{weekend notes}

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The struggle is real!  And that’s all I gotta say about this day!

Ok, first off…..

Intentions for the week:

You can read last weeks Intentions here {weekend notes}.  Once again, I sucked at tracking my food on My Fitness Pal.  This week it’s on though.  You guys, after a month off from Kaia, I start back as of August 1st….that’s tomorrow!  I’m scared and excited.  More excited, I think.  I’ve got some goals to crush!

  • September budget spreadsheet
  • Track ALL food on My Fitness Pal (I tracked till Thursday…boo)
  • Go through my closet and donate/sale clothes
  • Lay off the vino….until Friday, of course (failed MISERABLY)
  • Plan SF hike/weekend
  • Make oven roasted tomatoes
  • Prepare for garage sale (FML)
  • Make my own coffee every morning (stay out of the Starbucks drive thru)
  • Do charcoal teeth whitening and tell you all about it…lol. (back on the list)
  • Make sheet pan eggs
  • Lunch break arboretum walk (too HOT for that shit)
  • Deep clean bathroom cabinets/drawers/makeup (throw shit away)


And for some weekend highlights….

Friday //

Can’t beat jalapeno margs at the Truitt’s!  Perfect way to kick off the weekend, if you ask me!!!



Saturday //

Early breakfast date with my girl ♥

Morgan’s Mill is gorgeous.  The rustic brick building.  Succulent accents.  An outdoor patio with lights strung.  Not only is the building itself easy on the eyes….they serve good coffee.  Amazing cinnamon roll waffle.  That’s mascarpone cheese on top.  Heavenly.  The gluten-free chocolate muffin was Bay’s favorite.  And remember….”she doesn’t do that gluten-free stuff”…lol.

Oh and they made her a warm caramel apple cider drink.

We’ll be back!!

Hoping to pop in on an evening and sip a glass of chard on that patio!!



Strait to Vegas, that is.  Remember last September the three of us (my besties) went to see the King in Vegas?  You can read about it here {weekend notes}

Well, we decided around December that we were going back.  Who knew the Cowboy was not ever going to ride away?  And continue to release more and more concert dates.


Strait to Vegas exclusive world-wide engagements have hosted 10 at capacity shows since George retired the tour bus.

The 2016 shows he played his 60 #1’s in chronological order.  He did it by playing the first 1-30 #1’s Friday night.  Then the following 31-60 #1’s Saturday (the second night).  With the addition to the can’t miss classics…..”Fool Hearted Memory” “You Look So Good In Love” and so on.

In November of 2016 he announced the sold-out series would continue through 2017.

The last 6 shows, one of which we were at Saturday night, was once again “Two Nights of Number Ones”  He changed it up a little for these remaining shows.  Still the #1’s, just not in chronological order.

He claims the 4 shows left, he will be changing up the format even more.  Man, I wish I could snag another ticket to see what he’s got in store.

  • Friday, September 1st
  • Saturday, September 2nd
  • Friday, December 8th
  • Saturday, December 9th

So, if you haven’t already seen this show, you’ve still got a chance.  And let me tell you, this is a MUST!

Will the King of Country ride away after December 9th?  That is the question.  But, damn, I’m sure hoping not!!!


Some of my favorites…..

“Here For A Good Time”


“All My Exes”


“Blue Clear Sky”

This song reminds me of my homegirl Zeb ♥


And then my phone died…

It was a sad thing!

Tall cans with mom!


I even bought a George tall can coozie.  T-shirt.  And playing cards.  I couldn’t help myself.


George played till midnight.  We sang and danced.  The BEST concert ever!

Fremont Street Experience //

After the concert we grabbed a cab and headed for Fremont Street.  Now I understand why they call it the “experience”

It’s nothing short of a crazy ass experience.

Maybe it was the 1am time-frame?  Maybe it’s always like this.  I couldn’t tell you.






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{friday 5}

Happy Holiday Weekend!!

This week has flown by and I’m perfectly okay with that!  I’ve got 4 consecutive days off….AGAIN.  How is the fuck did I manage to pull that off 2 weekends in a row?  I could cry.  It’s so GREAT!  Have I ever told you that 4th of July is like my favorite Holiday?  I mean, I love them all, but the 4th is just extra special.  We spend the Holiday at our family cabin in Lake Tahoe.  We go to the beach + sit/eat on the deck + play 31 over and over + go for walks + BBQ + sleep in + just chill with the family.  And pray that the bears don’t break in and eat us for a snack…HA!  It almost happened to my parents and the kids last night!!!  Swear!

Before I check out for the weekend, let’s talk about what I’ve got on my mind this beautifully fucking perfect Friday……


ONESeka Hills // Family Fun.  Food.  Fireworks.  And that’s exactly what they delivered.  What a fun night.  This is the second year in a row that I’ve attended this event.  The firework show is pretty damn impressive.  The Live music.  And the kid zone.  Although I was kidless, I did notice how cute the kid zone was.  Crafts galore and a photo booth too!  I was busy double fisting tuluk’a + rose and scarfing down Chandos Tacos Mulitas.  OMG…amazing by the way!

Until last night, I had never heard of Mulitas…..

Expertly made by layering jack cheese and your choice of meat between two corn tortillas. Top it off with Chandos’s signature fresh cilantro, delicious diced onions, creamy guacamole and tangy salsa for an instant flavor explosion.



Special thanks to Alex my wrap/knot shirt expert.  She fixed me up after every bathroom trip:)  I love the top, but it’s a lot of fucking work…HA!

J.Crew Wrap T-Shirt


TWO – Hershey Kisses // Red + white + blue wrapped treats just taste better.  I’m not going to admit how many of these Kisses I’ve devoured in the last week…FML!  I bought them for the Bike Parade and completely forgot to set them out on the treat table.  Darn it!  9 kisses for 200 calories, not bad!  These festive foils wrapped kisses are sold exclusively at Target, so don’t waste your time (like I did) look for them anywhere else.  I promise, you need these in your life!

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses Red-White and Blue Bag-11 oz.



THREE – Strait to Vegas //  We purchased our airline tickets!!  Shit is getting real!!  REAL exciting!!  Even my knocked up sister is pumped to tear up Vegas again.  I’m already mapping our the restaurants we’ll dine at.  Even though I heard it’s a disappointment….I have to check out the fancy Taco Bell.  Remember, I’m a TB junkie 🙂

29 days till I’m reunited with my main man, George!!

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{friday 5}

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Ohhhh yeahhhhh it’s Friday….which means the weekend has arrived!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and an even better weekend ahead!  Why does that sound so corny?  Maybe because I would never say that in person?  Over it!

You guys, I have 0 plans this weekend.  Z-E-R-O!  Zip zilch nada!  Not one single thing I have to do.  Sooooo weird!  What am I going to do with myself?  I really have no idea.

But, today is Friday and I’ve got 5 things on my mind…..



ONE – Happy #nationalstripesday // AKA J.Crew made up Holiday.  Now this is definitely something I can get behind!

GUYS, WE MADE UP A HOLIDAY. Show us how you’re wearing and pairing your stripes with #NATIONALSTRIPESDAY.

Here’s my #ootd representing the best made up Holiday thus far


I wasn’t sure I was the bell-sleeved type of girl, but this shirt proved me wrong.  Just give me all the bell-sleeves and I will be happy.  This one also comes in Black/Ivory stripe.  Annnddd it’s marked down to $31.50!!  Size down, it runs large.




TWO – Eric Church // Remember on Monday when I said the beach/ocean is good for the soul.  Well, so is country music.  First off – BIG thank you to Tio + Kissey for the tickets.  Alex is no longer a country concert virgin!  Scratch that…she claims she saw Tim McGraw (which kinda doesn’t count anyway) You can’t tell in this picture, but Alex is wearing cowgirl boots too.  WTF has happened?

And another BIG thank you to Nikki for the pre-party appetizer spread + chard (insert #chardsohard) at the new place.  Which is so so so cute!  I finally got to meet Katie (with the nice ass) if you follow on snapchat then you KNOW what I’m talking about.  Dammmmnnnn!  Such a fun night!  And a perfect way to start the weekend…minus my keg beer headache and 5 hours of sleep.  Ha.

Let’s please do it again.  Even if it’s just the 4 of us drinking wine and chatting ♥


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{friday 5}



I treasure the month of December!  It encompasses so many things I love ♥

Extra time with family & friends+ baking (lots of baking) + cozy nights + the best movies (aka Home Alone) + happy hour outings + so many festive events all around town + the lights, I just love all the lights!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


ONE – George Strait //  Guess who’s going Strait (back) to Vegas?  So fucking pumped, I can’t even explain!!  My Mom bought tickets when they came out on pre-sale Saturday morning.  My Mom is the SHIT!  I can’t wait for another Vegas weekend with my Mom + Sis…the last one was one I’ll never forget.  At least the parts that I remember…lol.  You know that saying, “The nights I won’t remember with the people I’ll never forget.”  Kinda like that. Haha!  I’ve got Strait Out Of The Box on repeat non-stop.  Only 238 days, but who’s counting 🙂

You can read more about our Strait to Vegas trip last September here {weekend notes}.

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And you better beleive I will be visiting the 24-Hour Taco Bell Casino in Vegas too!!   Taco Bell has a special plance in my heart.  Similar the the special place in my heart for George Strait 🙂




TWO – Christmas table setting // I’m not 100% it will stay this way, but it’s ok for now.  Still obsessed with eucalyptus.  I have it all over the house.  This tablecloth is just a large piece of melatic gold dot burlap that I scored at JoAnn’s.  The mini tree came from Target a few years ago.  These are the scented pine cones from Joann’s.   The still smell like cinnamon and I love it.  The same old candles I use each time.  I got the glass holders at Ikea.  They are considered wine glasses, but that’s bullshit because it can old hold a sip.  The plates + gold flatware are both from World Market.  I’ve been only hand washing the flatware and I’m happy to report they are still in perfect condition!!  I always grab these buffet napkins.  You can’t beat a 6-pack for $9.  I wrapped them with twine + cinnamon stick + christmas tree clippings.

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{friday 5}


It’s FRIDAY Bitches!  It’s just so fitting.  That’s what I’ll look like today at 5pm!  Longest short week every, right?  Well the weekend is here and I’m super pumped.  But first, I got 5 things on my mind….


ONE – 337 days ago we bought tickets to see King George in Vegas!  Strait to Vegas!!  Well my friends, the time has come.  I’m unable to put in words how excited I am.   Pulled out my CD collection.  Yes, I still buy CD’s…lol.  I like to listen to my favorites on repeat over and over again.  Dusted off the cowboy boots and pulled out the daisy dukes.  So looking forward to my boyfriend serenading me with all his love songs in person ♥

I also Can’t wait to drink and eat my way through Vegas.  Anyone have dinner recommendations?  There are entirely too many amazing restaurants to choose from. Eggslut and Serendipity are already on my must list.

You may want to un-friend/un-follow me now….as I will be over posting the shit outa this epic weekend.  You’ve been warned 🙂

Click here and you can listen to George’s 50 #1’s though out the day!  You’re welcome 🙂

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Here’s some eye candy for my fellow George lovers


TWOTarget Beauty Box // anyone tried it yet?  I have to admit, it just came yesterday so other than the lipstick + chap stick I really can’t give the quality much of a review.  I can say that I think it’s a bang for your buck.  I found this web-site that talks individually about each item in the September Beauty Box.  Each month Target releases a new box.  They sell out very quickly.  This is the first month I was able to get my hands on one.  At $10 a pop and if you have a red card then you also get FREE SHIPPING!  Click here + sign-up so you don’t miss out on the October Beauty Box!


The Products:

  • S. W. Basics Organic Lip Balm (full size) $15.99 4 pack
  • Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream (sample size) $32.00 full size
  • Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick in Naughty Nude (full size) $6.99
  • Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara (full size) $7.49
  • Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner (sample size) $8.59 full size
  • Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser (sample size) $5.99 full size
  • OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner (sample size) $10.99 full size

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{friday 5}


It’s F R I D A Y!  And we’re 2-days into the Yolo County Fair.  I’ve gained 10 lbs in beer + tacos and it aint over yet.

I’ve got 5 things on my mind this lovely Friday…….


ONE – Yolo County Fair, obvi had to be the #1 spot.  It’s that time of year.  Our favorite time of the year.  We’ve put in some hours, let me tell ya.  Tacos + corndogs + beers, oh my.  Not to mention the late nights + early mornings.  But, you gotta get after it.  Go big or go home, right?  The kids have so much fun, until they have to wait in the beer gardens for us to grab annnnoottther beer, as Bailey would say.  Someone told me last night, “in 11 years, these kids will be drinking beers with us in the beer gardens”  OMG!  Talk about freak me the fuck out.  Eleven years isn’t all that far away considering how quickly the last ten have flown by.  Anyway….we are going strong and ready for day #3!!  See you there friends.


TWO – Hayes Carll // How did I just hear about him for the first time?  Anyone else have a Hayes crush?  I have literally listened to him on repeat all week-long.  I’m crush’n hard friends!

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{weekend notes}

Happy Tuesday peeps.  I’m getting used to this Tuesday instead of Monday gig.  Sounds better than Happy Monday anyway, right?  Cheers to the week being 60% done!!

Friday nights that start like this are always my favorite.


Had to gear up for David Nail at the Grad.  Haha.  I literally have NOT been to the Grad since I was about 18 I’m guessing?  Well, it hasn’t changed much.  Except this time we were VIP.

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