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{friday favorites}

SHOP: Tiger Tee size up ($13) | Denim | Booties | Hat

According to my hangover, last night was VERY fun! 

Just kidding – I drank wine (by myself) and cleaned the house till midnight.

Going to keep it short and sweet with a fun list of things I’m diggin this week……

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{fall table setting}

SHOP: Table Runner | Gold Charger | White Dinner Plate | Pumpkin Plate | Gold Flat Ware | Wine Glass | Napkin | Faux Lambs Ear | Tobacco Basket

TGIF = Thank Goodness It’s Fall! Cute, huh? Would be better if it were Friday, just saying!

It’s no secret that I LOVE decking out my dining room table. Typically, it’s the first piece I decorate for the Holidays or seasons. Then I gradually work my way from top to bottom of the house. Not leaving anything untouched. It’s just the Holiday Whore in me!

I thought I finished the house for Fall + Halloween. Then, I accidentally hacked into my Sisters Amazon account and primed a shit ton of paper bats. NO clue where they are going to go, but I promise you – It’s gonna be bat-shit fun. Ha!

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{halloween snack mix}

Halloween is 23 days away. Bay just decided today that she wants to be a bumble bee. So now I frantically try to find her the perfect bumble bee costume….that she actually likes. Say a little prayer for me, K?

And you know by now that I’m a complete Holiday Whore…ha! Sounds so bad. lol. Any excuse to make something fun + festive. I’m here for it. Pumpkin shaped everything. Ghosts + spiders. I’m on it!

Some good ones from the archives:

  • Remember the {pumpkin donut holes} They are not only crazy easy, they’re crazy good!
  • The {mini pumpkin pies} I’ve been making for years. They are the perfect individual sized dessert for those of us (my hand is raised) that have absolutely NO control when it comes to pumpkin pie.
  • {pumpkin snickerdoodles} a spin on GG’s (my grandmother) classic cookie.
  • Back in 2016, I shared {pumpkin muffins} and I need to put these on my to-make list to re photograph them!
  • Last years I busted out the {spider cupcakes} for our annual trick-or-treating night at the Nelson’s
  • And last but not least, {pumpkin spice creamer} inspired by my girlfriend Justine!

This year, I’d like to introduce you to a dangerously delicious snack mix.

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{weekend notes}

SHOP: Jumpsuit | Denim Jacket | Clogs | Clutch | Sunglasses ($10) | Necklace

Monday Funday? Can that be a thing? After a very relaxing weekend, I think I got my groove back? I think? I made it to the gym for the first time in 2 frickin weeks. So, that’s big plus. And to keep it real – working out is HUGE for my mental health, just saying. It sets the tone for my day. My week. My everything. So cheers to a new week, my friends!!

Only thing is – what is up with this weather? I want to bundle up in all the layers but it’s hot as hell.

I set a few simple intentions. Things got a little crazy last week so I need to get back on board + focused!

Intentions for the week:

  • Hydrate like a mo-fo (how can I drink wine like it’s my day job, but not water?)
  • Use the Weight Watchers App
  • Help Bay finalize her Halloween costume
  • Change up my armoire decor for Fall
  • Make an old recipe from the archives
  • Style a green utility jacket 4 ways
  • Go to the gym mom-fri (I skipped for two weeks) 😭
  • Keep my front porch mums alive. Anyone have tips?
  • Dinner with some of my fave gal pals
  • Dedicate a lunch break to my calendar/planner
  • Make healthy choices

What are your goals for the week?

I never got around to my Friday 5 post about my front porch. #life. But here she is. I kept it classic AF with orange pumpkins + mums.

Here’s a better look. Now if only I can keep the mums alive. What’s the trick? I never have any luck with them.

Highlights from the weekend……

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{our fall 90’s movie list}

Marble & Gold Tray | Skeleton Hand | Candy: Walmart

“You’re killin’ me, Smalls!” They don’t call the ’90s the golden era for nothing. Movie wise, we hands down, had the best classics. From comedies to dramas…..I mean, come on.

When I reminisce about the good ol days of Blockbuster Video + VCR’s my teen looks at me like I’m batshit crazy. So, I’m making it my personal goal to check some of these off during the cozy months.

I hope this list reminds you of your childhood, like it does mine. Milestones. Teenage moments. And just hanging out with the neighborhood kids around the T.V. Back when “screen time” wasn’t a thing!

Please let me know if I’ve left any out that really need to be here. Or better yet – tally up all the movies on my list that you’ve seen…most likely 25 times each!

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{sweater weather}

SHOP: Sweater | Denim | Booties | Hat

Probably thinking about tacos?

This was actually an outtake…lol. It will never feel normal having your kid take your picture in public. Everyone stares. Everyone’s thinking, what in the actual fuck is going on here.

I’m yelling “make me super hot and super skinny!” Bay’s yelling, “mom, I can’t!”

Then “hurry up, we’re gonna be late” Ha! True story. That’s what’s really going on when these photos are being snapped for the ‘gram!

In other news….

Happy official sweater weather friends. Keeping it short + sweet today…because I’m in a funk, AGAIN!

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{amazon favorites}

SHOP: Dress | Stadium Purse | Denim Jacket (30% off)

Amazon addicts unite! Ha! I never thought I was a big Amazon-er. Then I started compiling this blog post and one thing led to another and I was going down the rabbit hole. And I realized, I’m an amazon whore…lol!

Truth: I’m still to cheap to pay for Prime so, I hack into my sister + Cory’s account to use theirs.

I’ve listed everything out with prices and a brief reason why I dig this item.

Do you have any of these Amazon finds? If so, let a sister know. Is there something I MUST try? Let me know!

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{DIY pumpkin centerpiece}

Wood Pumpkin Serve Board (on sale) | 9″ Pumpkin Halloween Décor Cream | Orange Berry Stem | Light Up Skull (similar) | Candle: Chloe & Co Golden Moss

The Faux Pumpkin Centerpiece DIY was born last week. I typically stick with the real deal when it comes to pumpkins. I just love real pumpkins. The colors. The textures. I legit cannot get enough…Ha! But, if you remember from last year, I had a little mishaps with the REAL pumpkin centerpiece. Although it was fucking gorgeous, it almost ruined my life.

Okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit.

It rotted out. I picked it up to move it and the whole pumpkin melted in my hands. All over my carpet + dining room table. The smell that came off that thing could probably kill some kind of small animal. It was horrific. Ha! I shared a photo of it below for old times sake.

{thanksgiving table setting // DIY centerpiece}

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{target tuesday}

SHOP: Blazer (under $30) | Tank ($7) | Denim | Belt | Sunglasses($25)| Sunglass Chain ($13)

Happy Target Tuesday friends! It’s officially Fall Ya’ll so we can bust out all the pumpkins without everyone freaking out on all of us Fall lovers. Ha! I’ve been frequenting my local Target stores. Very impatiently waiting for all the Fall arrivals to appear. And let me tell you, Target is playing hard to get. I will find a couple items, but not ALL THE THINGS I see online and in my fellow Target lovers Fall Haul.

Today is Fall everything so, I hope you’re ready!

I found some great deals on the cartwheel app that should make your weekly Target trip a little sweeter…..pun definitely intended!

TODAY ONLY! 40% off Halloween candy! $15.99 – $19.99 variety bags only.

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