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Lunch Inspiration: Mason Jar Salads

mason jar salads


The Mason jar obsession.  These thing aren’t just for jelly anymore.  2015 seemed to be the year of the mason jar.  Anything and everything is served + created + displayed in these pint-sized glass jars.  Type Mason Jar in your Pinterest search bar….so many fun ideas.  I prefer to use mine to house food or drink…since they are two of my favorite things to do….eat + drink.  As Julia Child once said, “people who love to eat are always the best people.” I couldn’t agree more, Julia!!

The mason jar salad.  Salad in a jar.  Layer salads.

No more soggy salads.  It’s all about the layering.  The key is starting with your dressing and layering your way up with the dryer ingredients.

I’m a little weird when it comes to my salads.  I don’t like the dressing to touch anything till it’s go time.  I like my greens the same way.  If you notice in my photo below, there is no sign of dressing or greens.  Here’s why – I make 3-5 salads on Sunday morning.  I pull out all my veggies from the fridge.  Wash + chop + steam (if necessary).  Come up with different combos to keep from the same old thing everyday.  Although, I’m a ridiculous routine lunchtime person.  Anyway.  My 4th and 5th salad will sit in the fridge for quite some time.  No worries, it tastes delicious….promise.  Veggies layered and packed in sealed mason jars will keep.  I pack my greens in a larger containers.  I like lots of room to dump my veggies in and give it all a good shake to mix things up.  Dressing is packed in snack size ziplock bags.  Snip the corner with scissors and squeeze the dressing out….so much easier than scraping out of a tiny Tupperware.  I pack my greens and dressings the same day I prepare my veggie jars.  Proteins are typically packed the night before.  barbecuing a few pieces of chicken on the weekends helps big time.  I tend to use leftovers from the night before.   Or my go-to white solid tuna in water.

mason jar salads

These three are the usual suspects.  Greek + Farmers Market + Santa Fe.

Greek Salad


kalamata olives

power greens (shaved kale, brussel sprouts, carrots)

sundried tomatoes

feta cheese

red onions

dressing – olive oil + balsamic + salt + pepper

greens – mixed greens + spinach

protein – tuna or grilled chicken

Farmer’s Market Salad

chickpeas (my fav)


green onion

cherry tomatoes


power greens


hard-boiled egg


dressing – olive oil + balsamic + salt + pepper + shallots + Dijon mustard (I build off the basic balsamic vinaigrette from the day before)

greens – mixed + romaine

protein – grilled chicken or any leftover meat

Santa Fe Salad

black beans


cherry tomatoes


green onion


power greens

dressing – salsa + greek yogurt (blended)

greens – romaine

protein – leftover ground turkey or grilled chicken

The options are endless.  So many yummy combinations to try.

Check out my pinterest board “Mason Jar Salads” here for more salad in a jar inspiration.

The Mediterranean Salad with Quinoa sounds delish, love quinoa in my salads.

I crave Thai.  Thai Peanut Chicken Salad is unique and different.

Pasta Salad in a jar – genius.  You could use any favorite pasta salad recipe and serve it over greens.

BLT.  You had me at B.

I want to try a harvest/fall mason jar salad next week.  Candied walnuts + sliced apples + crasins + feta + butternut squash…my mouth is watering just typing.

Anyone have a favorite mason jar salad recipe they’d like to share.  If you decided to give any of these a shot – please don’t forget to report back and send pictures:)

xoxo stacyb

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