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{weekend notes}

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Wine (and girlfriends) are like duct tape….
They fix everything 🍷👯‍♀️

We fell in love with Grindstone Winery Chardonnay + tasting room this weekend. Such a gorgeous spot to picnic and #chardsohard

Intentions for the Week…..

  • dedicate this week to all things health + wellness
  • make my yearly dermatologist appointment
  • 20,000 steps per day
  • hit my water intake goal
  • peloton ride each day
  • try to hit 7 hours of sleep per night….basically impossible
  • evening walk with the fam bam + dogs
  • log all my food into the weight watchers app
  • celebrate my mom’s birthday
  • at home face mask/mani night with Bay
  • order Holy Rosary fair tacos (not so healthy) HA!

Highlights from the weekend……

Friday night I had the house to myself. I bumped country music and cleaned. It was amazing! Wild, right?

Picked up Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread/muffin mix and whipped up a batch of muffins with the most delish streusel topping. Recipe coming next week!

Cory made his famous {slow cooker carnitas} tacos. And he even made them instagram pretty! If you haven’t tried this recipe, I HIGHLY recommend.

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Allison + our daughters at Grindstone Winery. We had all the snacks. Chardonnay. Real conversations. Lot’s of belly laughs. Thanks for the great day, friends!

The rose was so delish, but man – the chardonnay gave my ultimate fave, Bogle, a run for their money. If you’re a chard lover, like Allison and myself, you will LOVE their chard. Trust us!

And their tasting room is a showstopper. It’s beautiful. Everything about it made us ohhh and ahhh.

Got some crafting done for Halloween!

Turned this $15 pumpkin into exactly what I almost spend $60 on. I’ll be sharing more once my front porch is complete.

You guys, we have a lime tree in our backyard. I call it my margarita tree 🙂 If only it grew patron too!

Bay made a classic. For all of those asking, click here to order: Pillsbury Ready to Bake Pumpkin Shape Sugar Cookies

Charlie cuddles are the best!

She’s also the only one that will get up with be before the sun comes up on the weekends. She sits right here and watches everyone go by.

Meal preppin happened. I got lot of questions on these buffalo turkey bowls. I will write up a recipe asap. It’s really simple. Layer brown rice + streamed broccoli + ground turkey cooked with buffalo sauce. Clean + easy + so yum!

All ready for the week. If I have this done, I will 100% eat this before picking something up. I hate wasting food that I spent time prepping.

My forever photo bomber…..

SHOP: Flutter Short Sleeve Embroidered Blouse | Dee Super High Rise Shorts

When Bay’s been wearing this outfit all day and I realize I have everything in my closet too. I put this outfit on and it took her a solid 5 minutes to realize what I was doing…HA!

Lastly, got in a couple rides. And I’m still just as in love with this bike as the day I got it!

Repeat after me:

good things are fucking coming!

Outfit details….

Puff Elbow Sleeve T-Shirt | this $22 top is giving me all the fall vibes. It’s ribbed. Those sleeves. I can’t wait to mix and match it with everything in my closet.

Levi’s Wedgie Icon High-Rise Jeans | been living in these levis. Still one of my fave pairs.

Gradina Block Heel Bootie | the best bootie. Promise! order 1/2 size up!

SHOP: Puff Elbow Sleeve T-Shirt | Levi’s Wedgie Icon High-Rise Jeans | Gradina Block Heel Bootie | Sunglasses

You can find each item from this post by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

Happy Monday, friends. Make it a good one!

xoxo stacyb

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