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{target tuesday | band tees}

SHOP: Rollings Stones Tank ($12.99) | AGOLDE Dee Ultra High-Rise Shorts (expensive AF 100% worth it) | Paperclip Chain Necklace

You can’t always get what you want,
But if you try sometime you might find
You get what you need ūüé∂

Back to taking selfies since my photog (aka: Bay) is vacationing in Tahoe still ūüôĄ

I rounded up a shit-ton of band tees ALL UNDER $18 ūü•Ā

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{friday favorites}

SHOP: Sleeveless Tiered Dress | Faux Leather Jacket (similar) | Heels | Sunglasses (under $40)| Cocktail Glasses

I hope the weather is nice for my trip to Puerto BackyardūüĆī getting tired of Cabo San Living room ūüŹ°

I was originally going to share Vacation + Easter dresses today, but since our Cabo trip is postponed + Easter is canceled, thought a cocktail recipe was a little more ‚Äúessential‚ÄĚ at the moment.

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{weekend notes}

Monday! New start. New week. I somehow managed to make it to the gym at 5am this morning. Even after a long weekend in Vegas. Truth is, I haven’t made it to the gym on a Monday is about a month. Just like the saying goes “Never skip a Monday” that shit has some truth to it. I’m kicking today’s ass and I know I wouldn’t be if it hasn’t been for the sweat sesh! Going to try and make this a Monday habit!

Viva Las Vegas Baby! We pulled off a helluva surprise for Bay’s BIG 1-3! So much fun. But, man – there is no place like home. My bed never felt better than it did last night!

Intentions for the Week:

  • get my ass to the gym (everyday this week is my goal)
  • wine + planning with the Omega Nu “fun committee”
  • at home mani
  • celebrate my teenager one last time
  • get back to packing lunches the night before (such a time saver in the mornings)
  • clean out my purse + wallet (it’s straight up embarrassing)
  • try a new recipe
  • catch up on some much needed sleep

This week on xoxostacyb: celebrating another national day this week. I’ll be sharing a new recipe. Some sales. And maybe, hopefully my fern centerpiece DIY! Stay tuned!

Highlights from the Weekend…..

Somehow we (my mom, sister & I) pulled off the surprise of a lifetime. Back in December I pulled the trigger on 4 George Strait concert tickets. Then asked my mom + sis what they thought about taking Bay for her 13th Birthday. The concert was on her actual 13th birthday!

Friday, August 23rd at 6:30am. the morning of Bay’s 13th birthday, we woke her up with party hats and blowers.

She had 5 minutes to get up, get dressed, brush her teeth and catch our flight.

She was 100% surprised. And I was beginning to think she had an idea that something was up.

Thank you so much for all the sweet messages + texts + comments. Bay loved reading them all. She felt pretty special ‚̧ԳŹ

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{weekend notes}

It’s just another manic Monday

Wish it was Sunday

Cause that’s my funday

Back to the grind! I like to start Monday’s thinking of 3 things I’m looking forward to during the week. Little or small.

This week includes:

  1. NO evening plans all.week.long. Not even sure how that happened.
  2. George Strait’s new album release on Friday
  3. Watching Bravo’s Summer House tonight….just keepin it real!

What are you looking forward to this week?

Intentions for the Week:

  • share our Spring To-Do’s and Easter outfits
  • find all the zero weight watcher point meals + snacks
  • get all my new plants in the ground
  • work on some new recipes
  • organize the junk drawer
  • put together a simple Trader Joe’s flower arrangement
  • reservations at Barrel House Tavern
  • make 1 point weight watchers cookies #sweettooth
  • gather ingredients for a char-kid-erie
  • pack for the beach

This week on the blog: Easter table setting. Spring To-Do’s. Easter #ootd’s.

Highlights from the weekend……

You’re never going to guess what Cory + I did Friday evening…

Symposium in Davis is legit. Cory took me for the first time a few years ago and I fell in love with this little hidden gem. Amazing Greek food. And that pizza right there was divine! Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger have dined at this place…..just a tid bit I thought you should know…lol.

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{friday 5}


Yep, it’s finally Friday!¬† And this girl is ready to shake a tail feather.¬† How about you?¬† It was a damn good week.¬† I got shit accomplished.¬† This weather….straight up beer drinking weather.¬† What’s on the agenda for the weekend?¬† We’re hanging out Saturday and headed to the city on Sunday for a mother-daughter date¬†‚ô•

Before I wrap up this day…..

Let’s chat about what I’ve got on my mind?¬† Just some things I’m currently diggin…..


ONE – Fanny Pack //¬† Ok friends.¬† I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on a fanny pack.¬† Crazy to think the 90’s fanny pack is making its way back.¬† Goes to show, everything comes full circle.¬† Ha!¬† There are so many cute options, but obvi I have my heart set on a not so budget friendly pack.¬† I think it would be so great for vacationing.¬† Weekends.¬† Shopping.¬† Anything really.¬† What do you think?



I found this on Urban Dictionary…lol:

A pouch or other device used to hold items usually worn around the waist. Most often used as an alternative to a man-purse.
Frank keeps his lube and lipstick in his fanny pack.



TWO РSongs // Do you ever listen to a song over and over till your almost sick of it? Me too!  Ha!  Midland has been on maj repeat.  This Old Heart + Burn Out have been my jam.  Having a little FOMO for Stagecoach.  Midland is on the lineup too!

Midland – Burn Out

Midland РThis Old Heart 




THREE – Snackin’ //¬† Hummus!¬† Like always, jazzed up!¬† Good ol’ Trader Joe’s hummus.¬† With a drizzle of olive oil.¬† And a couple sprinkles of TJ’s everything but the bagel seasoning.¬† Cut up veggies from the weekend meal prep.¬† TJ’s beet crackers, which I’m IN LOVE with.¬† I have to hide them or Bay + Cory will polish them off.

Jazz up your hummus this weekend and watch it disappear.


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{record player setup}

Hi friends!¬† I’ve had DM after DM asking for more info on my record player.¬† So, you better believe I’m going to write a post about it!!

You know I’m all about sharing All.The.Things!



Record players have always fascinated me.¬† There is just something about flipping from side A to B and watching them spin.¬† It’s also incredibly relaxing.¬† As is with any music, I get it.¬† It’s a total novelty, I know, but I just love it!

I remember blasting Prince at the Roberts house on their parents record player back in the 90’s.¬† Dancing + singing at the top of our lungs.

I want to do the same thing with Bay.¬† I’m so crazy thankful we both have a deep love for music¬†‚ô•

I did a some research.  Googled it!

Without spending a grip, I wanted something to begin with.  Something that worked well.  Something I could use my Bose bluetooth speaker with.  Something simple.  Something pretty!


Which brought me to the Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable with Bluetooth

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{weekend notes}


Good morning!¬† How was your weekend?¬† We packed in so much in the last two days, but managed to find a good balance of fun + relaxing!¬† Don’t you love it when that happens.¬† Just enough downtime to feel refreshed Monday morning.

Intentions for the Week:

  • Meet or beat 15k steps per day¬†(killed it!!!)
  • Slang poinsettia’s¬†(still selling, let me know if you want one)
  • Order Christmas cards¬†(done, check)
  • Log ALL food into My Fitness Pal – failed…only logged 3 days and gave up
  • Go through Bay’s closet/sale clothes (everything is too small…AGAIN) – 1/2 done
  • Run 3x this week (who am I?)
  • Write a post on Monster Rice Krispy Treats from my insta stories
  • Make spider pizzas for Bay’s lunch – will be sharing tomorrow ūüôā
  • Come up with a Blog Giveaway.¬† Any ideas?


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Here’s some of the highlights from the weekend……


Plainfield Harvest Gala //

Friday night I attended my 7th and final Plainfield Harvest Gala.¬† Since I joined PTA Bay’s kinder year, I’ve been involved with this fundraiser.¬† Jenny + I brought it back to life and it’s crazy to see what it is now.¬† This was also the first year I was able to sit with my table, enjoy dinner and not work the whole event.¬† It was nice!¬† Hands up to Andrea for making shit happen!


My last year folding those goddamn programs too…lol!


Fun night.  Love supporting our Plainfield Elementary ♥



Running Group //

Toni + I got up bright and early for our Saturday morning run!¬† It was a good one.¬† We chat the entire time, so it makes it go by quick.¬† We’re gradually adding distance and I’m still in awww over the fact that I’m enjoying this shit.

We’ve even decided to meet for a 3rd run this week.¬† Who am I?¬† LOL!



Christmas Card Photo’s //

Even Link made it in a couple snaps.¬† Moments before we had our picture taken, I finally decided on outfits for us to wear.¬† I couldn’t for the life of my decide.¬† In my head I really wanted us in dresses.¬† That’s just not us though.¬† We’re jeans and a cute top kind of girls, so that’s what we went with.



Monster Rice Krispy Treats //

When you’re in charge of Kid dessert.¬† You google that shit and find the cutest Monster Rice Krispy Treats and make them.¬† I’ll share exactly how we made these in a separate post this week.¬† Super easy.¬† Bay and I whipped them up together in about 10 minute.¬† I have Monster Brownies that we’ll be sharing too!¬† Stay tuned!



Shopping //

We did a little damage at the one, the only…..


Bay had birthday giftcards that were burning a hole in her pocket.¬† So really, really wanted a cake decorating turn table.¬† I think that’s what they’re called?¬† Anyway, she found one.¬† Happiest girl in the world.¬† I got some really, really cute boots.¬† But, we’ll chat more about them later this week.



50th Anniversary + Cam //

My homegirl Nikki hooked it up with tickets to see Cam at the airport.  You know the blonde curly-haired chick that sings Burning House.  It was in celebration of the Sacramento International Airports 50th Anniversary.


Such a fun event.  Food.  WINE + beer.  Games.  Drawings.  Even birthday cake.


And the concert!!


My girl!


Pumpkin Patch //

The Hostert girls came to town.  Naturally we got the whole gang together ♥


And this picture makes my heart happy.¬† The other thing that comes to mind……

We are out fucking numbered!



Cow Train was a hit!  That thing jams!

I think all the kids got lost in the Milo Maze.


Pumpkin Patch Fun….check!


Then Melika overfed us with her man dip and I was ready for bed!!  Thanks for hosting all out crazy kids Melika!  I think we need to start a go fund me to repair her house.

I even got to hang with the big girls on the car ride home.



Bake Sale //

Bay + Ruby finally had the bake sale they’ve been asking for since summer.

They did change it up a but though.

These girls decided to donate all the money made on their tasty treats to the Napa/Santa Rosa Fire Relief.  God, I love them!!


BIG thank you to all the visitors + friends that stopped by to hang out and buy treats.


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{weekend notes}

FullSizeRender (21).jpg

The struggle is real! ¬†And that’s all I gotta say about this day!

Ok, first off…..

Intentions for the week:

You can read last weeks Intentions here¬†{weekend notes}.¬† Once again, I sucked at tracking my food on My Fitness Pal. ¬†This week it’s on though. ¬†You guys, after a month off from Kaia, I start back as of August 1st….that’s tomorrow! ¬†I’m scared and excited. ¬†More excited, I think. ¬†I’ve got some goals to crush!

  • September budget spreadsheet
  • Track ALL food on My Fitness Pal (I tracked till Thursday…boo)
  • Go through my closet and donate/sale clothes
  • Lay off the vino….until Friday, of course (failed MISERABLY)
  • Plan SF hike/weekend
  • Make oven roasted tomatoes
  • Prepare for garage sale (FML)
  • Make my own coffee every morning (stay out of the Starbucks drive thru)
  • Do charcoal teeth whitening¬†and tell you all about it…lol. (back on the list)
  • Make sheet pan eggs
  • Lunch break arboretum walk (too HOT for that shit)
  • Deep clean bathroom cabinets/drawers/makeup (throw shit away)


And for some weekend highlights….

Friday //

Can’t beat jalapeno margs at the Truitt’s! ¬†Perfect way to kick off the weekend, if you ask me!!!



Saturday //

Early breakfast date with my girl ♥

Morgan’s Mill is gorgeous. ¬†The rustic brick building. ¬†Succulent accents. ¬†An outdoor patio with lights strung. ¬†Not only is the building itself easy on the eyes….they serve good coffee. ¬†Amazing cinnamon roll waffle. ¬†That’s mascarpone cheese on top. ¬†Heavenly. ¬†The gluten-free chocolate muffin was Bay’s favorite. ¬†And remember….”she doesn’t do that gluten-free stuff”…lol.

Oh and they made her a warm caramel apple cider drink.

We’ll be back!!

Hoping to pop in on an evening and sip a glass of chard on that patio!!



Strait to Vegas, that is.  Remember last September the three of us (my besties) went to see the King in Vegas?  You can read about it here {weekend notes}

Well, we decided around December that we were going back.  Who knew the Cowboy was not ever going to ride away?  And continue to release more and more concert dates.


Strait to Vegas exclusive world-wide engagements have hosted 10 at capacity shows since George retired the tour bus.

The 2016 shows he played his 60 #1’s in chronological order. ¬†He did it by playing the first 1-30 #1’s Friday night. ¬†Then the following 31-60 #1’s Saturday (the second night). ¬†With the addition to the can’t miss classics…..”Fool Hearted Memory” “You Look So Good In Love” and so on.

In November of 2016 he announced the sold-out series would continue through 2017.

The last 6 shows, one of which we were at Saturday night, was once again “Two Nights of Number Ones” ¬†He changed it up a little for these remaining shows. ¬†Still the #1’s, just not in chronological order.

He claims the 4 shows left, he will be changing up the format even more. ¬†Man, I wish I could snag another ticket to see what he’s got in store.

  • Friday, September 1st
  • Saturday, September 2nd
  • Friday, December 8th
  • Saturday, December 9th

So, if you haven’t already seen this show, you’ve still got a chance. ¬†And let me tell you, this is a MUST!

Will the King of Country ride away after December 9th? ¬†That is the question. ¬†But, damn, I’m sure hoping not!!!


Some of my favorites…..

“Here For A Good Time”


“All My Exes”


“Blue Clear Sky”

This song reminds me of my homegirl Zeb ♥


And then my phone died…

It was a sad thing!

Tall cans with mom!


I even bought a George tall can coozie. ¬†T-shirt. ¬†And playing cards. ¬†I couldn’t help myself.


George played till midnight.  We sang and danced.  The BEST concert ever!

Fremont Street Experience //

After the concert we grabbed a cab and headed for Fremont Street. ¬†Now I understand why they call it the “experience”

It’s nothing short of a crazy ass experience.

Maybe it was the 1am time-frame? ¬†Maybe it’s always like this. ¬†I couldn’t tell you.






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{friday 5}

Happy Holiday Weekend!!

This week has flown by and I’m perfectly okay with that! ¬†I’ve got 4 consecutive days off….AGAIN. ¬†How is the fuck did I manage to pull that off 2 weekends in a row? ¬†I could cry. ¬†It’s so GREAT! ¬†Have I ever told you that 4th of July is like my favorite Holiday? ¬†I mean, I love them all, but the 4th is just extra special. ¬†We spend the Holiday at our family cabin in Lake Tahoe. ¬†We go to the beach + sit/eat on the deck + play 31 over and over + go for walks + BBQ + sleep in + just chill with the family. ¬†And pray that the bears don’t break in and eat us for a snack…HA! ¬†It almost happened to my parents and the kids last night!!! ¬†Swear!

Before I check out for the weekend, let’s talk about what I’ve got on my mind this beautifully fucking perfect Friday……


ONESeka Hills // Family Fun. ¬†Food. ¬†Fireworks. ¬†And that’s exactly what they delivered. ¬†What a fun night. ¬†This is the second year in a row that I’ve attended this event. ¬†The firework show is pretty damn impressive. ¬†The Live music. ¬†And the kid zone. ¬†Although I was kidless, I did notice how cute the kid zone was. ¬†Crafts galore and a photo booth too! ¬†I was busy double fisting tuluk’a + rose and scarfing down Chandos Tacos Mulitas. ¬†OMG…amazing by the way!

Until last night, I had never heard of Mulitas…..

Expertly made by layering jack cheese and your choice of meat between two corn tortillas. Top it off with Chandos’s signature fresh cilantro, delicious diced onions, creamy guacamole and tangy salsa for an instant flavor explosion.



Special thanks to Alex my wrap/knot shirt expert. ¬†She fixed me up after every bathroom trip:) ¬†I love the top, but it’s a lot of fucking work…HA!

J.Crew Wrap T-Shirt


TWO – Hershey Kisses // Red + white + blue wrapped treats just taste better. ¬†I’m not going to admit how many of these Kisses I’ve devoured in the last week…FML! ¬†I bought them for the Bike Parade and completely forgot to set them out on the treat table. ¬†Darn it! ¬†9 kisses for 200 calories, not bad! ¬†These festive foils wrapped kisses are sold exclusively at Target, so don’t waste your time (like I did) look for them anywhere else. ¬†I promise, you need these in your life!

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses Red-White and Blue Bag-11 oz.



THREE – Strait to Vegas // ¬†We purchased our airline tickets!! ¬†Shit is getting real!! ¬†REAL exciting!! ¬†Even my knocked up sister is pumped to tear up Vegas again. ¬†I’m already mapping our the restaurants we’ll dine at. ¬†Even though I heard it’s a disappointment….I have to check out the fancy Taco Bell. ¬†Remember, I’m a TB junkie ūüôā

29 days till I’m reunited with my main man, George!!

FullSizeRender (8)

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