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{$12 grocery store arrangement}

$12 grocery store flowers.  Swear.  That’s it!  What do you think?

Keep scrolling to see how easy this truly is to do!

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February 1st!  Welcome!  We’re just inching closer + closer to Spring and I love the sight of that!

We pulled out all our Valentine’s day decor last night and our little place looks so festive and cheery.  Think, lots of pink ♥

I thought today would be a good day to share something different.  Flowers!

Once a week I buy fresh flowers.  You will always, always find funky arrangements on my dinning room table + coffee table any day you walk in my house.

They make my heart happy.

And I’d say that’s worth $12 a week.  Don’t you think?


Ok, let’s get started…..


I have a couple of rules:

Keep it simple.

When in doubt, stick with all one color.  Normally white!


Just eucalyptus.



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My go-to….Trader Joe’s.  They hands down have the best flower selection.  And they are cheap.  I mean, way less expensive than anywhere else I shop.  The hardest part….

Choosing which ones to buy.  Remember, I can’t made a decision for the life of me.  And flowers are high on that list.

Another good place to scoop up flowers?  Raley’s.  They do 3 bunches for $12!

I stick with a pretty flower that catches my eye.  Greenery…always eucalyptus.  You’d be amazed at the different varieties of eucalyptus you can get your hands on.  Then some kind of filler/stock.



Today’s stems:

Wax flower $2.49

Eucalyptus $2.49

Hydrangea $6.99

$12 total!

Before we get started, I should probably clarify that I’m no pro flower chick.  I just like pretty fresh flowers…Ha!



First things first….

Dig out a pretty vase.  Everyone has a vase.  Or how about a water pitcher?  They totally work.  Mason jar.  What I’m using here is an old hurricane candle holder.  You would have never known, right?


Remove any leaves that will be below the water line.  Then trim greenery and filler.  Just a little.  You can always trim more if needed.  I leave my eucalyptus longer so it lays over the side of the vase nicely.



Arrange greenery first.  I like to layer flowers.  I guess this should be a $12 layer arrangement…lol.




Next you’ll want to layer your filler.  I keep the filler a little longer too.  And this one I didn’t even try to remove the leaves from the bottom.  Wayyy too many to mess with.  #rulebreaker



Plop the pretties right in the center.  Play with the eucalyptus and filler till you get it how you like it.  You may need to pull some of the greenery + filler out to trim a tad more.



There you have it.  My $12 grocery store floral layer ♥




Yesterday my hydrangea’s were starting to look sad.  I hit TJ’s on my lunch break and grabbed some freshies.  Pulled out the old and stuck the new in.  Fluffed up the old greenery + filler.  And look at that.  Good as new.  Next week I’ll try tulips and show you how versatile this layer look can be!



I know it’s not much, but just a couple of simple tricks I use to make the house feel extra pretty and put a smile on my face.  It works!


xoxo stacyb

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