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{table setting | valentine’s day}

SHOP: Valentine’s Day Table Setting

A table setting made with love.

This Holiday Whore vows to made this Valentine’s Day special AF! No matter what!

So, I set a pretty table. That’s how I always kick off each Holiday. Once my home feels nice + festive, then I’m in full Holiday mode! I eat + sleep + breath it…Ha!

Sharing my super simple Holiday table + rounding up some ideas to show and give all the love this weekend!

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{halloween snack mix}

Halloween is 23 days away. Bay just decided today that she wants to be a bumble bee. So now I frantically try to find her the perfect bumble bee costume….that she actually likes. Say a little prayer for me, K?

And you know by now that I’m a complete Holiday Whore…ha! Sounds so bad. lol. Any excuse to make something fun + festive. I’m here for it. Pumpkin shaped everything. Ghosts + spiders. I’m on it!

Some good ones from the archives:

  • Remember the {pumpkin donut holes} They are not only crazy easy, they’re crazy good!
  • The {mini pumpkin pies} I’ve been making for years. They are the perfect individual sized dessert for those of us (my hand is raised) that have absolutely NO control when it comes to pumpkin pie.
  • {pumpkin snickerdoodles} a spin on GG’s (my grandmother) classic cookie.
  • Back in 2016, I shared {pumpkin muffins} and I need to put these on my to-make list to re photograph them!
  • Last years I busted out the {spider cupcakes} for our annual trick-or-treating night at the Nelson’s
  • And last but not least, {pumpkin spice creamer} inspired by my girlfriend Justine!

This year, I’d like to introduce you to a dangerously delicious snack mix.

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{stocking stuffers}

Anyone else leave stocking stuffers for last?  Every.Single.Time!  Then run around like a chicken with its head chopped off looking for all the things….in all the picked over + over crowded stores?

Me too!!!

And we get zero credit for all the damn hustle.  You’re welcome, Santa!

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news…’ve officially got 6 days to make shit happen.  Runnn!

Step #1: stick a bottle of chardonnay in the fridge.

Step #2: order everything possible thing you can on for an in-store pick-up #lifesaver

Step #3: when all else fails….buy lots + lots of candy.  I’ve never heard a kid complain about sweets.

Step #4: drink that chardonnay and give yourself a pat on the back!


I’ve got you’re back boo!  Keep scrolling….I’ve rounded up some fun goodies to help a sister out.  Some items are re-runs from the {tween gift guide} but are totally perfect for a stocking stuffer too!


Knit Stocking // F Bomb // Sheet Mask // String Lights // Glitter Polish // Lash Primer // Mascara // No-Show Socks // Velvet Pencil Case // Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seed


Crafting the perfect stocking doesn’t have to be crazy expensive.  There is a science behind putting together a good one though.  The perfect amount of sweets!  #chocolate  Unique small trinkets.  Something to wear.  And an item off the kiddo’s wish list.

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{easter basket goodies}


All the kids want is the CHOCOLATE!!  And let’s be real….all us Mama’s want our kids to fall asleep so we can steal all their Reese’s Eggs.  Am I right?  I like to call it “quality control.”  I can’t buy them for myself, because #noselfcontrol obvi.  So, I buy them for Bay.  Then eat them. Ha.  Makes total sense to me!

Ever since I was a kid, my parents always filled our baskets with a new swim suit + salt water sandals…and all the candy.

I totally copycat my Mom and do the same for Bay each year.  I always try to throw in the realistic things that I will need to buy anyway.  And with summer right around the corner, the summery basket was always the ticket.

Except this year.  Bay already has new suits + flip-flops + beach towels + googles….we had to stock up earlier for her Hawaii trip.

This year the Easter Bunny is bringing her museum ticket.

Remember my Adventure + Experiences gift idea.  We’re still rollin with it.

Still jazzing up the tickets with some fun goodies that I know she’ll love too.  #reeseseggs


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{friday 5}

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Happy Friday + Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I hope you’ve got your green on today!  And you’re getting festive tonight… beer and all!  Do you ever go into Friday just knowing it’s going to be an outstanding weekend?  That’s me today!  I’m so ready to say peace out to Dixon, CA for the weekend!

You know what comes next!  I’ve got 5 things on my mind this beautiful Friday……

ONE – The leprechaun made a stop at our house this morning.  Bay told me I can stop pretending that an actual leprechaun comes to our house.  That she knows its me that does this every year.  Dagger to the heart!  My response: As long as you’re living under my roof, the leprechaun will pay a visit every single St. Patrick’s Day….PROMISE!  She laughed and told me it’s OK, she totally loves it ♥  Green milk with a sprinkle rim + Nugget’s croissant donuts (OMG, I made her give me a bite….so good) with a side of multi vitamins + the traditional green treat basket.   So Lucky You’re Mine!!!


TWO – Olive + Black for St. Patrick’s Day //  I realized last week that I basically have NO green clothes….at all!  Clearly I had to make a trip to J.Crew to fix the situation.  I don’t want people touching me, let alone pinching me today…ha!  Since I can’t be traditional AF, I’m going with olive + black for my St. Patty’s Day look!

How killer is this scalloped tank?  Not going to lie, I’ve already worn it twice already.  It’s gorgeous under a blazer or tucked into a pair of denim.  It’s currently on sale for $38 too!  And comes in 3 other color options (fiery sunset + marine salt + barcelona blue) creative names J.Crew, I like it!  I need a couple more of these in my life, that’s for sure!

** Nikki – I finally got my links fixed, just for you!!! 



I swear this jacket doesn’t look so nun-ish in person.  It’s really cute.  Awful picture J.Crew.  I actually wouldn’t have even looked at this twice, but I saw it in store and had to have it.  It’s lightweight and just what I needed for my closet.



I rarely shop in-store, because who’s got time for that shit?  But, this rare occasion made me re-think my in-store shopping phobia.  I got the really ditzy checker.  Don’t you love it when that happens?  I complimented her on her sweater, and she gave me every promo under the sun.  I grabbed both of these items for $50.  I may be shopping in-store more often!

THREE – Student Led Conference //  This year the Plainfield’s 5th graders did student led conferences.  At first I though, weird!  Then I sat down in Bailey’s classroom chair Monday afternoon and she led me through her conference.  I was blown away.  My 5th grader has written essay’s (good ones) + is acing math + makes power point presentations, which I personally have never done before.  I’m so proud of her progress this year and love both of her teachers to pieces!!!  Just had to brag a little #proudmommoment

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

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{st. patty’s day treats}

March is half over!  It’s Spring!!  At least it’s felt like it for the past few days, but I’m not holding my breath just yet.  Next weeks weather forecast is not in our favor.  WTF Mother Nature?!?!

I recently realized that I kinda love every season.  Equally!  I don’t have a favorite.  There is so much excitement for what each one brings.  Don’t you think?  Right now I’m craving color and the outdoors.  I’ve been working on my yard like a crazy person.  My grass is officially green again!  Whoop Whoop!  My salsa garden is all planned out and waiting for the beginning of April to get everything in the ground.

St. Patrick’s Day is always when it begins to feel more and more like spring is in the air.  Green beers.  Green treats.  Green clothing.  I’m all ready for Friday!  How about you?

What are your St Patty’s Day traditions?  Corned beef and cabbage?  Does the crazy leprechaun visit your house?  Classroom treats?

Here’s what we’ve got up our sleeve for tomorrow……

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{lemon lip scrub}

Today I’m sharing a lip scrub recipe that you can make at home with kitchen staples that will easily brighten, soften, refresh and moisturize your poor winter lips.  It’s been a long winter and my lips are loving this!

Best part, you have all the ingredients already.  Sugar + honey + oil + scent.

Try it!!  Trust me!


This isn’t just a lip scrub, this could totally be used over the whole body too!

The sugar acts as an exfoliant to smooth chapped, dry lips.  The olive oil, is a super moisturizer that helps the sugar do its work.  You can add any flavor combo your heart desires.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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{i need s’more friends like you}

I am the holiday whore, remember?  I do not buy the cute + super easy store-bought Valentine’s.  You know the ones that your kids actually do themselves?  Haha!  No way Jose!  I’m the bust out the cardstock + cellophane bags + paper-cutter kind of Mom.

As of now, Bay still totally digs it.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….one day she will not be caught dead taking these homemade Valentine’s to her school homies.  So, until then, I will make ridiculous Holiday crafts and enjoy every second of it!   ♥


I came across these adorable s’more Valentines’s right after scoring a bag of heart-shaped marshmallows from good ol Wally world.  It was meant to be.  I showed Bay and she was on board.

It may look like “screw that shit, ain’t nobody got time for that!”  LOL!  But, trust me – it was pretty simple and inexpensive to bust out 32 of these cuties!

FullSizeRender (17).jpg


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • heart-shaped marshmallows
  • 2 boxes graham crackers
  • 32 mini Hershey’s chocolate bars
  • 32 cellophane bags
  • printable
  • stapler



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{reindeer rice krispies treats}

Can you believe there are only 25 days till Christmas?!?!  31 days till 2017?  CRAZY!!


Today I’m sharing a fun festive holiday treat.  Reindeer Rice Krispies Treats.  I always thought it was Rice Krispie Treats, but I googled that shit and I’m wrong.  Rice Krispies Treats just sounds funny to me.  Right?!?!

Anyway this kid treat is super easy.  Bailey can make them all by herself, from start to finish.  I always make a demo for her to follow then she makes the rest.  I love having a kitchen helper!  I guess I should just call it a fun treat, not kid treat.  God knows I killed a couple of them too.  So good:)

Normally I’d be chatting about the Elf on the damn Shelf.  But, Holly (our Elf on the shelf) didn’t make her grand entrance this morning.  I’m so NOT ready for that little fucker.  I’m totally going to move her ass all over the house again this year though.  I keep reminding myself, there are only a handful of years left that Bailey is even going to believe:(  I’m going to suck it up and just make shit happen.  Holly will arrive tonight.  With Bay’s Christmas PJ’s that I’ve been waiting patiently for since I placed the Old Navy order on November 22nd.  Yes, you read that right…November 22nd.  That’s 10 days.  How can the Elf of the damn shelf show up with out Christmas PJ’s?

Honestly, Bailey didn’t even notice this morning.  She was too busy texting and making Muscially videos…LOL!

Ok, back to Reindeer Rice Krispies Treats…..

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Here’s what you’ll need:

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