{spring to-do’s}


And just like that, it’s SPRING!  To say I am excited for the season change is an understatement.  I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me talk about it.  Spring always seems to be the season we wait the longest for.  Rain and all, I’ve got my eye on the long warm sunny days to come!

The shift from Winter to Spring always leaves me feeling super inspired too.  Always craving to create + explore after the Winter blues (which is a legit real thing).  I think we all, mentally NEED Spring..lol.  Everything seems to suddenly come to life.  Colorful life.

Last night I threw together a Spring mood/inspiration board (pictured above) with all the images that have been catching my eye lately.  Add the wooden flower from our Park Winters Garden Tour.  The pretty pom-pom tassel I originally got for Bay’s Easter basket.  And lastly, wrapped twine around a bunch of ranunculus to dry.

Another way Spring inspires me is by compiling our Spring list of the fun things we plan on creating + making + exploring + doing + wearing ♥

Keeping a running list is a great way to remember all seasonal things you enjoy doing or look forward to do.  When we have a free weekend, I like to refer to our To-Do’s and check items off as we go.


Spring To-Do’s 

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{weekend notes}


Hello, Monday!

We’re at it again.  Another start to a new week.  We had a super low-key weekend.  Lots of sleeping in and relaxing.  Extra cups of  coffee.  Not much on the calendar for the week (unlike last week) And I’m really happy about it.

Hope you had a great weekend.  And here’s to a new week!

Intentions for the week:

  • Delete photos to clear up space on my computer + iPhone
  • Make someone happy
  • Create a springy mood + inspiration board
  • Drink 75 oz of water each day
  • Set a pretty Easter table
  • Balance checkbook (I’m off $1.83…makes me crazy)
  • Finish up our Spring To-Do list
  • Asparagus soup
  • Easter brunch menu

Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……

Friday night Beers + adult Connect Four tournament


When the Fricke’s drop off loads of asparagus

I’ve been googling asparagus everything today.


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Green beer + green top

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{friday 5}


The weekend has finally arrived.  Is it just me, or was this week a doozy?  Between Bay + I, we had someplace to be each night after school + work.  Grocery shopping is done.  House is clean.  Gas tank is full.  (you know how happy those things make me) I’m ready to power down my desktop and get in full weekend mode.

Probably sweatpants + a skinny, skinny marg + DVR…let’s be real!

First let’s chat about what I’ve got on my mind this fine Friday afternoon……


ONE – Easter Basket //  Or St. Patrick’s Day Basket?  Or both!  Bay spotted this basket a couple of weekends back while browsing the isles at World Market.  She loves the store as much as I do.  She scooped it up and reminded me she “needs” a new Easter Basket.  Her adorable (super expensive) white pottery barn basket that she’s had for yearrrrssss mysteriously went missing.  I said no.  Then she said, “but it’s only $9.99!”  Ha….obvi I said yes.  It’s so unique and fun.  Wouldn’t it be perfect for a Farmer Market basket?  Or I may use it around the house for decor.  Anyway, Bay is with baby daddy this weekend, so we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day a day early.  Each year I collect a bunch of inexpensive (I spent about $7 total) green goodies that Bay loves.  “It’s a tradition!”  I heard her explain to the carpool girls this morning ♥

I’m already on the hunt for cute Easter Basket goodies.  I’ll be sharing soon.


Gathered Top Galvanized Wire Basket



TWO – 4-H Officer //  Each month, before the 4-H meeting, we get an email with the meeting agenda, details on upcoming events and get to know your officers.  Bay was one of them this month.  Did you read it?  Be still my heart ♥

I followed up and asked her if it was a trick question.  She said, “No, I just couldn’t think of anyone else off the top of my head”

I’ll take it!

And I’ll remind her when she goes to college and I visit weekly for a dinner date!

Image-1 (1).jpg


THREE – Lip Sleeping Mask // HOLD THE PHONE!  Do you have dry chapped winter lips?  I know I’m always saying, this is the besssttt product ever.  Ha.  I really only share the stuff I truly love.  There are many times I order something or try something and don’t love it.  So, I don’t share it.  I’ve had messages before saying I love everything.  Nope, just the stuff I share 🙂  And this is HIGH on my LOVE LIST!  I’ve been using this lip mask every night since it arrived.  I do a lip scrub.  Rinse.  Then lather this mask on with the applicator right before bed.  Wake up and my lips are so soft and smooth.  I’m a believer.  My homegirl (she doesn’t know it yet) Lisa Allan raved about this product.  I googled it.  Bought it on Amazon to save a buck or two (I’m so cheap) Not realizing it was coming from frickin China.  After 4 weeks, it finally arrived on my doorstep.  So, don’t do what I did.  Buy this stuff from Sephora like a normal person and fall in love.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask


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{asparagus salad}


Today, is the day.  I can finally share my asparagus salad recipe without cringing while I type “what you’ll need!”  Ha!  Writing about food ALL last week was a total buzz kill.  I had no idea I’d feel that way.  Just goes to show, I need to write about ALL THE THINGS….not just one topic.  Thank god I didn’t start this blog as a food blog.  This space would most likely be retired by now.

The perfect mix of lifestyle + fashion + exploring + food keeps me feeling creative and excited to share.  So, I think I’ll keep it that way for the future.  What do you think?  Are you into the mix?  Or do you click on my link just for a recipe?  Or outfit idea?  Now I’m curious 🙂

So, I realized this salad should be named the Rainbow Salad or something much cooler than Asparagus Salad.  Don’t you think?  I was telling Bay how important it is to eat a variety of colors.  Fresh colors.  Not red doritos and green fruit snacks…lol.  She said, kinda like the rainbow.  Yes!  Yes, like the rainbow.  Whenever my plate is full of color it makes me happy.  That normally means, it’s fresh, healthy….and pretty!  If it’s pretty (aka instagram worthy) then I’m definitely trying it.



This salad is all those things!  I actually saw this on and instagram story.  I screen shot it and recreated it.  And now I feel like jerk, because I can’t remember who created it so I could give some recipe cred.

Anyone else have a camera roll full of instagram screen shots?  I just figured out how to make folders.  Totally off topic…we’ll chat about that later.  Maybe next week?

Since it is officially asparagus season, we’ll stick with Asparagus Salad.  Have you noticed how ridiculously cheap you can get a bunch now?  I grabbed this large (skinny) bunch from Pedrick Produce for $1.29.  So, I knew I had to make asparagus something.  I’m thinking asparagus soup next?  Doesn’t that sound killer?  Maybe roast it, then puree it?  Now my wheels are turing.

This salad also gave me a reason to bust out my The Quails & Olive goodies my homegirl Nicole gave me.  She visited the store in Carmel Valley and bought me the Champagne Mimosa Vinegar + Lemon Olive Oil duo.  The combination is unreal.  I’d never even heard of champagne vinegar.  And I’d been on the search for a good lemon olive oil after tasting it at a restaurant in downtown Berkeley.  I believe you can find lemon olive oil at Nugget now.  Try it!  BIG THANK YOU Nicole!!!  Love you mucho!

You can totally use regular olive oil + red wine vinegar for this recipe.  It will be equally delicious!


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{a little of this + a little of that}


Happy Hump Day!

I was originally going to share an asparagus salad recipe, but frankly (that just aged me lol)….I’m STILL sick of talking/writing about food since last week’s TJ’s recipe round-up.

So, let’s just chat about some random stuff (I really wanted to say s*#%) that’s on my mind today…..


A couple of weeks ago, on our way home from the Almond Festival, I had Bay hop out of the car and we took some pictures in an almond orchard off the side of the road.

She didn’t have any shoes on…lol.

And the bees were going crazy.

But, we got a couple of good ones.

I get to keep these forever.

And I’ll remember that day forever.

I will always be the crazy lady snapping pictures of anything + everything.  For that reason.  Photos are memories ♥





Today, after the 2-day cleanse, I started the first day of my sugar detox.  No wine.  No girl scout cookies.  Pray for me, K!?!?!

Speaking of Girl Scout cookies + wine….have you seen this pairing chart FML!

5 days till Spring!!  That means it can’t rain anymore and the temps rise to 80, right?

Working on planning all the details for Spring Break.  I took the week off work to hang with Bay and I cannot wait!  Hopefully we’ll be having fun in the sun.  And a pit stop in San Diego to see Scarlet ♥

Tonight is the Lee Middle School parent night.  I will be a mom of a middle schooler in 5 months.  FIVE MONTHS!

My mom had Bay build her a shoe organizer today.  She sent me a picture and it kinda made my day.  I highly recommend you buy a cheapy shoe organizer like I did here.  I promise it will make you so incredibly happy.

Another price adjustment today on these and these.  Bringing my total to $20 for two pairs of shorts for Bay.  Always, always call and get a price adjustment peeps!

Cut my hair again yesterday.  Shorter + blonder!  Thanks Allison!

Grab this eyelash seperator on your next Target run.  It’s so good!

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{dupes + the pretty pink blouse}


Do you ever just itch for a change?  Is it the in-between of seasons that’s got me ready for a change?  Honestly, I’m not even sure what the change is…ha!  I’m so complicated like that.  I think I’m tired of the same ol thing.

Last time I had “the itch” (that sounds really terrible) It was the hair itch.  (that sounds even more terrible) You know, the one where you need a cut or color change?  So you hit up your hairdresser and make it happen.  That was me last month.

But, I still have “the itch!”

I know that when I’m feeling like I need a change, it’s because I DO need a change.  Now I have to figure out what will do the trick.  It doesn’t have to be anything maj.  Sometimes it’s shifting a couple little things, that make “the itch” go away.  Ok, I have to be done with that….sounds worse and worse every time I type it.


  • 100% the sun!  That would be fabulous.


  • I might move around some furniture?



  • Switch up the weekly dinner menu with something funky?


  • Try a new beauty product?


  • Maybe all of the above?


What do you do, when you feel like you need to switch things up a little?


In the meantime, since I have NO frickin idea what the change will entail, I bought myself a few pretty things.  Springy things.  Obvi, that should do the trick for now….lol.  A new blouse.  A pretty pink one.  One that screams spring.  And it made me feel better.



I apologize in advance for the terrible photos today.  I had every intention of taking outfit pictures over the weekend when it was beautiful and sunny.  But decided to save that task for a rainy, dark, stormy Tuesday morning.  Totally makes sense, right?  HA!  And my house it a dungeon.  I get zero natural light.  Which KILLS me.

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{weekend notes}


Hello Friends.  How was your weekend?

Bay came home from camp with a cold, not to mention, the poor thing was whipped out.  So, we changed our original plans and had a low key weekend.  Which I’m not mad about.  It was perfect.  I got the spring cleaning fever Saturday and organized my closet + shoe closet.  I love seeing all my money hanging nice + neat..lol!

I was looking over my calendar for this week and almost fell out of my chair.  Between Bay + I, we have something planned every night this week.  So, here’s to a busy week and NO wine rewards in the evenings…lol.  It’s ok, I’ll survive off my skinny, skinny margs 🙂


Intentions for the week:


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}

  • Don’t watch anymore Golden State Killer #nightmares only BRAVO shows 🙂 
  • Repot plants – on this week’s to-do’s 
  • Should I cut my hair shorter? shorter + blonder 
  • Parent Teacher Conferenceall 3’s ♥
  • Make a mexican hot pot for dinner
  • Parent Night at Lee Middle School OMG!in 5 months I’ll have a middle schooler 
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s DayCory mad the best corned beef + cabbage 


How do you feel about Springing Forward?

I’m 100% down with it.  I’d give 2 hours just to know Spring is on it’s way.  And it wont be dark on my drive home from work.  Hell yesss!!!


Highlights from the weekend……


Bay’s home!  Friday afternoon the 6th graders rolled into town after their week long Alliance Redwoods trip!

I was able to sneak out of work for a few days to hang with the 6th graders at Alliance Redwoods.  It was so damn cool.  Armstrong Redwoods.  Lots of fun hikes.  Selfies.  Groupies.  Our Accommodations were nice.  The Golden Ticket.  Cleanest room award.

Team Hoat (1/2 horse 1/2 goat) was the best.  Sweetest girls.  They made my stay a delight.  They also dressed me up as a Hoat and had me skip around and make funny noises in front of everyone too.


This was a once in a lifetime experience for my girl and I’m so happy I was able to spend part of it with her.


Friday nights at the Pig Barn.

The girls!


The Moms!


Not pictured was our pizza + wine night at the Fricke’s.  Thanks for having us.  Cant believe I didn’t take a picture.

Coffee table set-up

Changing things around…AGAIN.

But, can we take a minute to talk about the TJ’s ranunculas I picked up?

My favorite!


Sipping that extra cup of coffee.


The worst part of my Saturday morning…..

Getting up to grab my wallet.  I need to memorize my card number again.


I decided to organize my closet and utilize the hallway closet that we don’t use.


That’s what I get for shopping at Walmart..lol.


We took a break for burgers


And a car wash….while it rained.  Ha!


Pig walking


Then back to tackle the closet.

With a bud light lime 🙂


I really need to KonMarie again.  Since moving last fall, my closet has gotten out of hand.  I no longer have a walk in….it’s to sad.


Drum roll……

The final product.

Now I can see all my money hanging.  LOL!  Bay said I have problems.

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