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It’s that time again folks.  Kaia Fit Woodland pre-BRIK weight + measurements.

I honestly debated on not writing this post at all.  But, NOTHING holds you more accountable than sharing the truth.

Even when it’s not pretty.  Even when you’re a little embarrassed.  Even when you’re a little pissed off at yourself.


FOUR!  This number wont get out of my head.  This number is not a good number.  This number represents the amount of weight I gained since the end of last BRIK.  FML!

You can read more about those BRIK results here {BRIK results}


In 88 days I put on 4 lbs.

So, I did what any depressed girl would do.  Googled what weighs 4 lbs?  And here’s what I got….

3 iPads

4 cans of beans

16 bananas

32 Krispy Kreme donuts (OMG)


Awful analogies!

Think 64 oz. = 4 lbs.


Once again, I cropped my face off.  It was all bad!  #iwokeuplikethis? #shit


January 7, 2017

Weight: 151.8

Body Fat: 27.3%

BMI: 23.0

Waist: 32 inches


And here’s the proof:

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Not only did I gain 4 lbs.  I’m sure you also noticed my body fat increased 2.9%.  That number is the worst.

Here’s the deal….. I can’t even say I was surprised.  I knew it was not going to be good.  When you say fuck it for almost 3 month, you have to expect this to happen.  I went back on the see-food diet.  Guzzled wine.  And hardly worked out.  I deserve these numbers.  These numbers are proof that it wasn’t worth it!

Nothing makes you want to kick ass more than numbers like that.

I have no excuses!

Today marks week #2 of Kaia REVolution BRIK.

I got this!

My BRIK goals –




It’s not to late to sign up for BRIK!  Click here for more info!!


xoxo stacyb

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