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{friday 5}

Friday 5. I mean Saturday 5. I tried to get this post up all day and kept getting distracted. Better late than never. We’re off to the beach for our Annual Stinson Beach trip. The weather forecast is making me crazy excited. Stay tuned for photo overload! Whatever you do, make it a good one!!

ONE – George Strait Honky Tonk Time Machine //

Remember on Monday when I told you I like the start the week by listing 3 things that I’m looking forward too? {weekend notes} Well, today I marked off the 3rd item from my list. I picked up George Strait’s new album. Honky Tonk Time Machine. And It’s been on repeat Even at my desk. If you’re a George fan, or even if you’re not, pick this up! You’ll love it. I’m thinking about picking it up in vinyl too!

TWO – Target Drive-Up //

When I picked up the album this morning, I found a new option at Target. Drive-up! I guess they’ve been providing this service for a while now, but we just got it. And let me tell you peeps, this is Ah mazzzz inggg. The worst part of going to Target is running into everyone and their mothers. Not that I’m anti social. I just typically look homeless or don’t want to put on a bra to pick up ONE thing, that I HAVE to have. Ya feel me? Anyway, before I even clicked “I’m here” on the app….a clerk was already headed out to my car. Wonder if they can bring booze….hmmmm. Try it out!

Three – Weight Watchers Progress //

I’ve been getting tons of messages asking for an update. Yesterday marked 3 whole weeks following Weight Watchers. And I’m happy to report, I’m down 12.2 pounds. Insert HAPPY DANCE. I promise I will share my entire day food log from Wednesday. The day I consumed Zero points all day. And still had breakfast + lunch + dinner + snacks. Hoping to have it up next week! If you’re considering joining, I HIGHLY reccomend Weight Watchers. I also have an invite where you can get the first month free and also have the enrollment fee waived. Check it out here: {weight watchers week 1 results}

Four – Home Sick //

Remember when I said we had NO evening plans all week? Well that was a blessing. Bay tested positive for influenza on Wednesday morning. Which means she was bedridden for 3 days. Bike my heart seeing her so sick. As of Friday afternoon she is officially back to her spunky self. And since I had so much time on my hands, I got so much done around the house. Sold a shit-Ton of our old clothes on Online Yardsale. BIG THANKS to everyone who bought our things. I organized the junk drawer. Not going to lie, I keep opening it just to look. Ha. The shit that makes me happy :). And I worked in our back patio. Net plants are in the ground and it looks so fresh and so clean. Only wish I would have taken a “before” to show what it looked like. #allbad.

Five – Click + Read

Bunch of random shit that caught my eye this week…..

Alright it’s Friday! Go have a cold one and enjoy the weather. It’s going to be a beautiful weekend!

xoxo stacyb

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