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{diy cropped sweatshirt}

Budweiser Sweatshirt Grey / White (similar) | Black Denim

Raindrop. Droptop. xoxostacyb makes a crop top…ha!

That song has been stuck in my head all damn day! You know, this one:

Pulling a Sarah Stover and cutting shit in my closet. Ha! Back in the day, we’d always have to wait for Stover. She’d be in her room with a pair of scissors cutting something to make a new outfit. God, I miss those days!

I’m totally feelin the cropped sweatshirt look. But, 99% of the time…..they’re a little too short for this mom bod. I tried on a bunch at Forever 21 and it was fucking hysterical. Wish you could have been there.

Backstory: This Budweiser sweatshirt is like my security blanket. I sleep in it. I wear it all the time. It’s like a big giant hug.

So, when I decided to crop it, I was super nervous.

Thank god it turned out! And I love it even more now. So ladies, go in your closet. Pull out that old sweatshirt. And let’s crop it together. Hoodies totally work. T-shirts are good too. Anything goes.

First – put your sweatshirt on. Figure out where exactly you want the bottom of the sweatshirt to fall. Then add a smidgen, just in case. I chose right at the top of my high rise jeans. With just enough for a little front tuck. It’s hard to see below, but I made a mark on each side and right in the center using a marker.

Next – pull out your sharpest scissors and get to cutting. This type of sweatshirt is a little tricky since the bottom it’s straight. I pulled the sweatshirt real tight as I was cutting to get the straightest line possible. It’s not perfect, but that’s totally okay.

You can always cut out the neck too. Making a larger neck open.

Don’t overthink it. Then throw it in the washer.

I love it even more now that it’s cropped!

Budweiser Sweatshirt Grey / White (similar) | Black Denim

If you’re in need of some good ol Budweiser gear to crop, I got you gurrrlll! My specific sweatshirt is old AF and sold out, but I did find two other cute options and some other great Budweiser Tops too! I’m going to crop a tee next!

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

Let’s cut shit together. Next up – cut off shorts. If you’re down with it, find an old pair of jeans that you never wear anymore. A pair that’s not uber tight in the thighs. ALL my skinny jeans are tight AF, so I love to find old Levis. Or any older style jean that has a looser fit. Skinny jeans can 100% work too though. Once we all gather our jeans. I’ll do a cut-off DIY. It’s so easy. And some of my most favorite shorts are DIY cut-offs.

Have a happy hump day and see you manana. I’ll have my Father’s Day Gift Guide with lots of fun ideas for all the dads + dudes in your life.

xoxo stacyb

3 thoughts on “{diy cropped sweatshirt}

  1. Thank you for sharing this idea! I always get sooo nervous when I hold a pair of scissors to my clothing. Your sweatshirt turned out great 🙂

  2. Hi. Thank you for sharing. I just did this but it’s too short because I had pockets and couldn’t cut through them. But, it’s ok I’ll wear a t-shirt under the cropped sweatshirt. It’s Levi’s so it’s still cute. I’ll probably try again. I don’t have a problem cutting my clothes up to create something different. It’s fun to CREATE!!! Happy Cutting!!!!

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