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{weekend notes}



I wish I woke up to these two cuties and breakfast in bed today too.  They planned it all out and surprised me Sunday morning.  I just love them and how thoughtful they are.  Do you see the little purple flowers too ♥

This weekend flew by….anyone else feeling the same?

I canned with my canning partner in crime, Toni.  We began canning about 6 years ago.  Jalapeno jelly was our first jelly we made.  So damn good.  Like Preserve in Winters good.  We’ve since canned diced tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, peach jelly, strawberry jam….I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting.  We drink champs, catch up on life and make good shit!


We tried something new this time.  Wine jelly.  Sounds crazy, huh?  I love wine and if you could only smell it cooking in this pot with cinnamon sticks, peppercorns and orange sliced.  It was amazing.  So if the jelly doesn’t turn out as we hoped (which I have no doubt it will be amazing) then a house air freshener will do 🙂


We also did a batch of our signature Jalapeno Jelly, since we haven’t made any in the last couple of years.

IMG_8938 (1).JPG

Both jellies are typically served over some kind of cheese (yummmm) and crackers or slices of bread.  I can’t wait to try the wine jelly and report back.

Marley’s 2nd Birthday celebration.  Always enjoy getting together with my high school girlfriends and they kiddos.  Happy, Happy Birthday Miss Marley.



Our Annual Bishop Pumpkin Patch trip // another fun holiday trip we’ve been going on for years.  Thank you Greta for sharing some of our photos from years past.



2012 ??




We meet at Starbucks bright and early to grab the ever so needed caffeine to get us through the drive an the morning.

Carpool and caravan to Wheatland where all the fun happens.



Petting zoo + train rides + climbing coyote mountain over and over again + panning for marbles + the famous pig races that all the Mom’s love lol + hay bounce pad + finding the perfect pumpkins + finally a picnic in the shade.

I have a photo of Bailey here every year since she was about 4 years old.


The baby piglets stole Bailey + Ruby’s heart!


Feeding the crazy ass goats.  Some were even knocked up like Alex 🙂


Watching the debate with GG.

Our favorite Sunday night dinner at SOL.

Bailey requests La Bamba every time, they don’t even have to ask.

FullSizeRender (21).jpg

Nothing like ending the weekend on a good note….a big ass margarita ♥


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend to the fullest.  Have a great week!

xoxo stacyb

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