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{weekend notes}

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It’s Monday and the party’s over pendejo’s.  Haha.  The party is definitely over.  Got home late last night from a whirl wind 30 hour Vegas trip with my besties.  I’m sofa king tired!!

The saying what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas is 100% true.  Until you open up your snapchat and have to delete almost every video from the night before…lol.  You’re welcome for the entertainment!!


Airplane cheers!


Who’s idea was it to order doubles on the plane?  Oh yeah, Katie’s 🙂

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We surprised my Mom with a suite at the Venetian in Vegas.  We told her we were staying at some little dive.  She was blown away when we walked in the doors.

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I really owe it all to my sister.  She’s the one that actually pulled it off.  Well done Kissey, Well done.  With out a doubt the most beautiful suite I’ve ever stayed in.  There were 3 TV’s and we joked that we never turned one on.  The bathroom was just about the size of my house.

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Keeping it classy with an opened 12 pack walking though the casino.

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This was also Katie’s idea!!

We have a picture of GG doing the same thing, except with taquilla!  It kinda runs in the family 🙂

For the 1st time in my life….I was ready first.  So I had to document it with a shot of fireball.  I swear we did more than just drink…lol.

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AEO Shorts // Old Gringo Sora Western Boots // Gap Western Denim Shirt

Ready to hit the town!

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So many amazing restaurants to choose from in Vegas.  I did a little research and found the Bardot Brasserie in Aria.   This beautiful French restaurant did not disappoint.

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We enjoyed the Escargot Bardot, Filet Mignon, Salmon Aux Lentilles, Coquilles St. Jacques and lots of red wine.  Amazing!  My Mom and Sister had escargot for the first time.  Although, it was a fried version and not the in the shell Pretty Women style – they still tried it!  We all hands down loved our meals at Bardot.

I took a little snoozer while Kacey Musgraves opened up for George…lol.  Typical.

You guys – George put on another amazing show.  He played his heart out till midnight.  We sang and we danced.  Such a great show from the King of country music.

He’s still got it ♥

The Chair

Famous Last Words of a Fool

What’s Going On In Your World 

Easy Come, Easy Go

Blue Clear Sky (makes me think of Sarah with the Black hair every time I hear it)

Write This Down

Cowboy Rides Away

Just to name a few from Saturday night.  If only I could post videos on the blog.  I have about 50 of them 🙂

He walked around that stage about 20 times.  It was pure joy to be there listening to him live.  I’d go back in a heartbeat.


Someone told me the definition of George Strait:  “the unambiguous King of Country Music.”  Dead on!

He’s sold over 68 million records and counting.

33 platinum albums.

George had earned the second most certifications of any artist, following ONLY Elvis Presley.

60 #1 songs.  That’s more than any other artist in history. (including Elvis)

Strait is also the ONLY artist in the history of music (all genres) to have a top ten hit every year for 30 consecutive years.

He’s the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year and has been nominated in this category 17 times.  As well as nominee for the CMA male vocalist of the Year 25 times.

George holds the record with most CMA wins with 22.

I think  it’s safe to say – George is the unambiguous King of Country Music!!


Remember how I said I was going to eat my way through Vegas?  Well, mission accomplished.  Shake Shack was of course located right outside T-Mobile Arena.  Basically it was meant to be.  Heaven you guys.  Pure heaven.

The ONLY Elvis sighting was this dude…WTF?  His hair was about the only thing on point 🙂


Sunday morning we set out to find Egg Slut.  Have you ever heard of it?  Egg Slut is inspired by a true love for eggs.  I love eggs with all my heart.  I eat them every day.  This was a win-win.

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I had the Slut…haha.  It was everything I hoped it would be.

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The line for Egg Slut was insane.  But completely worth it.  I found a bar right around the corner as we waited so it was all good 🙂

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Gondola rides with Donald the Duck

Pool kickin it…..just a little hungover.

Giant Margaritas


To our final meal at Giada.

I have to admit, I wasn’t impressed.  It was just okay.  And the B wasn’t even there.  I follow her on instagram and she’s always in Vegas, except the day we visited!  The actual restaurant and the views are to die for.

We got to catch the Bellagio dancing fountains from our table.

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Happy early birthday Mom!!


I can’t think of two other people I’d rather spend 30 hours in Vegas with.  We laughed.  We ate everything.  We toasted.  We celebrated.  We listened to George.  Most of all, the time with my Mom and Sister was everything.  Priceless.  I’m blessed to call these women my best friends.  My confidants.  My family!  I’d do it all over again….minus the fireball lol:)

Thank you for the amazing memories + weekend Mom + Kissey ♥

Untill next time, George!


xoxo stacyb







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