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{summer front porch + diy striped doormat}

Stay Awhile Sign | Large White Planter | Small White Planter | Wood Plant Stand | Chevron Rug

It’s Frriiiiidayyyy!! We made it. Longest short week everrrrr!

You guys, the worst thing happened last night.

I dropped and shattered my iPhone screen. I was unloading groceries and dropped it in my driveway. Face down. You know that feeling when you pick it up and the screen is fine and you kinda wanna do a cartwheel? Yeah, I didn’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling this time. Legit wanted to cry. It cracked so much that when I run my fingers across the screen, it feels like I could get a splinter.

It’s getting fixed now. I feel fucking naked. My phone, it has my to-do list in the notes section. I can’t text Bay. Can’t look at my MyFitnessPal to track my macros…and I really want a snack. Ha. My alarms? What if I forget to do something. No online banking. No random scrolling. No googling. No email. No Pandora. No clock. No Waze to figure out the fastest way to get someplace. So weird. So sad too. Being without my phone for 2 hours can make me feel like I cannot function. Anyway, on the bright side – it’s getting fixed. And all will be right in the world again. Maybe I should do one of those digital detox weekends? Nah, F that!

What I’m really here to share is my updated front porch. I gave it a little face lift.

Hosed her off. Pulled out some spray paint. New fresh plants + mulch. And I’m in LOVE! We live in a rental, so there is only so much I can do. I’m not trying to break the bank. This was a VERY budget friendly patio refresh. Because, let’s keep it real, I’d rather buy a new pair of Madewell jeans with that money…HA!

Stay Awhile Sign | Large White Planter | Small White Planter | Wood Plant Stand | Chevron Rug

This summer weather makes me want to squeal. I get so frickin happy when it’s officially nice enough to open the windows + sliders. I just want to sit on the patio and sip my coffee….or wine. And the sunlight last wayyy past dinnertime. Ahhh…isn’t it fantastic?

You’re the Bee’s Knees Mug

Stay Awhile Sign | Large White Planter | Small White Planter | Wood Plant Stand | Chevron Rug

We use our garage door to enter and exit the house. Like, we never, ever go though the front door. So, I kinda forget about what my front porch even looks like. I wish I would have taken a before photo. It was all bad.

It’s amazing what a little elbow grease. 25 Target runs. And a can of black spay paint can do.

Stay Awhile Sign | Large White Planter | Small White Planter | Wood Plant Stand | Chevron Rug

The black pot has an Asparagus Fern and red impatiens. The fern I actually transplanted from my back patio. They do great in shady areas. Impatiens are also thrive in less sun. In the white pot, I have a succulent that I stole off the side of a trail in Jenner, CA. I know I probably shouldn’t admit that. It’s straight up thriving. It was just a tiny piece that I stuck in my pocket.

This plant stand is old. Like really, really old. The white pot is Target and the olive tree is from Trader Joe’s. I have no idea how it’s going to do outdoors. It’s been setting on my dining room table and loving it. Might be going back, if it starts to look sad here.

I’ve been packing this gate around for a while now. Cory brought it home from a job sight years ago. It’s been used as a backdrop for parties. Photo booths. Yard decor. Now it sets in this corner. I attached my {diy succulent wreath} and love how it looks now. Hard to tell, but I grabbed 2 bags of black mulch from Walmart. They had a pallet of ripped bags that were marked down to $1.90. Cheap AF, just like me 🙂

Stay Awhile Sign | Large White Planter | Small White Planter | Wood Plant Stand | Chevron Rug

Here’s what I did:

Lights // switched out the porch lights. They don’t match for some reason. And the one that was right next to the door, was godawful. Think yellowish-orange stained glass. Swear! The other light on the front porch was way cuter….still old school, but better. Just needed to be cleaned up.

Planters // the large black planter was terra cotta. Old stained and dingy. I spray painted it black and brought it back to life. The Wooden Plant Stand is an $8 Walmart find. The Animal Print Planter is a 6×6 and is a little small, but it was borderline impossible to find something to fit. On the opposite side, I added a Trader Joe’s Olive Tree to White Geared Planter (on sale). The metal stand is old AF!

Mulch // never realized what a difference some mulch can make. Well worth lugging the heavy ass bags. I chose black only because it was on major sale. I think I like it better than the natural, now that I have it layed out.

Plants // I used Asparagus Fern, Impatiens, Succulents and an Olive tree. All great plants for shaded areas like a covered front patio. I found the hanging pot of petunias for $5 at Home depot.

Accessories // the bistro table was a garage sale find my mom and her homegirl Ronda found for me last summer. Best $25. Edison-Style String Lights (on sale) give off the perfect lighting for the morning and evening. I put them on a timer so I don’t even have to unplug anymore. Pillow are from the $5 bin at Walmart. The Stay Awhile Sign kind of in a way, sparked this whole patio spruce up. It also comes in Welcome Home. Spotted it at Target one day and knew I wanted it on the front patio someplace. Then my wheels started turning…lol. And there was NO turning back.

Layered Mats // I wanted a simple mat with stripes. Well, that’s basically impossible to find. So I made my own. You seriously just tape it off and paint it. Voila! I picked up both the Doormat ($9) and the Chevron Rug (on sale) from Target.

The masking tape worked better than the painters tape. Used black craft paint. For the paintbrush, I went through Bay’s arts & crafts drawer and found one of those sponge brushed. Worked like a charm. Paint a stripe, then remove the tape. Then paint the next stripe and remove the paint. And so on.

It was simple + cheap and took very little time to complete.

Thursday morning, I actually sat right here. Drank that cup of coffee. And flipped though my magazines. Something I’m ready to get used too.

I hope you find this helpful and get inspired to spruce up your patio too! Tis the season for patio sitting….or as I like to do it, patio drinking!

Here are some items that I used or think would be great to use for a patio refresh.

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend and see you back here Monday!

xoxo stacyb

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