{turkey meatballs over sweet potato ribbons}


Day #4 of the Trader Joe’s recipe round-up!  Not going to lie, I am so sick of talking about food…lol.  It’s been a food filled few days and I’m ready to move on to some cute #ootd’s or some kind of decor.  Who’s with me?

What a week!  Getting home from Tahoe and taking off to Alliance Redwoods the next morning, kicked my butt.   Bay’s now home!!!  Ready to get back into the swing of things!

Weekend plans: kickin it!  I’m itching to get some Spring cleaning done too.  Even though there is rain in the forecast.  The month of March always gets me wanting to clean + organize.  My closet desperatly needs some attention!  Meal prep.  Monday, I will be doing a little 2-day cleanse followed by a sugar cleanse for the remainder of the month.  Drink some wine with the girls!  Polish off the rest of the girl scout cookies.

Sounds like a damn good plan to me.  What’s on your agenda for the weekend?


Bay claims that I saved the best for last…..

Turkey meatballs!


Trader Joe’s products used to create this meal:

  • Sweet Potato Ribbons
  • Tomato Basil Marinara
  • Ground turkey


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{15 minute beef stir-fry}


It’s Thursday friends!!! Believe it or not, I’ve got another Trader Joe’s dinner for you today.  Day #3 of the Trader Joe’s recipe round-up.  I saved a good one for you.

But, I’d like to interrupt our TJ’s round-up for just a sec……

Because its International Women’s Day and I can 🙂

I read this about 15 times and I really, really love it.


Share or tag me in your favorite International Women’s Day quote.  I can’t stop readying them and I want to share them all!  Every.single.one!

Ok, now back to the recipe……

Who doesn’t love a quick dinner??  I’m always down to save some time.  Which therefore allows more time for me to catch up on my BRAVO shows.  Vanderpump.   Summerhouse.  Beverly Hills Housewives.  Who’s excited for New York to begin next month?  Man, I watched the teaser and they look + act crazier than ever!

And who doesn’t love an easy dinner?  Less dishes to clean.  Less prep.

Being in the kitchen is how I unwind each night.  Normally with a glass of wine in hand and the record player playing something good.  Just typing that made me smile:)

Oh and I almost forgot, I’d also be wearing my sweatpants + slippers…ha.  How did I almost forget the first thing I do when I walk in the door?

Where was I going with that?  Anyway, I love being in the kitchen, but weeknights can be cray-cray sometimes.  I try to plan at least one super easy dinner each week.

I look over my calendar and decide what night I’m going to take advantage of the pre-prepped veggies + protein.  Then save the tougher, longer to prepare dinner for a night that I don’t have much going on.  When you’ve got a little extra time to pour a glass of wine and take your time.  And maybe insta story as you go 🙂  Not that I’ve ever done that…lol.

This stir-fry was a hit in our house.  So easy.  So fresh.  So good.  BOMB.com leftovers.


Trader Joe’s products used to create this meal:

  • Asian vegetable stir-fry (fresh veggie mix)
  • General Tsao stir fry sauce
  • Frozen brown rice (for bay)



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{trader joes cauliflower crust pizza}


Day #2 of the Trader Joe’s recipe round-up!

Also, day #3 of my 6th grade field trip hostage situation.

Only kidding.  I actually signed up to do this!

I wrote this post last week, so I’m sure right now I’m dying for a shower + my bed + a big ass glass of chard.  Ha!  Maybe not.  Maybe I’m enjoying the hell out of the slug snail trailing across my face.  Who knows?!?!

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when I insta storied my cauliflower pizza experience?  I had TONS of DM’s asking how the crust turned out.

I Stacy Brown, self proclaimed pizza connoisseur, make this solid promise to you, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part…. (that was a little much)


I didn’t miss the traditional crust at all.  Not even for a second.

But, you HAVE to promise me one thing….

You HAVE to follow the pre-cooking process to achieve the best crust ever!


Trader Joe’s products used to create this meal:

  • Cauliflower Pizza Crust
  • Shaved brussles sprouts (the remainder from the halibut tacos)
  • Prosciutto
  • Vegan kale, cashew & basil pesto (this stuff is to die for)

*remember, I hate to waste food.  I decorate with herbs that I’m working with that week.  I utilize all produce purchase.  If it begins to wilt.  Roast it.  If it’s freezable…freeze it!  Throw it over greens.  Smother it in ranch.  Just use it.  For instance, the prosciutto, I baked the remaining of it.  Bay likes to snack on it for breakfast, kinda like bacon.  The shaved brussels sprouts.  I bought them for this pizza recipe, but decided to use them of a slaw on the halibut tacos too.  Instead of buying a package of slaw too.  Think ahead.  End of rant!  

Take a look at that pizza ♥


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{halibut tacos + roast corn salad}


Today kicks off day #1 of the Trader Joe’s recipe round-up!  And it only makes sense that we start with tacos!  Not just any plain ol tacos.

Halibut Tacos!

With a roasted corn salad on the side.

And how about a can of pinto beans?  That’s Bay’s fave.  With a touch of cotija cheese over the top!  Yummm!

Halibut is hands down (or should I say hands up in the air waving like I just don’t care) my favorite fish.  And I NEVER buy it.  It is a little pricey, but 100 worth it.  I vow to make halibut appear on my dinner rotation more!

You know what would go good with these halibut tacos?  One of my Skinny, Skinny Margs from {friday 5}.  Make dos to be safe and make some tacos tonight!


Real quick –

Asking for prayers!

I’m currently at Alliance Redwoods with Bay’s 6th grade class for their week long trip.  Me + 7 tweens in a cabin.  No wine.  No wifi.  No nothing.  Pray.  Pray hard, K!

Ok, and now back to our regularly scheduled taco talk……

Trader Joe’s products used to create this meal:

  • Shaved brussels sprouts
  • Green goddess salad dressing
  • Pico de gallo
  • Corn + wheat tortillas
  • Chile lime seasoning


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{arugula salad}

FullSizeRender (19)

What goes better with a big green salad than a big glass of chardonnay?  Nothing!!  It’s called balance.

Until about 2 weeks ago, I had NEVER purchased arugula before.  I’ve had it at restaurants and friends houses, but never used it at home.  To be completely honest, I grabbed it on accident during one of my speed grocery shopping trips.  I was originally really pissed when I realized it wasn’t my normal mixed greens.

But, I don’t waste food.  I will find a way to incorporate it into meals.  Especially fresh produce.  You can’t waste good food like that.

Since, I’ve added it to my morning eggs + every salad combo imaginable + on sandwiches.  Verdict: Love it!

Here’s an arugula combo that was heavenly.  I’m not a big fruit person, but even I was way into this one.  I will be serving this next time I host a brunch or dinner.  It’s a keeper!


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{$12 grocery store arrangement}

$12 grocery store flowers.  Swear.  That’s it!  What do you think?

Keep scrolling to see how easy this truly is to do!

IMG_8307 (1).jpg

February 1st!  Welcome!  We’re just inching closer + closer to Spring and I love the sight of that!

We pulled out all our Valentine’s day decor last night and our little place looks so festive and cheery.  Think, lots of pink ♥

I thought today would be a good day to share something different.  Flowers!

Once a week I buy fresh flowers.  You will always, always find funky arrangements on my dinning room table + coffee table any day you walk in my house.

They make my heart happy.

And I’d say that’s worth $12 a week.  Don’t you think?


Ok, let’s get started…..


I have a couple of rules:

Keep it simple.

When in doubt, stick with all one color.  Normally white!


Just eucalyptus.



{image: via}

My go-to….Trader Joe’s.  They hands down have the best flower selection.  And they are cheap.  I mean, way less expensive than anywhere else I shop.  The hardest part….

Choosing which ones to buy.  Remember, I can’t made a decision for the life of me.  And flowers are high on that list.

Another good place to scoop up flowers?  Raley’s.  They do 3 bunches for $12!

I stick with a pretty flower that catches my eye.  Greenery…always eucalyptus.  You’d be amazed at the different varieties of eucalyptus you can get your hands on.  Then some kind of filler/stock.



Today’s stems:

Wax flower $2.49

Eucalyptus $2.49

Hydrangea $6.99

$12 total!

Before we get started, I should probably clarify that I’m no pro flower chick.  I just like pretty fresh flowers…Ha!



First things first….

Dig out a pretty vase.  Everyone has a vase.  Or how about a water pitcher?  They totally work.  Mason jar.  What I’m using here is an old hurricane candle holder.  You would have never known, right?

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{shaved brussels sprout salad}


I’m really into salads right now.  I go through salads kicks from time to time and eat them every. single. day.  Then I get so burnt out. Currently they are my jam.  Especially trying out different ingredients other than plain ol mixed greens like I tend to reach for.

I got a new one for you today.  It’s quick + easy + so fresh!

This was also approved by my Mom ♥

Always leaving her a Tupperware full of a new recipes to try out and give me her review.

Raise your hand if you’re a Trader Joe’s lover?

Sometimes, I spend my entire lunch break walking up and down the isles browsing all the beautiful food.  Ha.  I really do.  Then you can’t forget to grab a bunch of stems on your way out.  It’s a must!

They legit have the best ingredients + produce.  So many hidden gems.  I follow TJ’s on instagram and they’ll share a new item.  You bet your ass I’m making a trip that week to grab that item and try it out.

Anyway, this is another TJ’s recipe!  I gathered all my ingredients from Trader Joe’s.  I’m sure you can find shaved brussels sprouts + romano caesar dressing other places too.


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