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{closet purge}

This Spring weather was giving me all the feels this weekend. I dedicated my entire Sunday to a closet purge. If you know, you know. It takes the whole damn day…..

Big thank you to Inventing Anna on Netflix for keeping me entertained. I legit binged the entire season!!! 9 episodes. Embarrassed to admit, that’s how long this project took me..


It’s amazing how quickly my tiny closet area can get out of hand. I begin shoving things anyplace they will fit. Then get pissed-the-F-off when I can’t find shit…lol. When I run out of hangers, then I know the time has come!

Everyone was very interested in “where does Cory keep his clothes” Which is a legit question. I went from living alone (well, with Bay) but having a large closet + converted a coat closet to a shoe closet. I wrote a few posts about it here:

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So when we bought our 1950’s home, we decided right then that Cory would use the closet in the spare bedroom. And it works perfectly. Believe it or not, Cory is actually a worse clothing hoarder than I am! Swear!!!


Pulled out over 50 items from my closet for a garage sale. Made everything so much more esthetically pleasing. Not to mention so much easier to find things. I can’t tell you how many tops I forgot I had. Some, never even worn. Breaks my heart they didn’t get any attention.

** Here are all the things that made my closet easy to organize. You can click on the images to shop direct links….. **


I know that most peeps this isn’t necessary. I, on the other hand am a clothing hoarder. So this is very necessary. I like to keep my newer items on this rack. Or things I want to wear. I rotate tops + dresses from my closet to this spot. It has a little shelf on the bottom that is perfect for setting out shoes too!


These hangers are the SHIT! They are no slip. Maybe I’m just a freak, but I love the way they look too! I have a thing for white hangers. I have 2 sets of these hangers and really want to get more so I can spoil my whole wardrobe with these pretties.


These command hooks work perfect for hanging hats! No holes in the wall. And you can move them around whenever!


This inexpensive rod is such a game changer. It allows you a second row! As you can see, I have a shit-ton of shirts hanging down low.


I added two of these 4-Tier Shoe Rack Storage Organizer. They are stackable. This saves so much space in my


I came across a closet on Pinterest that had all the jeans hanging. Brilliant. I found 2 pairs of jeans that I forgot about that were folded up and crammed way in the back. I already LOVE this addition.


Another item I spotted on a pretty Pinterest closet. I originally thought I would use them to nicely stacked folded sweaters. After I got to work, I decided that I would rather pull my bags out of hiding and display them where I can find them/use them.

I cannot tell you how great it feels to get dressed in the morning when your closet it purged and organized. It’s such a rewarding task. And I hope this post inspires you to do your own!!!

xoxo stacyb

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