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{gallery wall}

SHOP HOME DECOR: Frame Set | Bench | Cast Iron Spider | Terracotta Pot | Olive Tree | Ghost Pillow

All the dust and cobwebs in my house just became decorations 🕸

You guys, I finally have a gallery wall. And every time I walk through the front door, this is the first thing I see 🤍

Had no idea how happy this would make me feel.
Sharing all the details + inexpensive frames to create your very own memory masterpiece 📸

I have to admit, I’m not a picture on the wall kinda gal. Like, before this gallery wall went up, you would have NO clue who lived in this house. None. Zip zilch nada! I’m more of an artwork on the wall person. Then I got a wild hair. You see, we have this blank wall. Right when you open our front door, this is the first thing you see. Eventually, we will take this wall out. But, for now, I wanted to make it a focal point when you walk into our home. I wanted it to feel cozy + warm. Lived in!

SHOP HOME DECOR: Frame Set | Bench | Cast Iron Spider | Terracotta Pot | Olive Tree | Ghost Pillow

Since this is temporary, I didn’t want to spend a grip. Have you ever looked at the cost of a gallery wall. Holy SHIT! It’s expensive. I knew that the frames had to be square. With a square matting. It’s just one of my weird visual things. I went to Target and found this set of frames: 18″ x 18″ Vases Framed Under Glass. 2 frames for $50. They checked all the boxes. I did have to removed the original artwork, which took a little time + patients.

I printed photos at Walgreens. They were ready in 30 minutes. Size: 8×8. $3.99/each. Google a coupon code! I paid less than $10 for all four photos. This one of GG is my absolute favorite. I had this printed and hung on my wall before she passed and it makes me smile every single time I see it. This was taken at Bailey’s birthday a few years ago when we lived in the Midway condo. GG came over for dinner with her caregiver. And her vodka cran road soda. Since I don’t have her vodka on hand…lol! You can see her life alert necklace around her neck. The biggest smile rockin out to something like “WAP” on Bay’s new Beats by Dre. If that doesn’t make you smile a little, then we can’t be friends!!!

Made the gallery wall extra spooky with a bag of dollar tree spider webs. Then strung my cast iron spider from the celling to hand perfectly in the center. Sunday night, all this Halloween shit is coming down though. Cory’s gonna kill me, but I’m ready to deck the mutha fuckin halls around her. This Holiday whore is READY!!!

SHOP HOME DECOR: Frame Set | Bench | Cast Iron Spider | Terracotta Pot | Olive Tree | Ghost Pillow

Hope this inspires you to hang some memories on your walls!!!

Shop everything I used below. Some of my items are sold out, so I tried to find something similar. LOTS of frames + frame sets to get you started!!!

Happy Friday!!!

xoxo stacyb

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