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SHOP: Valentine’s Day Table Setting

A table setting made with love.

This Holiday Whore vows to made this Valentine’s Day special AF! No matter what!

So, I set a pretty table. That’s how I always kick off each Holiday. Once my home feels nice + festive, then I’m in full Holiday mode! I eat + sleep + breath it…Ha!

Sharing my super simple Holiday table + rounding up some ideas to show and give all the love this weekend!

Setting a pretty table with all the things we had at home. I did pick up these sweet Melamine Heart Pink Plates.  

Start with a runner down the center of the table.

Top with a centerpiece. Flowers. Greenery. Whatever makes you happy.

Add candles. Votives totally work too!

Chargers + plates + napkins for a layered feel.

I like to add a little touch to the napkins. I stuck a piece of olive branch through the napkin knot. Any greenery will do the trick. Remember Bay’s {rose napkin fold}. Or how about the letter folded napkins {valentine’s day table setting}

Pop some glassware on the table and you’re set!

SHOP: Valentine’s Day Table Setting

Remember this vase DIY? {diy dipped vase + $9 arrangement}

Fun Ideas For Valentine’s Day ||

Make a Charcuterie Board |

Load up a plate or cutting board with all the things. A dessert board. Breakfast board. Candy board. Or how about a Dogcuterie board for your pups?

Spread Love |

Make homemade Valentine’s. Or pick up the $2 package with all the stickers at Target. Get crafty! Then drop them in the snail mail or do drive by front porch drop off’s. This year we’re doing the X’s & O’s from Trader Joe’s. Nothing feels better than spreading a little love.

Bake Something Sweet |

We always have something extra sweet + special on the cake dish this time of year. This year we stuck with a classic….Bay’s {mini layer cakes} . This time with red velvet cake + cream cheese frosting. Topped with a raspberry + a little flower steam. Some others that are super easy + festive:

Chocolate dipped pretzels are perfect for little kiddos to make: {friday favorites}

{valentine monster cookies} are delish!

Everyone’s favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter Blossoms

Set A Pretty Table |

Get dressed up in your fanciest lounge-wear. Light the candles. Pour some wine + sparkling cider in THE fancy glasses. Order take out. Pretend you’re at your favorite restaurant.

SHOP: Valentine’s Day Table Setting

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Send all the x’s & o’s to you!!!

xoxo stacyb

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