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{easter basket goodies}


All the kids want is the CHOCOLATE!!  And let’s be real….all us Mama’s want our kids to fall asleep so we can steal all their Reese’s Eggs.  Am I right?  I like to call it “quality control.”  I can’t buy them for myself, because #noselfcontrol obvi.  So, I buy them for Bay.  Then eat them. Ha.  Makes total sense to me!

Ever since I was a kid, my parents always filled our baskets with a new swim suit + salt water sandals…and all the candy.

I totally copycat my Mom and do the same for Bay each year.  I always try to throw in the realistic things that I will need to buy anyway.  And with summer right around the corner, the summery basket was always the ticket.

Except this year.  Bay already has new suits + flip-flops + beach towels + googles….we had to stock up earlier for her Hawaii trip.

This year the Easter Bunny is bringing her museum ticket.

Remember my Adventure + Experiences gift idea.  We’re still rollin with it.

Still jazzing up the tickets with some fun goodies that I know she’ll love too.  #reeseseggs


My girlfriend Nicole and I were chatting this week about doing Easter baskets for our kids FOREVER!  Shoot, I still get one from my parents to this day…lol.  Think Bay will be mortified when I send her Easter basket to college?  Nahh, she undercover digs her crazy #holidywhore mama.  I think!

So have a few ideas for basket filler.  After you stock up on all the Reese’s Eggs you can find.




Faux leather bag

: Target

Scooping up cute little goodies to fill the baskets can be annoying + get expensive, I get it.  But their sweet smiles Easter morning when they lay eyes on that basket.  PRICELESS!


xoxo stacyb

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