{white washed terra cotta pot diy}



After last weeks {giveaway} I had a bunch of emails/messages asking how I got the white washed look.  Since I’m such a nice bitch….and I really didn’t have anything else to share today.  I decided to write a quick post about it for you!   So here ya go…..

Terra cotta pots are the most common and affordable planters out there.  Although, I’m not a huge fan of their brand spanking new look that comes with them.  Good thing they can be personalized in so many ways.

I grabbed a few pots from Home Depot….extra in case I screwed up….twice.  lol.   Home Depot has the best selection of different sizes and shapes in their outdoor garden area.  Check out the link below to see what they offer online….

Home Depot – Terra Cotta Pots


I gathered all the other supplies from Bailey’s crafting stash.

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