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{random things to do during quarantine}

SHOP: Stripe V-Neck Peplum Popover Top (40% off) | High-Rise Toothpick Jean (50% off) | Coin Necklace ($20)| Seaside Slide Sandals ($14)

I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored (now this song will be stuck in your head all day too)

While we’re all home, for how long (who the fuck knows). I thought we might as well make a list of that annoying shit we never want to do. You know, back when we had busy schedules. Social lives. Seems like a really long time ago. Ha! All those things we put off? On the weekends I get really anxious from too much scrolling + refreshing news stories about Coronavirus. So, I’ve decided that I am focusing on what I CAN control and doing things around my house to be productive (when I get sick of scrolling + sitting on the couch + drinking).

 I know it’s so tough to stay home but while we’re all here, we might as well make the most of it, right?

And get check some things off the list that you’v been putting off FOR-EVVVV-ERRRR!

No. 1 | Clean the Fridge

If your fridge looked anything like mine did – pre-clean, then do yourself a favor and pull EVERYTHING OUT! Wipe down each nook + cranny. Throw out all the expired condiments. This is one of the most satisfying jobs that I hate to do. Which typically, makes me want to organize/clean more. That’s why I listed it as #1!

No. 2 | Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

Don’t judge – I have never, even cleaned my make-up brushes. So gross. But, it’s happening this weekend. No matter what. I hear these Brush Cleaning Mats are bomb. They have a suction cup so they don’t move around as you’re cleaning. Ordering one now.

No. 3 | Unsubscribe

Start with emails. Then snail mail. Next, go to your app store and unsubscribe from apps you pay for but no longer use. Life-changing! I reduced my in-box by 75% from doing this!

No. 4 | Make A New Recipe

And make it fun. Incorporate an ingredient you haven’t used before. Or pull out an old hand written recipe that your grandma used to make you back in the day. Seems like everyone is really into bread right now. I have an easy + great recipe here: {new york times no knead bread}

No. 5 | Clean Out Your Car

Kind of like the fridge. Pull EVERYTHING OUT! Clearly you don’t need the gym + sports + extra curricular accessories for a while. And you will 100% find something you’ve been looking for. Dust. Disinfect. Wash your windows inside + out.

No. 6 | Birthday’s + Important Dates to Remeber

Pull out the planner that you really only kinda need these days. Take 30 minutes + jot down the birthday of anyone who means a lot to you. Don’t just rely on Facebook to do it for you.

No. 7 | Phone a Friend

Call/face time friends and family. It’s very important during this time to check in on loved ones!! Even if it is just to say HI!

No. 8 | Check-In On Your Finances

Create or update your budget. Maybe you didn’t do very well with budgeting and managing so far this year, but now’s your chance to start fresh. Look at each account individually. I closed + payed off 2 credit cards since February. Then get a big glass of wine, this shit is stressful!

No. 9 | Deep Clean

Tackle one room per day. You can deep clean carpets + windows. Dust blinds + baseboards – all the things you wouldn’t normally think about when you do your weekly cleaning.

No. 10 | Spruce Up

Take some time to spruce up the room you’re now spending the most time in. Maybe a home office. Home gym. We hung some Outdoor String Lights + picked up these Zero Gravity Chairs for our patio. I now look forward to my party of 1 backyard happy hours…lol!

No. 11 | At-Home Workout

There are a million floating around the internet + instagram right now. I personally like the Peloton App. It’s free for 90 days too! And no, you do not need a bike. I also picked up these Dumbbell Weights + Resistance Bands. To be honest, I find working out at home to be very difficult. I cannot wait for my gym to open up again.

No. 12 | Quarantine Activity Of The Day

Bay + I try and plan some kind of activity for each day. Some kind of skincare. Hair mask. Exercise. Something we normally wouldn’t have done on a random week night. You know what I mean. Tonight we are trying this Lip Mask.

No. 13 | Try Out A New Service

Target Drive-Up Pick-Up, my most used. Or Walmart Grocery Pick-up. Click here for: $10 of your first order. I just started using Instacart. Ah-mazing! Groceries on my front porch within 2 hours! I love that you can make substitutions while your items are being shopped too!

No. 14 | Get Creative

Try a DIY that you never made time for. There is something to be said about using your hands and creating something. And it’s your lucky day, I’ve got some good ones for you: {bleach tie dye diy} | {diy dipped vase + $9 arrangement} | {fern centerpiece diy} | {diy cropped sweatshirt} | {summer front porch + diy striped doormat} | {diy succulent bowl} | {diy succulent wreath} | {DIY $12 eucalyptus wreath} | {diy trader joes arrangement} | {diy flag luminaries} | {money + candy lei diy} | {tie dye napkin diy} | {floral + herb smudge stick diy} | {push-pin map // travelogue} | {$12 grocery store arrangement} | {white washed terra cotta pot diy} |{lemon lip scrub}

No. 15 | KonMari Your Closet

Lastly, edit your closet! I wrote a post all about my KonMari experience back in 2016! You can see my before + after’s here: {weekend notes} Tackle this project when you’ve got an entire day/weekend. This will take hours upon hours. Again, so crazy rewarding. Then you can see what you need/want to update your wardrobe for Spring + Summer. And I just might have some killer sale items below:)

Outfit details…..(psss – ALL ON SALE)

Stripe V-Neck Peplum Popover Top (40% off) | I’ve had this Madewell top since 2018! And I still wear it! It’s feminine and pretty and I love a good pop of pink!

High-Rise Toothpick Jean (50% off) | Ummm, I wish that’s the price I paid for these jeans! If you’re in the market for a good skinny jean – this is it!

Seaside Slide Sandals ($14) | You guys have been scooping these sandals up like mad. I’ve been living in them! Such a simple classic sandal!

SHOP: Stripe V-Neck Peplum Popover Top (40% off) | High-Rise Toothpick Jean (50% off) | Coin Necklace ($20)| Seaside Slide Sandals ($14)

You can find each item from this post by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

xoxo stacyb

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