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{weekend notes}


Hello Monday!  You kinda ruined my day, to be honest.  Not you, Monday did!  I somehow overslept by 2 1/2 hours.  Which means I feel like I’m 2 1/2 hours behind in EVERYTHING today.  But, damn I sure did get some good sleep!  Hope your Monday is off to a better start than mine!

In other news, I got a notification that today, this very post, is my 700th blog post.  CRAZY!  Seven hundred.  If you’ve been following since the beginning, you should know me pretty really well by now…HA!



Intentions for the week:

  • Set a pretty table(coming this week)
  • Share the newest addition to my room(what did you think?)
  • Organize (or throw away everything) both linen closets(thanks Bay)
  • Find a new houseplant – (looking for something unique is hard)
  • Gather goodies for Bay’s birthday surprise(I cannot wait to show her + you)
  • Have GG over for dinner(peek of my week)
  • Rock my new romper(think i need a size smaller, which is a good thing I guess)
  • NO-sugar for 10 days #FML(staying strong…till Tuesday)
  • Order Bay’s birthday cake from Timothy’s Bakery (It’s the best one yet)
  • 15k steps per day(straight up killed it + added BBG so I’m so sore) 


Last weeks Intentions: {weekend notes}


Highlights from the weekend……

Friday, Bailey spent the entire day riding + washing + braiding horses.


Straight up braid #goals

It’s pretty impressive the work that goes into getting these horses ready for a horse show.


Went downtown to check out First Friday.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new bella moda boutique, you need too.  So many cute tops.  And the priced are super reasonable.


Cory surprised me with Steve’s Pizza + extra ranch.  It’s true love!


Rise + shine its horse show time!


I bribe Alex….bubbles for braids!


Spencer photo bombing Bay’s braid pic.  Some day I need to learn to braid!


Woodland Stallion Station!


Bay + Ruby getting warmed up.


That smile says it all



Whispering sweet nothings ♥


So proud of my girl!  She got her first horse show ribbon.  And watching her do what she loves brings so much joy!




Wish I would have gotten a photo of them all dressed up.  Next time.


Amanda, the girls trainer.  The girls adore her and their barn time with her each week.

Can’t wait to watch them do it all over again.


Off to the Roots to Wine Twilight Picnic

Tabor Ranch tasting room is looking really good


Let’s rock



We checked in, grabbed our glasses and opted to walk (instead of shuttle) to the venue.  I’m really happy we did….the whole walk looked like this.



Rosé all day


All the local wineries hosted a tasting.  First stop…Seka Hills!  My favorite.




The picnic area was the place to be.  The live band started right before the sunset.



Wine tasting in the barn



View from the top of Tabor Ranch.


Food trucks + pizza!


If only the skies weren’t full of smoke.  This view is breathtaking either way.

My date ♥

Big thank you to Seka Hills for inviting us to the Root to Wine event.  Such a fun night with all the local wineries we love so much!


My dress is on sale for $17!!!  And it comes in 2 colors.

Women’s Off the Shoulder Smocked Top Maxi Dress


Pit stop at the casino….which ended up being the longest pit stop ever.

And I didn’t fall asleep at the black jack table this time…for the record!


Sunday morning vibes

Bay + I lounged all day long.  It was so incredibly nice!


The cooking + serving crew at 4th & Hope!  Teaching these kiddos to give back to the community.

I think it’s safe to say, we all had the feel good’s by the end of our shift.


We decorated the 4th & Hope table with Mezger Zinnia’s.


Sunday dinner dates.


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{caprese stuffed avocados}


WTF happened to July?  How is it August?  August is one of my favorite months of the year.  It’s Bay’s birth month.  She’ll be TWELVE!  School starts!  Can I get a hell yeah?  The Yolo County Fair is 13 days away!  One last summertime Lake Tahoe trip is on the calendar!  And I can’t forget all the amazing produce.  We’re going to make a meal this weekend with all the ingredients that we can gather from the farmer’s market


It’s been so damn hot!  The idea of cooking kinda kills me right now.  We’ve been grilling everything.  Then last night I turned on the oven + the stove.  BIG mistake.  So, I’m keeping it simple the rest of the week with no-cook meals.

Gonna get creative AF!  No boring half-ass meals.

What’s your all time go-to no-cook recipe?

I’d say mine would be caprese.  You can do so many things with the building blocks – ripe tomatoes + creamy cheese + basil.  Can you even go wrong with those three main characters?  I think not!

How about piled high in the center of a perfect avocado?

This is what dreams were made of…HA!


Okay here she is – an easy, no-cooking required, on a busy weeknight, perfect appetizer, or side dish, throw together 6 ingredient, delightful AF, beautiful, fresh caprese stuffed avocados!!

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{lemon spaghetti}


I like carbs and I cannot lie!  The way I see it, God invented carbs for a reason!  #yolo

This isn’t your typical meat sauce + noodles.  It’s light and refreshing.

It’s an unexpected combo that works so so well together!  Perfect for a summer side dish.  I typically have all the ingredients on hand too!

A couple of thing before we get started.  “Good” olive oil is KEY!  It’s one of the main ingredients on this dish.  I bet you already know what I’m going to say, huh?  Seka Hills Olive Oil is the #1 in my book.  I don’t even mess with the store-bought stuff anymore.


You guys, Seka Hills invited me out for a farm tour a few weeks ago.  I’m still blown away.  Over 17,000 acres!  Different olive varieties.  Grapes #wineo  Almond trees.  Honey (bay’s fave) Asparagus, which I have a new-found respect for.  Not that I didn’t love it before, but did you know asparagus has to be harvested daily?  By hand!  It’s a labor of love, my friends!


60 acres of asparagus.  Crazy, right?


The honey!


Did you know they grow all the produce that is distributed to wine club members?  I figured they sourced it out.  Nope!  This photo below is where they grow the produce we get!  Just another plus!

Oh and if you’re interested in joining their wine club, here’s all the info: Seka Hills Wine Clubs

And can we talk about the fact they now have Beef Club, I might need to get in on that one.


But the olive trees, they are beyond impressive.  Seka just released a new variety of Olive Oil.  It’s called the Tribal Blend.  It’s a unique blend of estate Frantoio + Picual + Arbequina.  The results are a medium to robust intensity.  It’s different.  More bold.

This week, I cracked open my second bottle of the Tribal Blend EVOO!  And It’s what I used in this Lemon Spaghetti recipe!!

Basically, I’m obsessed with it.



The funny thing, I’ll drink cheap ass wine.  Pizza from Little Caesars.  But when it comes to olive oil, I straight up do not mess around with the cheap stuff.  Ha!


Lemon Spaghetti // 


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{caprese asparagus}


I’ve got a quick + easy side dish for you today.  Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it’s absolutely beautiful too.  Raise your hand if you’re totally obsessed with caprese salad!  Or caprese anything really.  I have a vision of a caprese burger.  Yumm, right?  Thinking about trying it out this week.

Caprese consists of a few simple ingredients.  Mozzarella cheese.  Tomatoes.  Basil.  That’s the main components.

But, you know I can’t just leave it at that.  Always gotta jazz it up a bit.

Kinda like my {caprese egg cups} I shared a couple of weeks ago.

So, how about asparagus?  It’s in season and inexpensive right now.

Topped with a balsamic glaze.  Hell yeah!

I just realized I’ve never shared my baked caprese before.  OMG!  Clearly I’ve been holding out on you guys.

Next time you’re having guests over or asked to bring a side dish, MAKE THIS!  Super easy.  Ingredient you can’t go wrong with.  And look at it….it’s pretty AF!


I used my fave Seka Hills products to make this.  Their newest Tribal Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil(So, so good)  Wildflower Honey.  (Bay eats this straight from the jar)  Which both came in the June wine club bundle. And the Fig Balsamic Vinegar.  My personal fave of the three they offer.

(images: via)


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{asparagus tart}


Happy Tuesday friends. This post is coming in hot from our balcony at the Casablanca Inn. Everyone is still sleeping, so I’m sitting here sippin my baileys + coffee, catching up on the ‘gram and finishing up a post for you.

Spring Break in Santa Cruz might have to become our new tradition. We sat on the beach for the longest time yesterday. Played beach volleyball (I truly suck BTW). Walked downtown for pizza. Splurged on Marianne’s Ice Cream. Strolled back to the hotel. Living my best life, let me tell ya.

We’re headed to the Boardwalk to hit the Giant Dipper and grab a tall can. Tune into Insta-stories.

What I’m really here to talk about today is a new recipe. The asparagus tart you’ve all been patiently waiting for.

Asparagus is in season.  Which means it’s finally affordable.  Paying $6 for a bunch is ridiculous.

Thanks to the Fricke’s I have asparagus coming out my ears.  In a really good way!  Originally I wanted to make a batch of asparagus soup.  But, then the sun came out and it got so nice + warm and soup wasn’t on my radar any longer.  I came across an old Martha Stewart classic while searching for Spring asparagus recipes.

Martha Stewart is my idol.  She’s such a bad ass!  Who else do you know that can go to prison + host a show + craft + garden + make a homemade pie from scratch?  I told you, bad ass!

Do you ever get weird craving and just go with it?  I’m currently obsessed with mustard.  Dijon.  Grainy.  Any mustard really.  So, that’s how I switched this recipe up a little.  Mustard.  Dijon mustard. Honey!  The combo is yumm!

And whenever I can use all my Seka Hills products, then I’m happy.  Bay could eat their honey straight from the jar.  I’ve actually seen her do it.  The olive oil is hands down the very best everyday olive oil.  It’s worth a trip up the valley to grab some of their products.  Don’t forget a bottle of rosè!!


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{weekend notes}


Hi guys!  Took a couple of weeks off to re-group.  Take some me time.  Figure some shit out.  Slow down.  Hang some twinkle lights.  Everyone keeps asking if I quit blogging.  Of course not.  Not sure I’ll be blogging every day, like before.  (You have no idea how time-consuming blogging can be).  I do plan to hop on to share recipes + cool shit I find + rad ideas, you know – all that good stuff.

I actually wrote this post Sunday and for some reason it took me till today to hit “publish.”  I kept thinking, maybe wait one more week?  Then I decided today, fuck it.  Wait for what?  So, here ya go….{weekend notes} kinda late.  If you know me, then you know I’m ALWAYS late.  So it totally works…..

Saturday my girl had her first swim meet of the year.  It was a home meet, thank god.  I set up our pop-up tent and chairs at 6 am.  And the space was already limited that early in the morning.  Crazy!

My favorite photo of the day.  Bailey on the starting block.


Her best event is the backstroke.  That’s her below in lane 6 in the middle under the green flag.



Sara B with the sharpie art.  It’s a swim thing.


We hit up DK’s because she loves the games, and well, I love the pizza.  And beer!  DK’s selfies for a spin on the famous ticket wheel.  The mic with sound effects is the best part.  Vanna White has got some competition!


Country 4 Coaches // it was hot as hell.  We were exhausted.  When country music comes to Woodland, you go.  Boots + shorts 🙂

Granger Smith

David Ray

Brodie Stewart

Mark Mackay

Honestly, I didn’t know a single song.  Haha.


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{weekend notes}

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

{image via}

Sooooo….I really dont have much to report for weekend notes, hence the late post.  The weather screwed up quite a few plans.  Tried 2 new recipes that turned out awful.  Didn’t even reach my fitbit goal Saturday.  I was a complete lazy ass.  I watched more movies than I ever have before in a period of time.  Ate a lot.  Slept in both mornings.  Annndddd, that’s about it.  Haha.

This was my view for a large portion of the weekend 🙂



My movie reviews:

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