, with my busy schedule, I still stayed committed.  I started each Monday as a new fresh start to get back on track.  Therefore, I was still able to get results.  I can’t lie, it was hard!

Aside from the scale and measurements…..

Thanks to Kaia, I am stronger, healthier and happier (physically + mentally) today than I ever have been.  That’s worth more than numbers!


I became a Kaia VIP in August.  I truly, strongly believe in Kaia and have learned so much.  I can’t imagine not having the support, encouragement, structure and challenges that I get from my 5am Kaia Coach + teammates!  Here’s to another CORE session!!!


There was a Kaia email that went out last week that I wanted to share.

What does it mean to be a Kaia Girl?

Just about any gym can offer you a workout and a clean towel. But what separates Kaia from other gyms is how we don’t just hand you a towel and watch you disappear amongst the other women in class. We get to know who you are, why you’re there, and how we can help! Joining Kaia is like joining a team sport where you are empowered, inspired, and surrounded by other women excited to see you succeed!


Who are Kaia Girls?

Kaia girls commit to fitness, to eating right, to themselves, and to others. They abide by this sort of, all around honor code.

I will:

o   Show up, and show up on time.

o   Give it my best.

o   Support my teammates in anyway I can.

o   Be open and eager to getting outside of my comfort zone.

o   Welcome challenges, because that means I’m getting stronger!

o   Never quit!

Being a Kaia girl means being committed to giving it your all, accepting new challenges, and both giving and receiving a ton of high fives!


What is Kaia?

  • Group Exercise

What sets Kaia’s fitness program apart from your standard group fitness regimes is that we like to offer intense, balanced workout programs that are 5-6 weeks long. Having a set beginning and end to programs helps you establish realistic goal-setting skills, keeps you accountable, and helps you build your own support network within each session.We welcome new Kaia girls at any time!

Our signature program is our six-week Brik, or “Bootcamp” program that starts with an initial orientation and physical fitness assessment. An added bonus is that we also give you nutritional guidance and direction to compliment all that hard work you’ll be doing.

We also have two five-week Core sessions that are often done back-to-back (for a total of ten weeks). Core sessions include two Kaia cross-training workouts, Kaia Flow Yoga, and either a run/walk day or a Power Hour Day.

  • Kaia Philosophy

You wouldn’t build a skyscraper from the top down, so why would you do burpees before you can do a push-up? We base all of our workouts on a foundational approach where we gradually take you through a series of progressions. Doing so will help you create better symmetry within your body and also help prevent injury. We want nothing but strong, healthy bodies!

And not only do we help you create balance on the outside, we want to make sure you’re just as balanced on the inside! Our nutritional guidance doesn’t simply give you a plan and say, “Good luck!” We teach you how to make better choices through fun nutritional education on our blog, seminars, manuals and video programming in our Kaia Kitchen.

  • The Community

Knowing when you walk through our door that Kaia girls have each other’s back is all the motivation you need to meet and exceed your goals! The journey to fit can be an emotional one, but here you have a coaching staff who understands your struggle and you also have a set of peers who are right there with you! Teamwork is our special ingredient!


Kaia Fit CORE Session, Catch Me If You Can begins this week.  It’s never too late to sign up!!


Click here for more info or to register!!


xoxo stacyb






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