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{homemade magic shell}



When you try to have a convo with a 10-year-old about Magic Shell, to find out she has NO idea what you’re talking about.  Say whhhattt?  #old


It’s only the worlds greatest ice cream topping

Magic Shell is a dessert product produced by Smucker’s. It is a syrup that quickly hardens into a crispy shell when poured onto a cold surface, which is the origin of the product’s name. The syrup is primarily designed for use on ice cream.

Clearly I had to make shit happen.  I planned to just buy the regular old Smuckers squeeze bottle and let Bay experience the magic.  Then I thought, hmmm.  Google it.  Raise your hand if google is your boo?!?!  What did we ever do without it?  Life must have been so inconvenient.

Anyway…..a few different recipes popped up, some with corn syrup.  Which I DIDN’T have.  Most said it’s a perfect ratio of chocolate chips + coconut oil.  Which I DID have on hand.

We literally whipped up this chocolate magic within 1 minute.  Swear!  Bay was so impressed, that I have to share so you can pass it on to your kiddos too.

Or shit, make it for yourself and hide it from the kids.  That’s what I did with the leftovers (shhhh)!


Here’s what you’ll need:

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{weekend notes}



I wish I woke up to these two cuties and breakfast in bed today too.  They planned it all out and surprised me Sunday morning.  I just love them and how thoughtful they are.  Do you see the little purple flowers too ♥

This weekend flew by….anyone else feeling the same?

I canned with my canning partner in crime, Toni.  We began canning about 6 years ago.  Jalapeno jelly was our first jelly we made.  So damn good.  Like Preserve in Winters good.  We’ve since canned diced tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, peach jelly, strawberry jam….I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting.  We drink champs, catch up on life and make good shit!


We tried something new this time.  Wine jelly.  Sounds crazy, huh?  I love wine and if you could only smell it cooking in this pot with cinnamon sticks, peppercorns and orange sliced.  It was amazing.  So if the jelly doesn’t turn out as we hoped (which I have no doubt it will be amazing) then a house air freshener will do 🙂

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{weekend notes}


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Where did the weekend go?  It’s Monday, but it’s ok.  I got this.  Don’t forget to be awesome peeps!!

Friday night was all about Netflix and chillllll.  Dinner + drinks + Fuller House marathon.  With my fellow Mexico widow.  Cory and his buddies were gone to Mexico for a “guys” weekend.  So we got together to binge watch TV and catch up.


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I honestly wasn’t planning on digging it as much as I did.  We watched 5 episodes.  It felt like I was re-living part of my childhood.  I’ve seen every original episode of Full House more than once.  Who remembers being pumped on Friday nights for TGIF?  I sure do.  DJ looks great.  DJ Tanner, on the other hand looks like a hooker.  Uncle Jessie is still smok’n.  Have mercy!!  Aunt Becki hasn’t aged a bit.  Kimmy, is Kimmy.  You just gotta love her.  How about the Olsen twin jab?  I cant believe those b’s wouldn’t join.  What jerks.

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{thanksgiving kid table}



The Pottery Barn Kid’s Table always gets me.  So damn cute.  Clearly I’m not going to dump a grand on trying to duplicate this masterpiece.  But, I so admire the crap out of it.  Haha.

This year we will be hosting our family for Thanksgiving dinner.  When I say, “we are hosting”, what I really mean is, my mom will pretty much do everything.  Just at my house.  She will come over bright and early in the morning with the bird all ready for the oven.  I just might possibly stick the bird in the oven and set the timer.  That’s kind of it.

So, when I say “I’m hosting” it’s a joke.  I’ve never even roasted a turkey in my life.  It’s so intimidating.  Everyone sits around Thanksgiving day anticipating the turkey feast.  If it sucks, then you basically suck and ruined Thanksgiving.  I’ll leave that to my mom 🙂

My Thanksgiving role is setting pretty tables and baking a couple of pies.

As I walked though Target the other day, I came across cute Thanksgiving paper goods.  I thought it would make the most adorable kids table.


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{mason jar salad}

Lunch Inspiration: Mason Jar Salads

mason jar salads


The Mason jar obsession.  These thing aren’t just for jelly anymore.  2015 seemed to be the year of the mason jar.  Anything and everything is served + created + displayed in these pint-sized glass jars.  Type Mason Jar in your Pinterest search bar….so many fun ideas.  I prefer to use mine to house food or drink…since they are two of my favorite things to do….eat + drink.  As Julia Child once said, “people who love to eat are always the best people.” I couldn’t agree more, Julia!!

The mason jar salad.  Salad in a jar.  Layer salads.

No more soggy salads.  It’s all about the layering.  The key is starting with your dressing and layering your way up with the dryer ingredients.

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