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{happy halloween // spider cupcakes}


Happy Halloween!  It’s been a full month of all things orange + black + spooky!  We’ve baked.  We’ve decorated (twice).  Pumpkins are carved.  Pumpkin seeds roasted…(my mom’s best batch yet)  Bay DIY’d her costume.

The only thing left…Trick-Or-Treating!

Which is probably my least favorite part of the!  The kids favorite, the adults…not so much.



But, I realized today – this could possibly be that last time my girl dresses up for Halloween.  I was honestly unsure she was even going to be up for it this year.  I think the whole DIY costume really got her in the spirit.  Or the bribes?  HA!

Either way, we are going to Trick-Or-Treat our asses off tonight.  In the dark.  In the cold.  With strangers giving our kids candy.

I will have a wine in hand, though so I can’t complain too much.

Here’s to our kids ending up with shit-tons of Reese’s!  CHEERS!!!


I saw these adorable spider cupcake holders at Crate & Barrel last year.  Unfortunately they were SOLD out all season.

So, you better bet your ass when I saw them on Amazon I hit “purchase” as quick as I could.  They arrived last night, just in the nick of time.  Or is it Knick of time?  Things that make you go hmmm!  And they were only $10!  Holla!  I’m sharing them below….get yourself some for next year.

Then bake some cupcakes.  (pay your kid to do it, if you have to…like  Get the candy eyeballs (which actually aren’t very good at all) Just for looks!

Then cover your serving tray with the cheapy bag of spider webs from the dollar store.  Throw some glitter spiders on and you’re got yourself a #festiveAF dessert for Halloween.

Great for classroom parties.  The pumpkin patch.  Or to put your kids in sugar overload on Halloween, as I plan to do!


Spider Cupcake Holders


Spider Cupcake Holders




xoxo stacyb

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