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{valentine’s day snack board}

In case you haven’t heard – snack boards are all the rage right now. And for good reason! They are so fun for kids and grown ups, VERY easy to throw together and allow you to offer something for everyone to snack on.

I really try to focus on healthy-ish recipes, but the Holiday Whore in me just can’t help it this time of year.

For the upcoming Omega Nu meeting Bailey + I put together a pretty board full of all the Valentine’s day SWEETS!

My biggest tip is to fill up the ENTIRE platter with your spread! It makes a big visual impact!

Here’s what we included:

  • Homemade Cookies (store bought totally works too)
  • Rice Krispy treats (dipped in white chocolate)
  • Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Trader Joe’s Heart shaped Cookies
  • Trader Joe’s Cocoa Batons
  • Fresh flowers

Group like items together on a platter. You’ll need more than you think. The idea is to completely cover the space.

Lastly, trim flower stems and stick into any empty spaces. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But don’t skip the flowers. They make such a BIG impact on any snack or food board.

You don’t need fancy cheeses + meats to make a pretty board. I’m all about the semi homemade life! I’ve thrown together board that were also 100% store bought. It’s all about the presentation. I promise adults + kids will be picking off this board without a care in the world if the treat was homemade or store-bought!

Remember, you can now print the recipe.  “Pin” to your Pinterest board for safe keeping.  If you decide to give it a shot, pretty please – tag me.  Text me.  I can’t wait to hear what you think!!  100% makes my day ♥

xoxo stacyb

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