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{fern centerpiece diy}

Hi friends! It’s been a minute since I shared a fun + easy DIY. More like hours. Weeks. Months. I’ve had this post written and ready to rock + roll and honestly kept forgetting about it. And I think it deserves a dedicated post!

Each Monday on my Intentions for the week, I try to incorporate one of these main goals:

  • Something health-wise
  • Something Fitness-ish
  • Do or make something with my hands
  • Some kinds of self care
  • Something with food, because we all know now – I love cooking
  • Something kind
  • Mixed in with a whole bunch of other random shit that I either want to do or need to do

This Fern Center piece DIY was one of my weekly “do something with my hands!” I swear when I create, DIY, garden, organize….I feel so accomplished. And it literally makes my mood lift times 100.

I mean how can this fern centerpiece not make you smile, at least just a little?

I’ve moved this centerpiece all around the house. It’s been spotted on the bathroom counter. Moody AF on my coffee table. The main attraction to my dining room table. Even made it to my bedroom for a hot one. Sounds kinda kinky, huh? Ha! Just kicked it on my dresser for a bit, that’s all.

This centerpiece wasn’t necessarily cheap to make. I know this Footed Bowl will be used for years to come. And the ferns, as long as I can keep them alive and kickin – they’re welcome to stay forever.

Note: I’ve kept them alive since July 25th! So, that’s saying a lot, if you ask me. My home is super dark so it can be hard to keep houseplants alive.

When I grow up (that’s what I always say about shit like this) I’m going to have an ALL white. Ceiling to floor windows. TONS of natural light just pouring in. Until then, I just have to keep my receipt from Home Depot and return the plants when they die and swap them out for new ones.

Ps – did you know you can do that at Home Depot? I saw a chick do it once. Annnnddd, I’ve done it once too. Aint no shame in my game.

Foot Bowl | Spanish Moss | Ferns

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Footed Bowl
  • Moss
  • Ferns

I actually took my footed bowl to Home Depot with me to see what size ferns fit the best. I ended up with two Boston Ferns. And they fit perfectly.

Here are some footed bowls that I DIG…..

You can shop each item by clicking on the images below……

(remember you use the arrow to the right to scroll though all the images)

Plop the ferns in the footed bowl. Pull the moss into pieces and tuck around the base of the ferns. And that’s it! That’s all you gotta do.

Well, then you need to snap a photo and send it to me too 🙂

Foot Bowl | Spanish Moss | Ferns

I love having fresh greenery all over my house. Especially on the table + coffee table. It’s like having fresh flowers, except they live longer. If you’ve got a green thumb!

Foot Bowl | Spanish Moss | Ferns

Remember to tag me. Text me. Show me if you give it a try. Totally makes my whole damn day!

xoxo stacyb

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