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{diy trader joes arrangement}


Happy Tuesday friends!  If you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling around like a wild women.  So, let’s keep it short and sweet.

Remember how I keep saying I’m craving minimal + simple decor?  Not a lot of color.  Natural.  Greenery.  Clean.


Marble Top Coffee Table //  Sunday Suppers Book // Candle Wick Trimmer //  Candle: Sweet Citrus // Mercury Glass dish

I was playing around with some ornamental cabbage I picked up from Trader Joe’s last week.  By the way, it’s only $4.99!!  And I was in TJ’s yesterday and they’ve got enough for everyone.  I kept sticking the long stalks in a vase and just wasn’t loving it.  So I chopped the stems and stuck them in a salad bowl.  Grabbed some seeded eucalyptus that I had in a vase.  Popped it all around the base.

And it was magic.  I fell in love with it.  This simple arrangement meets my checklist of needs: clean + minimal + natural + green.

Not to mention it cost me $8.  Trader Joe’s has hands down, the BEST flower section I’ve ever seen.  And right now it’s better than ever.

You could always add some flowers.  Hydrangea would be beautiful.  Or even babies breath.


Marble Top Coffee Table //  Sunday Suppers Book // Candle Wick Trimmer //  Candle: Sweet Citrus // Mercury Glass dish

Here’s what you do:

Gather your pretties.

Trader Joe’s ornamental cabbage $4.99

Trader Joe’s seeded eucalyptus $2.99


Find a salad bowl that you don’t need for about a week or so.


Cut the stem of the cabbage, leaving a couple of inches.  And plop it into the bowl.


Stick pieces of eucalyptus all around the base.  Allow them to hang over the side of the bowl.


Spin the bowl around and evenly distribute all the eucalyptus.


Fill bowl with water…..DONE!!


If you attempt this centerpiece…make sure you text me, tag me, message me ♥

What’s on your agenda today?  I’m off to make some returns.  Pick up my car from the shop….119,000 and the old Pilot had its first (knock on wood) warranty work done.  But, she’ll be good to go.

Enjoy the day my friends.  And tell me that rumor about Christmas (being 1 week away) isn’t true.

xoxo stacyb

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